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Plot Keywords

goblin evil
spider fight
student high school
superhero friend
scientist shooting
death businessman
field trip spider bite
newspaper laboratory
superhuman strength lays potato chips
first part dr pepper
pistol one man army
alley fight love interest
redhead funeral
suicide mean boss
cigar smoking photograph
brawl disarming someone
stylized violence hero
hand to hand combat showdown
teenager fighting adult new york
reference to spider man bully comeuppance
fist fight tough guy
teenage hero action hero
protective male 2000s
husband wife relationship slow motion scene
religion belief in god
lord's prayer saying grace
evil man performance enhancement drug
pursuit chase
electrician posing
birthday present birthday
gymnastics giant balloon
balloon reference to macy gray
cage bone saw
saw suburb
chasing a bus bus
microscope electron microscope
stabbed to death slammed against a brick wall
falling wall itsy bitsy spider
cranberry sauce fruitcake
tram arm wound
arm cut first aid kit
turkey the bird stalker
friendship curse
american flag smashing through a window
roosevelt island new yprk city reference to superman
nightmare temporary paralysis
paralysis audition
building on fire saved from a fire
baby fireman
fire coffin
grave graveyard
cemetery flowers
hospital 23rd psalm
prayer suffering
pain carjacking
tears crying
death of uncle police car
policeman police
aerospace paper airplane
arachnid experiment
formula limousine
science caught from falling
catching someone who falls spider web
falling thong
double exposure scene fly the insect
flying glider
board of directors u.s. military
bombing gun
running neighbor
mother daughter relationship father daughter relationship
flashback flight suit
surrogate mother surrogate father
surrogate son exoskeleton
convenience store talking to the camera
reference to julia roberts armored car
jumping from rooftop to rooftop animated opening credits
eyeglasses computer
illness montage
waitress actress
camera teenage girl
kiss bridge
explosion love
mugging knife
blood robbery
theft thief
violence boy with glasses
kissing in the rain kiss from upside down person
see through bra pokies
queens new york city manhattan new york city
chrysler building manhattan new york city voice over narration
tragic event anti villain
newspaper office reboot of series
butler fighting in the air
pay phone hanging upside down
nipples visible through clothing bra less
hate villain
teenage boy loss of uncle
webslinging crawling up a wall
wisecrack humor comic hero
experiment gone wrong tragic villain
child in peril wrestling ring
wrestler rain
kung fu wilhelm scream
brooklyn bridge based on comic book
wet t shirt marvel comics
genetic experimentation unrequited love
poetic justice rescue
crime fighter new york city
blockbuster moral transformation
part computer animation professional wrestling
radiation journalist
corporate world outcast
masked man journalism
moral ambiguity famous proverb
product placement megalomaniac businessman
teenage superhero father son relationship
cable car nerd
murder switchblade
secret identity genetic science
suspension bridge childhood sweetheart
spider sense orphan
origin of hero insanity
guilt honor
madness libel
impalement corporate take over
vigilante mental illness
macy's thanksgiving day parade super villain
genetics high school graduation
martial arts marvel entertainment
science runs amok secret love
genetic manipulation laboratory accident
photographer skeleton
corporate mogul mask
girl next door responsibility
multiple personality moral dilemma
science experiment speed
wrestling contest dramatic irony
self sacrifice radical transformation
graduation giant web
bully wrestling
aunt nephew relationship teenage romance
science project losing funding unloved son
newspaper editor redemption
split personality wheelchair
photography defense contract
wrestling match reverse footage
jealousy slander
hit in the crotch uncle nephew relationship
cult film thanksgiving
death of father character name in title

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