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USA Today
There is enough mirthful good will generated to justify even another sequel. May we suggest: "License to Shag," "You Only Shag Twice" or "Thundershag."
Entertainment Weekly
As a character, Austin Powers hasn't worn out his welcome, exactly, but he has outlived his novelty.
San Francisco Chronicle
Places Myers firmly on the top rung of movie comics.
Give your brain the night off, and Myers will make you smile too.
San Francisco Examiner
A collection of arbitrary sketches, bits and improvs jammed into a locker room-style variety show masquerading as some semblance of a narrative.
Chicago Sun-Times
There is an underlying likability to Austin Powers that sort of carries us through the movie.
New York Daily News
Turns out to be less than the sum of its wonderfully silly and bizarre parts.
For my taste, too much of the new Powers looks like bad TV and sounds like old burlesque.
New York Post
It all gets repetitive, and after about the halfway point, you get the feeling that Myers and Co. don't know where to go next, and are making it up as they go along.
Christian Science Monitor
The satire is crammed with sexual and scatological humor; some may find this Rabelaisian and refreshing, while others will detect the end of civilization as we know it.
Too much of what The Spy Who Shagged Me has to offer is tired and derivative, and, when the various jokes and gags are tallied, there are many more misses than hits.

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