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Season 2

18 Sep. 1999
Splicing genetics into humans is the new thing among the kids at Terry's school. The city wants to make it illegal due to overly aggressive behavior in the subjects. Batman is suspicious.
25 Sep. 1999
Earth Mover
While at a study party, a girl named Jackie fears she is being followed. Terry confronts the follower, only to find that it is a large dirt monster. Due to a chemical spill, Tony Maychek, father of Jackie, becomes the "Earth Mover" and is determined to have his daughter back and get his revenge on the one that caused the accident: Bill Wallace, the current caretaker of Jackie.
2 Oct. 1999
When a prototype military vehicle with a disastrous flaw is abandoned and seized by Jokerz, Batman and the vehicle's creator must hunt it down before it explodes.
9 Oct. 1999
Lost Soul
When a digitized consciousness of a deceased computer genius is revived, it starts causing havoc throughout the city before it decides to take over the systems of Terry's batsuit next.
16 Oct. 1999
Hidden Agenda
A girl genius finds herself unaccountably harassed by Jokerz at school and she begins to suspect Terry is responsible.
23 Oct. 1999
Batman finds himself the quarry of an augmented hunter seeking the ultimate challenge.
6 Nov. 1999
Once Burned
Batman finds Ten determined to rob a rich underground poker game supposedly to save her family and he struggles to decide whether to trust her.
13 Nov. 1999
Hooked Up
Batman investigates a ring of troubled kids who are so addicted to powerful virtual reality fantasies that they will do anything to continue them.
20 Nov. 1999
Terry and Dana's relationship is strained when Terry's Batman duties get in the way of their relationship. Receiving a flower, Dana believes it's from Terry but comes to realize it's from an unexpected stalker..with some unexpected friends.
4 Dec. 1999
Mind Games
A young girl with telepathic powers calls to Batman for help.
11 Dec. 1999
McGinnis' high school seems to be haunted by a poltergeist.
8 Jan. 2000
In order to have his revenge, Shriek makes the speech of the population of Gotham City incomprehensible and demands Batman surrendered to him to stop the chaos.
15 Jan. 2000
Terry's Friend Dates a Robot
A status-seeking nerd illegally buys a robot girlfriend, only to have it become dangerously jealous.
22 Jan. 2000
When Commissioner Barbara Gordon sees Batman committing murder, she initiates an all-out manhunt for him while Bruce Wayne investigates what really happened.
5 Feb. 2000
Final Cut
Batman is blackmailed by a bomb threat to protect a member of the Society of Assassins from Curaré.
4 Mar. 2000
The Last Resort
Terry investigates a troubled child reform camp that is more like a prison.
11 Mar. 2000
To support his family, a desperately unemployed advanced weapons engineer must steal vital materials for an illegal arms deal and elude Batman to do it.
25 Mar. 2000
Sneak Peek
An arrogantly intrusive reporter with a special ability to become intangible discovers Terry and Bruce's big secret.
1 Apr. 2000
The Eggbaby
Terry has a school project where he must constantly care for a baby simulator, even when he's out in the field as Batman.
8 Apr. 2000
Batman meets a good-hearted artificially intelligent robot assassin on the run from his creators.
15 Apr. 2000
Batman and Stalker must work together to stop the Kobra cult from unleashing a fearsome bioweapon on the populous.
22 Apr. 2000
April Moon
Batman must battle a gang of cyborgs made possible by blackmailing a bionics specialist.
6 May 2000
Sentries of the Last Cosmos
Ardent players of an in-depth virtual reality role-playing game are recruited by the supposed creator of the game for his own purposes.
13 May 2000
Batman investigates a mysterious vigilante who is somehow linked to a kids' counseling center.
27 May 2000
Where's Terry?
When Terry goes missing, Wayne and Max go searching for him.
19 Aug. 2000
Ace in the Hole
When Ace spots the man who abused him into becoming a sport fighting dog, he chases him and gets lost from his guardians.

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