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If your cousin made this you would pat him on the back and give him an "A" for effort.
matthewmeans24 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Take a low budget, inexperienced actors doubling as production staff— as well as limited facilities—and you can't expect much more than "Time Chasers" gives you, but you can absolutely expect a lot less. This film represents a bunch of good natured friends and neighbors coming together to collaborate on an interesting project. If your cousin had been one of those involved, you would probably think to yourself, "ok, this movie is terrible... but a really good effort." For all the poorly delivered dialog and ham-fisted editing, "Time Chasers" has great scope and ambition... and one can imagine it was necessary to shoot every scene in only one or two takes. So, I'm suggesting people cut "Time Chasers" some slack before they cut in the jugular. That said, I'm not sure I can ever forgive the pseudo-old lady from the grocery store for the worst delivery every wrenched from the jaws of a problematic script.
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Actually not bad, for a low-budget film.
I feel badly for the actors and directors of this film who may come across this site's comments about it, which was fairly well done - for a low-budget film.

All the criticisms about the film are true: The evil CEO's office in an apparent library, the antique computer with outdated floppy disks, and the fairly wooden acting are all valid criticisms. But what do we expect, Spielberg? Lucas? I'm sure they could have taken this film to greater heights, but let's give it its due.

Think about it. The plot line was clever. How many ways can you go into the past? Car, stationary machine, plane? But the "future" portrayed here was embarrassing. Frankly, I thought they had gone BACK in time to 1984! Surely, they could have done better than that. Even in 1994, people knew what types of technologies to expect in the near future. Why not portray even one laptop?

I enjoyed the revolutionary war reenactors, but I think a "twist" of an ending would have been cute, and could have salvaged some of the film. What if, when they returned, everyone had British accents, including the evil CEO of a now-British conglomerate. Think about it.

So, here's my "director's cut" of this film: 1. Allow the lead actor to drive a car (better chase scenes) 2. Use a real computer - at least use the right sized disks 3. Cut the "ditching bicycles" scene (it's only 3 seconds long) 4. Show a better, more plausible future 5. Shorten the "bad future" scene, and shoot it at night, or in the fog, to make it look REALLY ominous, and 6. Make the final scene important (as I said above).

Until then, my rating is 4.
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I thought it was pretty good, for what it was...
Pythe9 October 2007
I think the only reason this movie has such a low rating is because it was featured on MST3K. Its has its share of cheesy performances and inexplicably ridiculous moments (as when the bad guys ditch their cars to chase after the hero on bicycles), but its main flaw is that its way too ambitious for its budget. I feel confident in asserting that, in spite of my never having been to the future, it will turn out much better than the one portrayed in this movie. But at least the trips to the past are bearable. The humor, if not laugh out loud hilarious, at least isn't embarrassing to watch for everyone involved. Time Chasers, aka Tangents, is probably the only MSTied movie I would ever consider watching without commentary by Mike and the bots. I mean, really, how can you say it's any worse than cringe-fest Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle? Heck, even the banal Roadhouse has a higher rating than this movie! I'm not saying it's a masterpiece, but come on, is there anything near as profoundly lame as the line, "Pain don't hurt" in this movie? No? Well, I rest my case.
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It could be worse, but not much.
ptrschckl16 April 2005
Whether or not you're a fan of 'Back to the Future', it's hard to argue against it being a good movie; it's a perfect example of how a time-travel movie can work. A torn-up poster for 'Back To The Future' shows up in this movie, representing -- probably unintentionally -- what the makers of 'Tangents' (aka 'Time Chasers') did to the time-travel formula. Then again, the movie was made in 1994, but it looks -- and sounds -- like it was actually shot at least ten years earlier, so maybe they achieved some sort of time-travel after all.

Start with an aggressively unappealing leading man. I mean, what woman doesn't love gangly, whiny, lantern-jawed, butt-chinned, mullet-men with giant Coke-bottle glasses? Well, prepare to tough it out, ladies, cuz that's our hero ("Hey, movie? I wanna see your supervisor, movie; this will NOT stand!").

Second, add a leading lady who -- while not entirely unattractive -- personally embodies many '80s clichés: big hair, too much makeup, two different plaids ("Oh, man! I'm a naked robot and even I know that's a fashion no-no."), shoulder pads, acid-washed mom-jeans, etc.

Throw in a Michael Medved look-alike who wears pink blazers and white pants, a painfully transparent villain who talks like Mortimer Snerd and has an office that looks like a circus-themed library, and evil henchmen who seem to have nothing better to do than direct air traffic ("Oh, so they're the really NICE evil guys!"). That's our cast, folks.

I don't want to spoil the plot, but since I've yet to figure out exactly what the plot IS, I'm not too worried about it. In fact, it would probably be less time-consuming for you to just track down a copy of this movie and watch it yourself. If YOU figure out the plot, please contact me; I'm curious.

I would strongly advise watching this movie with the help of the folks at Mystery Science Theater 3000; I don't think it could stand on its own... beer would probably help, too.

The film, 'Tangents': 3 stars -- they tried.

MST3K's 'Time Chasers' episode: 8 stars -- they succeeded.
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Thank God for MST!
GeneralB10 November 1999
This is another cinematic failure that would be stealing our time if it weren't for those wonderful, talented people at MST3K. This movie is about a physics professor(yeah right!) who invents a time machine(a plane which flies through really bad computer graphics). He is supposed to go visit other time periods with it, but it seems the past and future look a lot like today except with very slight, cheap modifications. The villain is a CEO who wants to use the machine for evil purposes. The movie makes little hint that he is a evil character from the beginning. He also talks funny. MST made great fun of this movie, and their episode featuring it is one of my favorites.
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Whatever, I suppose
rockfan12 August 2000
That's what the director of this film had to be saying throughout it's making The story is set around Nick, a geeky teacher at Castleton college who invents a time machine using eight commador floppy disks and his plane. After Superdweeb sells his time machine to Bob Evil he discovers the FUTURE has been harmed. Will he be able to prevent the future for being ruined? Will he end up with Lisa? Will anyone really care?

The answer to the third question is...NO!! This film is horrid and so many flaws I'm lost. How in the world to the past self who is the present self know his future self who was really the present self know JK took him to 1777? With all the deaths they caused to the minutemen, shouldn't that have caused a time rip or something? Where did that gun come from on the fishing boat? What about the flying grandma? Shouldn't pilots pay attention to the sky? What was the point of making this film? And if it was for college, did they fail?

1/10 Why no zero available???
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One the one hand....but on the other hand...
Mike Sh.27 September 1999
This movie could only have been shot in Vermont. The scenery is Vermont, the town where our hero (!) lives is a Vermont town (Rutland, as it turns out), and the evil CEO speaks with a pronounced Vermont-hick accent. Not to mention the Castleton State t-shirt our hero (!) wears. Yep, if you like Vermont, you may like this movie.

The premise is interesting, and the writers make an honest attempt to keep the audience guessing with the many plot twists. And given an obviously low budget, the film is very well made.

And the use of "average" looking people as opposed to Hollywood glamour boys (and girls) is commendable, I suppose (but see above note on the ultra-low budget). But, really! The hero (!) looks like the product of a gene-splicing experiment involving Richard Dreyfuss and Nomar Garciaparra! Is that the best they could do? Was he the handsomest most charismatic most everyman actor in the whole of Vermont?

Overall, the movie is OK, but the low budget means cheesy special effects, amateurish acting, a so-so script, and a geeky lantern-jawed hero (!). Still, it beats "Manos" by light years...
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"Time Chasers"
alleged24 June 2005
Delightfully awful! Made by David Giancola, a guy who I've long forgiven for this travesty. The man "gets it", and he has the humility and humor to laugh at a very early effort.

Most filmmakers might have the good sense to forget about their early work. Not David, on the contrary he celebrates this movie. What is really needed here is a 'special edition' DVD, with outtakes and commentary.

Seriously, it's amazing what can be made with a little imagination, a lot of 'can do' spirit, an investment in your own community and your good friends. Giancola was in his teens/early 20's; how many people can watch and laugh with a film they made themselves at an age before most of us moved out of the house?

Bravo,David and Edgewood Studios.
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Oh man, that was bad.
bat-531 July 1999
Time Chasers joins various films that have been given the razzing they deserve on MST. A little more competent than most films that are shown, it's still pretty bad. A bike riding scientist invents a time travel device and puts it in his Cessna. Why not a car? Well, he can't drive and I doubt he can get going fast enough on his ten speed. Like the lunkhead he is, he tells an evil corporation (is there any other kind?) about his invention and they take over the project. There's also some kind of lovestory too and our butt chinned hero takes his plaid clashing girlfriend to shopping malls of the future and to the fifties! Pretty soon there's two lunk heads running around and they go back to 1777. Why? I just don't know and I really don't care. The question that still bugs me is, where did that gun come from?
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"The Adventures of the Average People"
thenintengenius12 April 2004
Tangents (better known to MST3K watchers as Time Chasers) is a prime example of pure MST3K fodder. Made on a shoestring budget by a small production company, it's a by-the-numbers example of a small-budget film with big-budget aspirations.

The plot itself is a fairly interesting take on well-treaded territory: the hero, Nick, invents a way to make his ultra-light plane travel through time and sells the idea to a CEO, only to later discover that the CEO is going to use it for, you guessed it, evil.

The excecution of the plot, however, suffers from a number of handicaps. The portrayal of the future (both the utopian and apocalyptic ones) is laughable at best with the former looking like an 80s shopping mall and the latter a bad Warriors knockoff. The main characters are all boringly average (causing Crow to dub the film "The Adventures of the Average People" in the MST3K episode), the only one having anything identifiably unique about them being the main character, Nick, whose only unique traits are "building a time machine" and "not being able to drive a car" (setting the stage for an absolutely ridiculous bicycle chase scene). If anything, the film reminds us that probably the only Vermont export of note is Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (who, coincidentally, provided ice cream for the filming of this movie).

All in all, Tangents falls in the same general category of MST3Ked films as Overdrawn at the Memory Bank; a small budget film that is ridiculous enough on its own merits to make it a decent watch for lovers of pure cheese (though, as always, I recommend watching the MST3K version instead).
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