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The most awful movie that was ever made.
kunibobalooney12 July 2004
I have seen some stinkers, and this was the worst.

How bad was it? There were 8 of us in the audience...2 people left 15 minutes in, another 2 left halfway through, and one guy left right before the end. The three of us who remained heckled it until it was over. We didn't even know each other, and we were all taking turns yelling insults at the screen.

Everything was abysmal. The script, the actors' performances, the effects, the dialogue, EVERYTHING. It's just not possible to see how terrible it is without sitting through it for yourself...and fortunately they didn't ever release it to video. What a surprise! :\

I want those two hours of my life back. No; I want compensation for the time I spent sitting in the theatre.

And for the record, did we *really* need to see that much of Mickey Rooney's sweaty chest?! I respect Mickey Rooney's career, but that was a NEW low.
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Why do they make films like this!?
The Judge18 November 1999
You've got to be kidding me, right? I mean, this was some sort of a joke or something, right? They wouldn't really make a movie THIS bad and be for real, right?

Words cannot begin to describe just how horrible this movie really is. It was obviously an attempt at an adventure/comedy, but man, even the jokes they try to show are just awful. JUST AWFUL!

Apparently Richard Grieco and Mickey Rooney needed money or something and Dean Stockwell! My level of respect for him has diminished dramatically just for the fact that he appears croaking and grunting like some evil frog in this thing.

If this ever makes it to regular TV, and I am sure it will since TV programming people have no souls anyway, trust me when I say it would be more entertaining for you to tune to a channel with static on it instead. Please, I beg of you. Whatever you do, do NOT watch this load of a film.
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One great beautiful blunder of a movie!
maestrojon30 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I agree that this is one of the worst movies of all time, but if you get a chance to see it, I wouldn't pass it up. This is one of those movies that is sooo bad, it's good! There is no real plot to this film, and Sinbad (Richard Grieco) seems to have quit halfway through the movie because his character disappears. Not to say I blame him though. Do not fret, because there is plenty of Mickey Rooney to make up for the lack of Sinbad. My favorite part of the film is the freeze-frame-o-rama on the kids face at the end. It left me in a state of bewilderment for a couple of minutes, and then I busted up laughing.

It seems like no one in the production of this film had ever made one before, and have probably not made one since. Which is why it reminds me of something a 5th grader would make in his backyard.

Bottom line - if you have some time to waste, and want to see one of the worst films of all time, then watch Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights!
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I watched it to the end
sulaykamara16 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Er....where do i start? .....This is got to be the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life time. It's like there were no rehearsals at all. My 7 year old and her friends would have done a better job than this. They would have made me laugh too. With all the bad feedback about this movie, I decided to watch this so called Sinbad to prove the critics wrong. I braced and said to myself ''you will watch it to the end''. I went through the horror and torture of actually watching this mistake to the end. It's like being locked in an empty room with no windows. These are the kind of movies that ruin actors' careers. To tell you the truth, a TV that is off is more entertaining to watch than this flop. Watch it and have your say. We've had comment like people walking out of the cinema ten minutes into the movie and theatre being completely empty before the end of the movie. But if you can bear torture then here is the ultimate one you'll not be able to bear. I was actually praying for the movie to end. Glad I didn't watch it with my family (I couldn't have finished watching it). I'll keep it for the next generation so they see the worst movie flop in the history of the world.
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Halariously Awful
ShadowRider22 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
You ever see a movie that's so bad, that in your head you start contemplating why it exists? Well, this is that movie!

From actors who have never had any acting experience (whatsoever) to people who are only in the movie for the money, you name it, and it's in this movie!

I will admit this movie did seem like people put effort into SOME parts of this movie, and the ending seemed pretty decent. But after the second half, it seemed like people just stopped trying completely, and gave up because they knew that this movie was going to be awful. I imagine that this movie could've been great if two actors didn't quit half way through and there were more actors involved in more of the scenes.

Overall, this movie is So Bad, It's Good! It's funny in the way that it was made, but horrible in the aspect of the actors attitudes during the whole movie.
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