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Good underrated TV horror anthology series...

Author: shanakin from United States
25 July 2005

I was a little to young in the seventies to remember this TV series and even as a kid I was never really into horror movies or TV, But I have come to appreciate them as I've grown older. I started researching horror TV shows on the web and came across this series. It seems that everyone remembers the more popular horror TV series such as Thriller, Night Gallery, Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits. All great in there own right. But it intrigued me to see some of the episodes of Ghost Story/Circle of Fear since it only ran a season way back in 1972 to 1973 to see if it was any good. So I typed it up on EBAY and low and behold there were episodes for sell. Well I took the opportunity to buy some, four episodes of the TV series and to my surprise they were great. I only have eight episodes total so far of the series run, 23 in all but the episodes that I do recommend that I have are "Elegy for a Vampire", "Time of Terror", "The Dead We Leave Behind", "The Summer House", "Dark Vengeance", and "The Phantom of Hearld Square". It really surprised me how well some episodes were and the guest stars that they got for the series are great Jason Robards, Stuart Whitman, Jodie Foster, Hal Linden, Mike Farrell, Martin Sheen to name just a few. Robert Bloch wrote one of the episodes and the series has a great horror atmosphere. I truly recommend this series to anyone if you love 1970's horror TV.

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A Rare Treat and Great Atmospheric Musical Score

Author: from New York City
15 February 2008

I fondly remember this series as I also was a kid in the seventies. The should definitely release this on DVD. Maybe we should start a petition. I'll have to look up and do some research but I believe the studio that filmed these was Universal but I'm not sure. Anyway, Sebastian Cabot was a great host for when it was called "Ghost Story" and then the other 12 or so episodes the host was dropped and they changed the name to "Circle Of Fear". A lot of great actors and familiar faces from the seventies were featured. There was one episode starring Doug McClure as a rancher who suspected that his wife was cursed with becoming a cougar and at midnight would chain her up. It's actually much better than it sounds, LOL. Another episode aptly named "Body Parts" featured Meg Foster (the actress with the incredibly light and spooky blue eyes) being one of three transplant patients who somehow begin to exhibit the behavior of the original donor who I think was some mass murderer or something. It was so long ago so I don't recall the exact details. Some other notables included Janet Leigh, Susan Dey, Martin Sheen etc. What I also really loved and that has really stayed with me all theses years was the great atmospheric musical score of each episode done by Billy Goldenberg a staple of seventies television in those days. It would be really great if Varese Sarabande a company that specializes in putting out movie and TV show soundtracks on CD would put this one out.

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Promising TV Movie Pilot..turned into a disappointing series.

Author: tbob02 from Dozier, Alabama
24 October 2000

Ghost Story (the TV Movie--1972) was the pilot for the NBC series. The movie was well-written and well-acted and, I thought, when the 1972-73 tv season started, if the tv series is half as good as the movie, then NBC has a winner. (I wish this film was available on video!!) The series was a colossal disappointment--even with William Castle as exec. producer. If, however,you have a chance to see the original TV movie, Ghost Story, check it out. You won't be disappointed.

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Question about the ghost (could be spoiler)

Author: hockey-15 from United States
15 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Was this the show that totally scared the crap out of me when I was about 11 years old because the ghost wanted the baby ? If so it is the scariest thing I've ever seen. I am 44 years old now and would love to see this again. I have two boys ages 10 & 7. I think I would like them to see it also. I must watch it again first though. It is amazing how things can scare you without todays over done special effects & all, like someone already said no curse words or blood. As far as a comment goes like I said , if this is the show I think it is then it was chilling right down to your bones and haunted me for nights,weeks months & years on end and to anyone who asks I tell them that this is my #1 scariest movie of all time. So if anyone out there can confirm that this is that show please do so. Thank you , Aloha : )

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Ghost Story from the 1972-73 TV season on NBC

Author: skfb66 from Kentucky
24 January 2005

Okay, I doubt this is on DVD anywhere. In fact, I'm shocked (and pleased) that there are those that even remember it because of it's short run. Can anyone who remembers this show remember any plot lines from specific stories. I was only 6 or 7 when it was on, but I was hooked. In fact, it came on the same night as The Sixth Sense with Gary Collins which also scared the crap out of me. I vaguely recall a certain episode with Loretta Swit but the details are fuzzy. There was also one set in a creepy old hospital. Anyway, if anyone remembers any further details about this show or if it is indeed available somewhere on tape or DVD, please share. Nothing like the seventies for good supernatural TV. Night Stalker, Night Gallery. Great stuff.

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Author: marianna1776 ( from HUXLEY, IOWA
18 June 2004

Ghost Story,(The New House) is a terrific horror story. This is from the Circle Of Fear and the Ghost Story series of the early seventies.The beginning and ending of each story is narrated by Sebastian Cabot. Remember him from the early family series, Family Affair in the 1960s? This particular story has Barbara Parkins and David Birney as the lead actors, and as the main characters in the story.I saw this recently,and I was so scared!If you are alone,I would not recommend that you watch this.This story is terrific,no gore or curse words, but very scary. Barbara Parkins played the young bride. David Birney played her husband.Both actors were very good in their parts.If you like scary, fun,terrifying ghost stories, then you will like this little gem. I gave this a high rating.I highly recommend this story.

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First Ghost Story

Author: AaronCapenBanner from North America
14 November 2014

David Birney and Barbara Parkins play John & Eileen Travis, a young married couple who have been staying at the fancy hotel called Mansfield House managed by Winston Essex(played by Sebastian Cabot), but are now ready to move into a new house, and are expecting a baby as well. Unfortunately, the house turns out to be haunted, having been built on an old gallows site where a young woman was hanged, but whose ghost now wants to possess the baby, which is driving poor Eileen to distraction by the climax on a dark and stormy night... Excellent pilot episode is well above average for its type, which deftly deals with any clichés as it tells its well crafted story, leading to a chilling end. Sam Jaffe is memorable as an old man familiar with local history. The subsequent series didn't measure up to this though...

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GHOST STORY: THE NEW HOUSE {TV} (John Llewellyn Moxey, 1972) **1/2

Author: MARIO GAUCI ( from Naxxar, Malta
1 May 2014

I had not realized that between producing RIOT (1969), an upcoming viewing, and his unprecedented return to direction with SHANKS (1974), William Castle had overseen a 23-episode supernatural TV series called GHOST STORY (later retitled CIRCLE OF FEAR). This was, in fact, the pilot episode (for the record, I managed to track down 4 of these for my current Castle centenary tribute), pleasantly evoking the style of entries in other vintage horror shows I had sampled during recent Halloween marathons (notably DEAD OF NIGHT {1972} and SUPERNATURAL {1977}, down to the latter's framework of the tales being recounted from inside a genial yet vaguely sinister mansion – in this case, presided over by Sebastian Cabot)!

Plot-wise, too, this provided pretty standard thrills: it basically follows the oft-used path of some new occupants of a mysterious house being either terrorized (by mysterious footsteps, maniacal laughter emanating from a statue and, eventually, apparitions – albeit naturally thought to be merely hysterical by others) or possessed (rather amusingly, an infant!) by an evil spirit. Still, with Castle producing (he also has a gag cameo at the very start as a bar patron!), Moxey (best-known for THE CITY OF THE DEAD {1960}) directing, eminent genre novelist/scriptwriter Richard Matheson contributing to the story, and a cast featuring Barbara (THE MEPHISTO WALTZ {1971}) Parkins, David (TRIAL BY COMBAT {1976}) Birney, Sam (THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL {1951}) Jaffe – as the obligatory elderly historian supplying the backstory to the haunting (the location had previously served as a gallows!) – and Jeanette Nolan (from Orson Welles' MACBETH {1948}), the result could hardly fail to be engaging for the duration…which, at just 42 minutes, does not outstay its welcome despite the utter lack of originality within the narrative.

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Ghost story/ Circle of Fear.... a Great series!! May reveal too much.

Author: diamonddogrising from Michigan, United States
20 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I grew up watching this series. I was about seven/eight years old when it was on. I still remember the 1st episode which was called "The New House." It scared the h*ll out of me! I can almost still hear that statue, laughing madly. And the ending, oh my God! The hooror spirit comes in the room for the child: Yikes! This was classic TV and it was a one of a kind series. I have found a DVD collection for sale on the internet: 2 actually. My question to any readers: Has anyone purchased this set? Its a bootleg. Both sellers claim to have very good copy. I have a sketchy and poor DVD of "The New House" episode, and a couple of other episodes that are a bit better,however, if anyone knows if these are much clearer it would be worth it to me to buy and share with my kids. A great series, clever, scary and daringly supernatural. Thanks in advance to any fans who have the low down on any of this- In fact, I'd love to discuss it. Chris Walker

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Truly One of the Scariest Films Ever.

Author: Dana Foreman from United States
21 July 2006

I like Ghost stories. Good ghost stories of bumps in the night, voices that cannot be explained. Now I've see many of them. As special efx have a ever more grip on todays films, some times to find a real gem , you gotta turn the clock back to the time when the writers and directors really had to use their heads to create really good ghost stories. Now this one, very rare , pilot episode for the TV series Ghost Story called " The New House " was one of the most scariest films I ever saw. It was on once in 1972,...I was only 9,..but nothing since then even compared to it. With all the remake going on in Hollywood, some one should do this one " as is " with no more special efx than the original. This episode was down right creepy as hell. I'm lucky to find it finally on DVD today and very rare and hard to find. The only other 2 Ghost Stories to even come close was the ORIGINAL " The Haunting " and George C. Scott in " The Changling " . Wish someone would do more ghost stories like these.

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