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Baltimore Sun
A kinetically charged gridiron drama that is enormous fun to watch.
USA Today
Though there are helmets deeper than this movie, you do have to admire the level of screen showmanship .
Philadelphia Inquirer
A turbocharged and pungently enjoyable take on the sport so many observers see - Stone, of course, included - as a reflection of the darker side of American life.
Features convincing, often soaring, performances by a savvy cast that must have gotten adrenaline shots administered by Stone himself.
Portland Oregonian
Though intermittently entertaining, it's too long and rarely insightful in new or meaningful ways.
Stone is an undeniably stylish director, and his talent for conveying intense emotion is well put to use here. But more often Stone's in-your-face technique is as exhausting as his steroid-enhanced players.
Los Angeles Times
This energetic and diverting sports soap opera throws a few head fakes in the direction of an iconoclastic examination of the dark side of professional football.
TNT RoughCut
Oliver Stone must learn that edgy photography does not substitute for a story with substance.
Village Voice
Like a visual concussion.
San Francisco Examiner
A football epic on performance enhancers that may be more flagrantly flawed, more shockingly predictable and just plain cornier than its rickety predecessors.

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