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By offering opportunities to laugh, cry, and cheer, Little Voice satisfies in a big way.
Rolling Stone
Taking it's framework from classic fairly-tale characters like Cinderella, the British story of Little Voice is one of compassion, humor and music.
Chicago Sun-Times
Little Voice is unthinkable without the special and unexpected talent of its star.
They're great, every one of them, but the real joy of Little Voice is Horrocks: her impeccable evocation of a timid soul and that eerie voice that sounds so surprising coming out of her.
USA Today
Engagingly offbeat. [4 December 1998, Life, p.13E]
Chicago Tribune
A slightly more light-hearted version of the "Shine" story. [4 December 1998, Friday, p.A]
Christian Science Monitor
The movie is often as raucous and seedy as its less-attractive characters, but it gains power from inventive acting and poignant touches.
San Francisco Examiner
The drawbacks to Little Voice might sink a lesser movie, but not this one.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Ultimately, Little Voice comes to us from an indeterminate place that is no longer the theatre but not quite the movies. Let's call it music videoland -- best just to sit back and enjoy golden-oldie tunes belted out by a quicksilver mimic.
Actress Jane Horrocks is so good in this drama that you'll hardly notice -- or care -- that the rest of the film isn't quite up to snuff.
Entertainment Weekly
The movie adaptation suffers the symptoms of so many stage-to-screen transplants: What seemed thrillingly big and bold in live performance comes across shrunken and hemmed in when "opened up" to fill a feature film.

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