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The Week in Spandex – X-Men and Fantastic Four come home to Marvel, Avengers 4 updates, Venom details, Justice League box office, Dceu slate confirmed and more

In this edition of The Week in Spandex, we look at X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool 2, The New Mutants, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Gambit, The Gifted, Avengers 4, Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Venom, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Runaways, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., New Warriors, Justice League, Aquaman, Shazan, Nightwing, Flashpoint, Titans, Black Lightning, Arrow, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, Hellboy more…

Given the success that 20th Century Fox has had with its X-Men properties lately, not to mention its upcoming plans, only a fool would have bet that Marvel would end the year having regained the rights to the mutant superheroes (and the Fantastic Four), but that is exactly what has happened following Disney’s huge acquisition of Fox’s film and TV assets. “Bringing Disney and Fox together will combine some of the world’s most iconic entertainment franchises,” said Disney on the deal. “[It] provides Disney with the opportunity to reunite the X-Men,
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"Titans" TV Series - 'Hawk and Dove'

From TorontoFilm.Net, Sneak Peek Alan Ritchson as costumed crime-fighter 'Hank Hall'/'Hawk' and Minka Kelly as his partner 'Dawn Granger'/'Dove' from the currently shooting live-action "Titans" TV series, based on the DC Comics' characters:

Cast also includes Brenton Thwaites as 'Dick Grayson'/'Robin', the former protege of 'Batman'.

"Titans", developed by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, will debut in 2018 on DC Comics' upcoming 'direct-to-consumer' digital service.

The characters 'Hawk' and 'Dove', were created by "Spider-Man" co-plotter/illustrator Steve Ditko in 1968 .

"...the central concept of the heroes, inspired by political divides of the 1960's... 

"...followed two siblings with contrasting personalities and diametrically opposed ideologies who are transformed and granted powers of strength, speed, and agility.

"With 'Dove' representing reason and nonviolence and Hawk representing force and aggression, they complement one another and find a state of balance in order to effectively combat evil.
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Disney Wolverine Reboot Inevitable, While X-23 Spin-Off Is in Danger

Disney Wolverine Reboot Inevitable, While X-23 Spin-Off Is in Danger
We reported in October that, after months of rumors, an X-23 spin-off of the R-rated blockbuster Logan is happening, but that may not be the case anymore. Logan director James Mangold confirmed in October that a script for this X-23 spin-off is already being worked on, but thanks to the new massive merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox, that project is seemingly dead in the water, as Disney must decide which projects and franchises to move forward with, and which to abandon. While X-23 may be dead, there are already executives who are "relishing" rebooting the Wolverine franchise, and the opportunity to cast a new Logan/Wolverine, after Hugh Jackman retired from the character following Logan.

While there is no official confirmation that the X-23 spin-off is dead, it is certainly the most expendable of the projects on Fox's superhero slate, since it is still very early on in
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Another Fan Poster For Avengers Vs. X-Men Tees Up The Crossover To End All Crossovers

Avengers: Infinity War, Justice League and Marvel’s Civil War – three mind-bogglingly huge movie crossovers that represent years of groundwork and intricate plotting. But they all pale in comparison to Avengers Vs. X-Men.

Originally dreamed up by Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker and Jonathan Hickman in 2012, the comic brought together a whole host of famous faces – namely Captain America, Cyclops, Hulk, Iceman, Iron Man, Magneto, Spider-Man, Storm – for what it turned out to be a crossover event like no other. And thanks to Disney’s newly-unveiled takeover of 20th Century Fox, a film version of Avengers Vs. X-Men may soon become a reality.

It’s yet to be formally announced, of course, and until Disney and Fox iron out the kinks, it’s best approaching any development with a heightened degree of skepticism. Because let’s face it: an acquisition of this size will likely take
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Deadpool Creator Weighs In On Potential R-Rated Marvel Movies

Nine years ago, the notion of an R-rated Marvel movie would have verged on wishful thinking. But with the über-popular McU fast approaching its 10th anniversary and Disney now in control of Fox, a hard-r Marvel flick is within arm’s reach of becoming a reality. Seriously.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said as much during his call to investors earlier this morning, when Iger also teased plans to weave the X-Men, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four into the fabric of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s something that likely won’t take shape for another two-to-three years, meaning the McU will be largely unaffected as it ramps up for the super-sized Avengers 4 in 2019.

Meanwhile, Fox still has The New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix lined up for 2018, though if Marvel decides to cherry-pick one or two X-Men characters and bring them into the fold, we imagine the Powers That Be
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Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray: recommended discs for Christmas

Den Of Geek Dec 15, 2017

The 4K disc market is slowly expanding - and here are some of the latest highlights...

Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray hasn’t enjoyed close to the success of the DVD or the Blu-ray format, but it’s quietly building itself a niche amongst those who want the highest possible definition physical format. Furthermore, the last few months have seen a growing number of new and catalogue releases, and we’re rounding up some of the highlights here.

Spider-Man legacy boxset

You get five films for your money in this posh box of Spider-Man movies. Sam Raimi’s original trilogy, and Marc Webb’s less-well-received The Amazing Spider-Man films. Sony hasn’t skimped here, either. You get alternative cuts of Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 here alongside the theatrical editions, and some new extras too. A booklet is included in the box, which is a limited edition,
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Avengers Vs. X-Men Fan-Made Poster Teases The Movie We All Want To See

For the past few weeks, the talk of the town has been that of Disney acquiring Fox in a landmark deal and, this morning, it finally happened. And while pundits are busy speculating what this may mean for the future of both film and television, the geek community knows what the most important outcome is: The X-Men can finally be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Now, seeing mutants intermingle with Avengers is something we’ve taken for granted in comics and animation because it happens all the time. Given that, the fact that it’s yet to happen in live action cinema is what fans have found to be maddening. But now, it seems like the future is home to limitless possibilities.

As per usual, fan artist extraordinaire Boss Logic is here to give us an idea of what tomorrow may look like. And while it may not
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Marvel Character Infographic Presents A Detailed Overview Of Who Owns Who

Even before Disney acquired Fox’s entertainment assets as part of its historic Hollywood merger, keeping track of those all-important film rights within Hollywood’s leading comic book franchises was a difficult, and often confusing, gig.

For the past 20 years, Universal, Sony and 20th Century Fox have been able to lease major characters (see: Spider-Man, Hulk, the Fantastic Four) from Marvel and create their own lavish blockbusters. That was in the 1990s, when Marvel was nearing bankruptcy and began selling off its costumed crusaders in an attempt to stay afloat.

However, slowly but surely, the studio began to pick up momentum so that by the time Disney bought Marvel Studios in 2009, Kevin Feige and Co. were ready to launch their own cinematic universe. Characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Thor proved to be the foundation on which the Marvel Cinematic Universe was built, and thanks to a
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Fantastic Four, X-Men Can Team With Avengers Thanks to Fox, Disney Deal

Fantastic Four, X-Men Can Team With Avengers Thanks to Fox, Disney Deal
Disney’s $52.4 billion agreement to buy 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets is good news for fanboys and fangirls.

The company was quick to tout that the pact “provides Disney with the opportunity to reunite the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool with the Marvel family under one roof and create richer, more complex worlds of inter-related characters and stories that audiences have shown they love.” In other words, that means that Wolverine and Iron Man could soon be teaming up to save the world from alien invaders looking for new worlds to exploit, Nazi scientists shaking off the after-effects of a long cryogenic freeze, or whatever fresh planetary threat that Kevin Feige, dean of all thing McU, can concoct.

In a call with investors and analysts shortly after the deal was unveiled, Disney chief Bob Iger referenced those possibilities by saying, “Bringing Disney and Fox together will combine some of the world’s most iconic entertainment franchises
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Marvel’s Kevin Feige says future Avengers movies will take place in space

Although Marvel is keeping its Phase Four plans tightly under wraps, we do know that the studio plans on delving further into the cosmic universe post-Avengers 4, with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn helping Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige to help shape this side of the McU.

Well, it seems this cosmic emphasis won’t just apply to the likes of the Guardians and Thor, as Feige has revealed at Brazil’s Comic-Con Experience that future Avengers movies will see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes venturing into outer space.

“If the Avengers survive, we will see more films with them in space,” said Feige (via Talkies Network). “I love and would like to see more films in space.”

It is expected that the McU will receive a major shake up after Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel, with characters such as Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel coming to the forefront.
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Watch: Next Spider-Man Film Features Afro-Latino Web-Slinger Miles Morales

Watch: Next Spider-Man Film Features Afro-Latino Web-Slinger Miles Morales
When Spider-Man: Homecoming was released in July, the star-studded film was praised for its cast’s diversity. With its 2018 animated installment, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the franchise continues to break ground by bringing to the screen Marvel Comics’s first Afro-Latino web-slinger, Miles Morales.

In a trailer for the forthcoming movie, slated to premiere in December 2018, Morales, a teenager of African-American and Puerto Rican descent, is seen visiting what seems to be the grave of the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, and practicing his swinging skills across New York City skyscrapers. But, in a twist, more than one Spider-Man shares the screen.
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Woody Harrelson in Discussions to Join the Cast of New Venom Movie

Tom Hardy could have some new company in the upcoming Venom movie, as it's being reported that Woody Harrelson is in discussions to join the cast of Sony's movie about one of Spider-Man's most popular villains (or antihero, depending on how you view the character).

Word on Harrelson's potential involvement with Venom comes from Variety, who report that Harrelson would play a "henchman of sorts," although Sony has yet to officially comment on the casting.

Harrelson would join a cast that includes Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a man who becomes linked with an alien Symbiote that turns him into Venom, one of the ultimate villains in the Spider-Man universe. Although Venom and the Symbiote have a big influence on Spider-Man in the Marvel comic books, this film would take place outside of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, which includes the most recent appearance by the web-slinger in this year's Spider-Man: Homecoming.
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Why Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer Are Getting Closer Again After Split

Why Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer Are Getting Closer Again After Split
Over one year after announcing their plans to separate, Tobey Maguire came out to support estranged wife Jennifer Meyer at the launch of her new jewelry line with Jenna Dewan Tatum last week.

The Spider-Man star, 42, and the jewelry designer, 40, posed for pictures at the Dec. 7 charity event in Los Angeles and haven’t yet filed for divorce — but that doesn’t mean they’re calling off the split.

“Their relationship is much better,” a source tells People in this week’s issue, “but they’re definitely not reconciling.”

Related: Tobey Maguire and Wife Jennifer Meyer Split After 9 Years of Marriage

At the launch,
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Homeland season 7: first trailer arrives

Den Of Geek Dec 13, 2017

Homeland's seventh season is on the way, and we now have a gripping trailer to sink our teeth into...

Against all speculation about its fate, Homeland recaptured its previous glory during a dynamite sixth season, even offering a finale that left fans reeling. 

So what's next? Well, the good news is that, yes, Homeland season 7 is coming. In even better news, it sounds like Homeland season 8 is also a go. Last June came the first reports that the show was given a two-season renewal that is expected to conclude the series' run. That was confirmed later in the fall, with showrunner Alex Gansa doubling down on ending the series on a two-part high.

And unsurprisingly, it includes a lot of 'ripped from the headlines' political, cloak and dagger plotting.

Homeland season 7 trailer

The trailer is finally here, and the Showtime series promises a presidency gone rogue in its penultimate season.
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Superhero Bits: Gwen Stacy Rumors, Wonder Woman Director Honored and Snubbed & More

Superhero Bits: Gwen Stacy Rumors, Wonder Woman Director Honored and Snubbed & More
What is Stan Lee‘s cameo on Runaways? When can we expect a Nightwing casting announcement? Will Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse have any connection to the live-action Spider-Man movies? Do you support fans petitioning to get Patty Jenkins a Golden Globe nomination? Will Gwen Stacy be introduced in the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel? All that and more […]

The post Superhero Bits: Gwen Stacy Rumors, Wonder Woman Director Honored and Snubbed & More appeared first on /Film.
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Woody Harrelson in Talks to Join Tom Hardy in ‘Venom’

Woody Harrelson in Talks to Join Tom Hardy in ‘Venom’
Woody Harrelson has joined Tom Hardy in Sony’s “Venom” movie.

Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, and Jenny Slate are also on board, with Ruben Fleischer directing.

Although character details are sparse, sources say Harrelson will play a henchman of sorts. Sony had no comment on the casting.

Scott Rosenberg (“Jumanji”) and Jeff Pinkner (“The Dark Tower”) will write the script for “Venom,” with Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach producing the movie, along with Amy Pascal. Palak Patel and Eric Fineman are overseeing the project for Columbia Pictures.

Since his inception in 1988, Venom has been one of “Spider-Man’s” most popular characters, making it a top priority for the studio to get the movie off the ground. Venom made his big-screen debut in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3,” where he was portrayed by Topher Grace.

Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, Venom has appeared alongside Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool, Hulk, and other major characters.

Harrelson has kept
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Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Gwen Stacy Audition Tape Leaks with a Twist?

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Gwen Stacy Audition Tape Leaks with a Twist?
It looks like another classic character from the world of Marvel Comics will join Tom Holland's Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. Some new information that has made its way online suggests that Sony, Marvel Studios and director Jon Watts are looking to cast a young actress to play Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man sequel. However, it looks like they are going to bring this new version of the character to life with a pretty big twist.

Warning: possible spoilers ahead for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Recently, an audition tape surfaced online, showing a French actress who goes by the name of Louna, auditioning for the role of Gwen Stacy. Looking at the tape, it's clear that director Jon Watts is going to shake things up. Gwen Stacy is typically a fair-skinned girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. If this tape is any indication, it looks like the McU version is
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Will Wolverine Ever Cross Over Into The McU? Hugh Jackman Shares His Thoughts

Day by day, we’re beginning to form a clearer understanding of the potential Disney/Fox merger and, crucially, what it’ll mean for the McU going forward.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is reportedly keen to gain access to the X-Men and “cross-pollinate” its character roster with that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has fueled rumors that Disney‘s pursuit of 21st Century Fox will leave the door open for Hugh Jackman to don the adamantium claws once again.

It’s a crossover that has been rumored for the best part of 20 years, and one that gained a tremendous boost after Marvel and Sony decided to incorporate Spider-Man into the McU. But if Disney closes its landmark deal and assumes control of Fox’s entertainment assets, a Wolverine cameo in the Marvel franchise isn’t necessarily out of the question – it’ll merely involve an actor other than Hugh Jackman.
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Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Confirmed for Sequel

Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Confirmed for Sequel
Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige announced that Jon Watts will be back to direct Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. Director Jon Watts has been rumored for months, but there had been no official confirmation until now. The news comes from Brazil Comic-Con, where Kevin Feige made a call during the Marvel panel. So far, there have not been any direct quotes from Feige, but all in attendance claim that he confirmed it. There was also the big news of the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which has many hardcore fans excited to see the story of Miles Morales told on the big screen,

Kevin Feige is said to have made a video call to Brazil's Comic-Con during the event's Marvel panel, where he announced that Jon Watts is indeed back in the director's chair. A fan account by the name of Tom Holland Brasil shared the news on Twitter, posting a tweet that
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Tom Hardy confirms Lethal Protector as Venom’s plot

During a video message played out to the crowds at the Brazil Comic-Con, Tom Hardy revealed that the plot for the in-production Venom movie will be the Lethal Protector series of comics.

Also confirmed by the Sony panel announcement was that the film will be set in San Francisco, and that it will be “important to the Marvel universe as a whole”.

Hardy will play Eddie Brock, the first character to become the Symbiote alien villain from the Spider-Man comics. Spider-Man himself is not expected appear, with Marvel StudiosKevin Feige stating that it will not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Published in 1993, the Lethal Protector comic arc sees Venom making an agreement with Spider-Man that the two foes will leave each other alone on the condition that Venom gives up the life of crime. Venom then moves to San Francisco, only for the father of one of
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