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Chicago Tribune
There's scarcely a scene in which the actors, action and sound track aren't cranked up to maximum intensity.
Chicago Sun-Times
It's a close call here. I guess I recommend the movie because the dramatic scenes are worth it. But if some studio executive came along and made Stone cut his movie down to two hours, I have the strangest feeling it wouldn't lose much of substance and might even play better.
Entertainment Weekly
The film's cumulative effect is as exhausting as it is exciting.
Features convincing, often soaring, performances by a savvy cast that must have gotten adrenaline shots administered by Stone himself.
USA Today
Though there are helmets deeper than this movie, you do have to admire the level of screen showmanship .
Philadelphia Inquirer
A turbocharged and pungently enjoyable take on the sport so many observers see - Stone, of course, included - as a reflection of the darker side of American life.
Christian Science Monitor
The characters are hardly original...but Stone puts them into play with his usual fever-pitch gusto, producing what's probably the most heart-pounding gridiron movie ever made.
Miami Herald
If this rousing, technically dazzling movie doesn't get you going, then you probably didn't like football to being with.
Baltimore Sun
A kinetically charged gridiron drama that is enormous fun to watch.
New York Daily News
While the football sequences are carefully constructed, the sensation we get from the blizzard of images and teeth-jarring sound effects is of having our head used as the football.
Mr. Showbiz
Crammed with interesting ideas, visuals, and people, but Stone buries it all in a s--tstorm of technique.

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