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hardcore video rape sequences with deserved revenge
lohvere30 November 1998
This has two very long sexual scenes that rotate attention between 5 guys and 4 girls, christy rocks but for the weak at heart this one should be avoided, the rape scenes are pretty tough in the beginning, but after a 15min. everyone is having a good time (mostly) pretty hot, worth checking out, but there are much better vids out there
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Almost like this film is saying "stop rape...Consent"
movieman_kev20 April 2005
A girl doesn't give "respect" to a guy, so he and his friends follow her and her friends home and rapes them, which after a while the girls seem to love and this one scene goes on forever. A year later, the girls plan to kill them. Not before having another VERY long scene of screwing them. NOT a feminist film in ANY way, shape, or form, It seemingly is made to provide sickos with rape-fantasies either an outlet or to further deteriorate their sick and twisted minds to go out to rape for themselves. So why did I subject myself to this pathetic rape-fantasy filth? One reason and one reason only, Christy Canyon is one of my favorite porn stars of ALL time.

My Porn Grade:C
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rape and revenge
john229004 February 2007
The story and plot concern a group of women who are raped in their own homes and then set out on a path of round about revenge against the men responsible.

The woman are uniformly fairly attractive and good looking. Christy Canyon never looked better than in this movie with the possible exception of VIDEO TRAMP.

The men on the other hand are not particularly handsome.

Why is it that in adult movies the women are generally knockouts but the guys look like they've been hit with an ugly stick (a phrase I borrowed from AUSTIN POWERS)? Back then they were just ugly but these days, the guys look like they've been using industrial strength steroids which is just as bad. Ugh! Fortunately, we watch these movies only to see the women.
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