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Sam Raimi was offered the director's chair on this film, but he declined in order to make For Love of the Game (1999).
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's first film since Batman & Robin (1997). The reason for the gap was because of his heart surgery after playing Mr Freeze; the studios were anxious about whether or not they could insure him, and despite attempts to convince them he was in perfect health, he couldn't get any work until End of Days (1999). Even then, he was amazed when insurance people and executives from Universal came to the set just to watch him, to see if he was still up to the action scenes. They asked Schwarzenegger if he enjoyed this kind of punishment, but he said he was used to it. After the first week of shooting, the insurance guys backed off and not long after, the film offers started rolling in again.
Was the last movie to be pressed in the laserdisc format in the United States.
Father Kovak says to Jericho Cane that "Satan's greatest trick was convincing man he didn't exist". This quote from the French poet Charles Baudelaire also appears in The Usual Suspects (1995), also featuring Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Pollak.
Last American studio film of Rod Steiger.
Guillermo del Toro was offered the chance to direct, but turned it down.
Peter Hyams was recommended to direct the film by James Cameron. Both directors are proponents of night shoots, something that Arnold Schwarzenegger shares.
Liv Tyler was offered the role of Christine York but backed out over contractual issues.
The film was originally going to be directed by Marcus Nispel. However, Nispel left the project when budget and script problems arose.
The picture on the scroll that the cardinal consults in the beginning (the picture of the moon with the white blurred line above it) is titled "Finis Dierum", which is Latin for "End of Days".
Udo Kier claimed in an interview that he was considered for the role of Satan in the film but the producers didn't want the hero and villain to both have German/Austrian accents, and he was eventually cast in a secondary role.
One of the priests is named Thomas Aquinas. Thomas Aquinas was one of the greatest philosophers, a 13th-century proponent of natural theology, and the father of the Thomistic school of philosophy and theology.
Years later, Miriam Margolyes revealed on a talk show she did not enjoy her first and only working experience with Arnold, citing the odd reason that in their scene together "He farted in my face!" (as she so eloquently put it).
The role of Jericho Cane was originally written for Tom Cruise, but he instead chose to work on Magnolia (1999).
The first scene shot was when Jericho was attacked in an alley by Satanists.
The role of Christine York was initially going to be played by Kate Winslet, but she turned it down.
Arnold Schwarzenegger dubs his own voice for the German version, an unusual thing for his films as his Austrian accent generally sounds strange to German audience.
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Sven-Ole ThorsenArnold Schwarzenegger's friend and frequent collaborator appears as one of the thugs who breaks into Jericho's apartment.

Director Trademark 

Peter Hyams:  [Spota]  The name of the bar on the matchbook is Spota's. The name Spota appears as a character name in several other of Hyams' movies.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

This is the first film in which Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a human character who dies.
Alternate ending was filmed in which Jericho resurrects after impaling himself on the sword of the statue and then leaves the church with Christine. Test audience preferred ending where Jericho dies. Even though "resurrection" ending was never released, it was used in novelization of the movie.
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