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one of those guilty pleasures...
tlcglitznglam3 March 2005
Honestly, I think this is an awful movie... but I can't help but love it! It has a cheesy plot, unrealistic characters, a bit of magic that adds to the unbelievability and about everything else that a bad movie has. And yet, this is one of my favorite movies to watch when I'm in the mood to watch something light and fun. I'm almost embarrassed to say I love it! I don't know what it is about this movie that makes it so enjoyable to me. The basic plot... Sarah Michelle Gellar is a rather unsuccessful chef who wants to become better and save her family's restaurant. After buying a crab at a local market her luck begins to change. Suddenly she is able to cook amazing food that is sort of hypnotic and magical. She's offered a job as head chef at a posh new restaurant by a gorgeous guy who (wouldn't you know it) she ends up falling in love with. Give it a try. Maybe you'll love it too. I think it's the whole food idea that gets me....
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A modern take on the 1930's style of screwball comedy
averagemover5 August 2003
This is a charming film, very well acted and with great production values. But, like the screwball comedies of the thirties, and the musicals of Fred Astaire, it isn't for everyone. Of course, a romantic comedy which is based on the magical ability of a crab to inspire Gellar to feats of culinary greatness is a premise which might be hard for some to swallow. But I think its worth the effort, and it's no dafter than many successful comedy of earlier days. For those who follow such things there are three great references to the films of Fred Astaire. First is when Flannery is choosing the floor design for his new restaurant. The wavy black and white design is straight out of Yolanda and the Thief (1946 MGM) where, in a number called Coffee Time, Fred Astaire and Lucille Bremer dance on a huge floor of exactly this design. As if to hammer it home Flannery's boss reacts by saying " it looks like something out of an MGM musical". Reference number two is to The Belle of New York (1952 MGM) where Fred Astaire and Vera-Ellen kiss and float up to the ceiling. This is directly quoted in a kitchen scene where, under the influence of the crab, Gellar and Flannery kiss and float to the ceiling. These references are interesting because both films have fantasy/magical themes and both are somewhat looked down on in Astaire's oeuvre. The third reference is to Shall We Dance (1937 RKO)where in the Gershwin number of the same name Fred Astaire is confronted with a long line of Ginger Rodgers masked look-alikes. In Simply Irresistable Gellar appears reflected in a long line of mirrors with Flannery temporarily confused as to where she is, with both of them standing in a set that seems right out of Van Nest Polglase's Art Deco creations for RKO. Here the reference seems to be to the magician's art of illusion. Anyhow, after all that, you should have a feel for whether this film is for you.
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a charming romantic comedy that could have been better
hbs12 January 2000
This is a very sweet little movie. The "magic" business in it is there to give it a little edge, and I think that they wisely don't explain it, but the movie works best when they underplay it. It's at its best around the "shopping for plates" sequence when the characters discuss how often men think about sex. It's handled with a light touch that is just right. That is the tone that I would have liked to see the movie maintain, and which they hit now and again during the course of it, but also missed from time to time.

It's not a sure thing (it's no "Moonstruck", for example), but if you like romantic comedy it's worth a look. I'd give it a 7/10 (slightly less than 3 stars, but close).
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Light and funny
djgirl197830 May 2004
This is a light, cutesy chick-flick sort of movie. There's lots of humor and silliness. This movie fortunately never tries to take itself too seriously, because it would fail. The watcher who tries to take this movie too seriously won't enjoy it. Go into it with the idea that it's a silly movie meant to be laughed at and enjoyed, and you won't go wrong. Sarah Michelle Gellar is really good for the role of Amanda Shelton - she's very expressive and she does the dry humor really well, but she also gets the emotional roller-coaster that the characters are on and she does it smashingly well. Sean Patrick Flanery is excellent as the guy who really can't figure out what the heck is going on but he can't pull himself away from it anyway; and Larry Gilliard, Jr. as the support man to Gellar's Shelton is simply funny. This movie is definitely worth watching at least once.
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simply irresistible...
jamie jo jesus30 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
was just that for me...simply irresistible! i couldn't help myself...i am a sucker for romance combined with magic...mix in the overlay of the sublime, and add a dash of the ethereal and you have the ingredients for a sumptuous recipe. the cast was excellent, the settings of the southern cross and the tom restaurant/creation were colorful and mystical. everyone waiting with baited breath in anticipation of amandas awakening and inspiration (to meet or supersede her dearly departed mother's expectations)to explode into full blossom...magic that runs in the female lineage of the family at least. it was time to for tom to stop stalling and sabotaging a relationship destined to be divine. amanda was determined to follow her hearts desire with or without tom, but as we all know the dynamics of a divine couple (as in soulmates), loving in harmony, can have an exponential impact on the changes necessary to restore the love and the light to the universe! it was evident to me this was a love that truly was meant to transcend time!
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I can't believe the ratings collected on this movie!
shido-san11 October 2010
This is Sarah Michelle Gellar's best movie! Unpretentious, genuine young lady battling the reality of small business and about to see her whole world go down the kitchen drain when she is saved by wonder.

And that is what this story is about wonder.. and food.

For me the details are everything. The plot is simple and that is probably what disturbs a number of the reviewers.. but they admit it themselves.. and they can't put their finger on it. Here we finally have a story where everything suddenly goes right. And wouldn't you like that to happen to you at least once! The movie has name players but not A-listers. The story features a great deal to do with savouring the taste of food, and who would go to see a movie based on food? Yet.. there are few pictures I enjoy more than this one. I am not a SMG fan, but in this motion picture Sarah is absolutely perfectly cast. It is her 13 Going On 30 role!
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cute and honest
kystilla12 May 2004
When I read about it in my TV guide, my first thought was 'boring'. But since there was nothing interesting, I decided to watch it. And no regrets taken. The story is very sweet, filled with lots of love and humorous situations. Since I like movies where some sort of food plays an important part (I just love Woman On Top!) then I loved this one too. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean Patrick Flannery both do an excellent job. They make a great on-screen couple together and you can even see the chemistry between.

All together, I liked this movie. Funny, sweet and definetely romantic, spiced with bits of mystery and fiction, it was a good watch :)

9/10. Pretty :)
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the best dressed cook in New York
Hootie-217 October 1999
It's interesting to see Sarah Michelle Gellar play a character in a low-key fashion. I recently rented the campy (and hilarious) Cruel Intentions to see her give a performance so unbelievably over-the-top I couldn't stop laughing. Also, the less said about her role in I KNow What You Did Last Summer the better. Though impeccably shot sequences in and around New York give the film a glowing lusture, the script and the characters don't live up to the glow and seem to blend in with the scenery. It's supernatural themes seem to get left behind when there's a moment of pesky plot to spoil the visual pleasure, and I'm not convinced that anyone on screen wanted to be there at all. Also, why does a young woman on the verge of bankruptcy dress so well and have such impeccably styled hair? And why would she wear designer outfits whilst making sauces? It's odd. It seemed to be a Vogue photo essay in search of a Meg Ryan-esque romance.
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Wholly incompatible!
Cipher-J30 December 2002
While a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters might never write a play like Shakespeare, any ten of them could have cranked out the lines for this one. It is at best a romantic comedy for the Barbie and Ken doll set, with a script so trite and corny as to be unintentionally amusing. Gellar is suitably appealing in her role as Amanda, a likeable and intelligent young woman, but it is "she" who becomes bewitched by a character with no more depth than a paper cutout, having to his credit only lots of money and conventional good looks. Then the plot revolves around her obsession with catching him, when it is painfully obvious that he isn't worth running after.

The title implies that it is "she" who is irresistible, except that she is always chasing after him. In other words, if she is so irresistible, why would she need "magic" to catch such a dolt? Her character is a hundred times more interesting than his, bothering to be concerned about others and such, while he is too in love with "himself" to care about anyone else. The deepest thought he can contemplate is the perfect paper plane! If there is a prince to this farce of a fairy tale, it might come closer to her buddy the cook, who is at least a fairly good friend. But this is a shallow and embarrassing story, tediously boring, with no better message but that money and glamour are more worth having than imagination and character.
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