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Lutz's dialogue is consistently sharp and snappy, and the large cast forms a sparkling ensemble under Junger's adept direction.
Of all the teen films released this year, this one is, by far, the best.
Entertainment Weekly
The film's crank-case snappishness doesn't break any molds, but it certainly gives you a lift.
Chicago Tribune
A mostly charming comedy that could probably win over even the crustiest English literature professor. [31 Mar 1999]
What sets this apart from its many competitors for teen dollars is that not only does the movie feature a surprisingly edgy and intelligent script, but it offers a group of characters capable of holding an audience's interest for more than 90 minutes.
Chicago Sun-Times
And yet ... gee, the movie is charming, despite its exhausted wheeze of an ancient recycled plot idea.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
With her high forehead, pale eyebrows and solemn face, Stiles could have understudied Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth -- another dignified smart girl surrounded by conniving idiots.
USA Today
While the attractive cast is willing, the translation into '90s teen culture is weak -- like a clueless adult's notion of cool.
Christian Science Monitor
Junger spins hilariously written scenes with split-second timing, although the story sags during its long middle portion.
The movie's afraid of [Stiles], turning Kat from riot grrrrl to Solid Gold dancer in the time it takes to drop one Notorious B.I.G. song at that house party - which is why it's the Spam of processed teen movies.
This teen-oriented gloss on Shakespeare's tale is cute and occasionally quite funny, but it's undermined by slack direction.
It wimped out by blanding down the story and the characters to the point where she isn't really a shrew and he isn't really a maniac.

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