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31 Jan. 2010
Camp Leatherneck
National Geographic Explorer offers an inside look at Camp Leatherneck the U.S. Marine base of operation in Afghanistan where more than 10,000 soldiers are charged with fighting the Taliban.
23 Feb. 2010
Vampire Forensics
During an excavation on an island off of Venice, explorers discovers a mass gravesite of what seem to be victims of the black death in the 16th century. One unusual skull caught their attention. There was a brick shoved into the skull's mouth. Top Italian Forensics investigates why.
15 Jun. 2010
Electronic Armageddon
A scenario is explored concerning a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) generated by a nuclear weapon exploding in the upper atmosphere or a solar flare, that could have devastating results by wiping out all electronics in an instant.
11 Apr. 2010
Solitary Confinement
National Geographic explores solitary confinement and the devastating psychological effects of isolation. Some say that the practice helps to control unruly prisoners while others argue that it is tantamount to torture.
19 Apr. 2010
25 Years
Two hour special celebrating the first 25 years of National Geographic's Explorer series.
8 Jun. 2010
National Geographic heads to the front in Pakistan and Afganistan to see first hand the fight against the Taliban.
17 Aug. 2010
24 Hours After Hiroshima
Using information from the investigation following the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, this documentary outlines the immediate 24 hours following the massive explosion. The first atomic bomb contained 140 lbs of enriched uranium and reduced the downtown to a wasteland with 70,000 people killed immediately. Another 40,000 died three days later when a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The Army spent 10 weeks studying the impact of the explosion focusing on thermal flash. The immediate impact was that some were vaporized leaving only ...
14 Dec. 2010
Born to Rage?
Why does our modern world remain so violent? Explorer's Inside the Warrior Gene examines the work of a new breed of scientists who believe the answer may lie not in society, but in our DNA.

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