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My fave cartoon ever....

Author: bsdoll from Estonia
9 February 2003

I used to watch it when I was 7 years old. Now, 8 years later, I still miss the show! My fave mouse was Vinnie, I wanted him to be alive! I never missed an episode. Sadly I didn't have a VCR back then, I would have recorded all the episodes. I hope I will have a chance to see it again in the future.

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Old biker mice from Mars cartoon is the best ever seen!

Author: equalibrium13 from Estonia
4 June 2009

well, i was 5 years old when this cartoon started in Estonia. I loved this old show, because they were like real, everything in this old cartoon was excellent... then i heard, that biker mice series was finished, that made me very sad... then i grow up, and started to search opportunities too see my old favorite cartoon again, and what i see you have made new one with same characters, but they look nothing like they were. I have seen the new one trailers, and honestly i miss old biker mice even more, because when you started this cartoon, every character were full of energy, especially mice's. I vote 10 for old cartoon and 3 for new one.

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Awesome cartoon!

Author: Chromium_5 from Minnesota
14 August 2004

I used to love this show as a kid! I don't think I missed a single episode. It was a great action show, with a good dose of comedy thrown in too. The plot was astonishingly retarded (giant mice save the earth from Martians), but so what? It still managed to be very exciting, creative, and funny. The most hilarious bits were the Martian leaders holding conferences while the Jeopardy music played in the background, and Limburger's skyscraper getting destroyed at the end of every episode, only to be rebuilt in time for the next episode. This show also had one of the greatest casts of characters ever (not to mention the greatest voice talent). My favorite character was the little masochistic monster. I haven't seen "Biker Mice" for a few years now, but I will always have fond memories of watching it as a youngster.

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The coolest.

Author: Falcon Hawks from Oregon, USA
16 September 2001

This show is not just for little kids. From the first show, till the last, it was none stop fun and action. I want one of those bikes. Watch just one Eps and you'll have to see the rest. The actors who do the voices are the greatest, they really got into their parts. Rob, Ian and Dorian had way to much fun working on this show, and it came through in their voices.

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Not a knock-off of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Spoilers!

Author: cherry_berry from Anonymous, USA
21 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some people have stated that this series is just a knock-off of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That statement is untrue. While there may have been some similarities between the two series, such as both groups of heroes having a female sidekick and being humanoid, Biker Mice From Mars was definitely its own series. Note that the TMNT were not aliens from another planet, did not have bionic body parts, or had been through a major war. The show was highly original in character design and its characters were some of the most memorable in all of animation. The Plutarkians, a race of fish-like humanoid creatures who wasted all of their own natural resources and now strip mine other planets for soil, water, petroleum, precious metals, etc. They have already devastated mars, the Biker Mice's home planet in a terrible war which resulted in the death of most of the martian population, including the planet's flora and fauna. The Plutarkians haven't learned a thing about conservation, and have already destroyed life on at least two planets. Their next target is earth. Among other original foes was Dr. Karbunkle, an evil, sadistic physician who experimented on the Biker Mice on mars after they were taken to his lab. This show is my absolute favorite animated series. The series was well-written, had a talented voice cast, and was very funny. It also contained hilarious parodies of Evil Knievel, Napoleon Bonaparte, Elvis, Disney, the U.S. military, and many others. Although it was marketed as a kids show, it has fans of all ages. The show was produced from 1993-1995 and was aired in many countries until 2001. A new version of the series will begin airing in 2006. Items related to the original series such as VHS, books, and action figures can be found on online auction sites like ebay and amazon. I personally will be very happy when I am able to purchase all 65 episodes on DVD.

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Cool bike.

Author: from Thailand
13 January 2001

The plot of this cartoon is 3 biker mice come to Earth to protect it from the Plutarkian, the evil that ruined Mars. Nice plot,huh ? This cartoon has nice characters design, also the vehicles. I like Vinnie's bike. It's look good when he rides it. If you like a good cartoon, watch this one if you have a chance.

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The best cartoon show ever aired

Author: whitequeen_39 from United Kingdom
27 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The best cartoon show ever aired. I'm 21 now, and when I discovered almost the entire first series on bit torrent I nearly died with excitement. I sat and watched 12 eps right through; it was a real blast from the past and I still loved them. It was a quality show with a real back story, advocating the moral high ground without preaching (as the Turtles could be guilty of on occasion). It had war, genocide, death, mutilation and its very own Dr. Mengele, and yet handled all that with style, precision and humour in a format that would entrance people across the age board. It recognised its clichés and turned them upside-down; how many little in-jokes featured the Turtles, or the plot device known as the Helpless Female, or their little tradition of blowing up Limburger Plaza?

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Rock n Ride

Author: mark frazer ( from kenosha, wi
17 July 2001

animation was getting kind of boaring until biker mice came along. This is the best combination of action and comedy I have ever seen and I was kind of left empty when it was taken off the air in my market. Thank you Tom Tataranowicz, you gave me hope that there may indeed be intellegent comedy out in the cosmos.

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Author: j_e_n_n_i_e_a_n_d_r_e_w from United Kingdom
28 July 2006

i am only a young kid but i remember waking up really early in the mornings before school just to watch it. i loved Vinnie. he was so cool. i really wanted 2 just jump into my TV an be with them an go bk 2 Mars!!!! i wont it bk. i can remember my mum coming down stairs and telling me off for jumping on the arm of the sofa pretending to ride a bike! good times, i never knew people would know what it was, until i spoke to some of my friends and they can remember them. i was only little because i was born in 1992, but i can still remember them. its so clear. now i am just trying to fill up space because i need to have ten lines, i hope i haven't bored you. and i hope to see you soon .....................bye

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Kernal of Truth?

Author: ( from United Kingdom
9 March 2006

Biker mice from mars is in my opinion very entertaining when I was little, i also think its what will happen one day to all mice(i mean why not it happened to humans!). When evolution catches up with humans it will be the apes turn. If animals ever decided to evolve who's to say they wont want to ride bikes and rule the earth...or of course help save the cities and towns from plunder and peril? Biker Mice from mars has a Kernal of truth about reality, that reality is that ignorance is bliss. As long as we choose not to see we cant prevent, what will inevitably happen.

P.S the images from the series throughout had good colour use, which made the characters appear more real...I believed

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