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Author: andygowdey from United Kingdom
27 November 2006

Very very funny movie. Obviously not meant to be, but if you watch it with this in mind you will have laugh after laugh throughout the movie. It excels in its awfulness but the thought that someone actually put the effort in to create this dire movie is as funny as the script, the direction and the acting. Indeed it must have taken considerable talent to produce such a uniform and consistently appalling movie. I urge anyone to watch it and to enjoy the superlative ludicrousness of an orange vice-president saving the day from a mad general with possibly the most incompetent soldiers ever seen on the small screen. I look forward to such similar dreadful fare next time I am searching for a movie on a Monday afternoon.

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Dodgy Die Hard in the White House tale

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
9 July 2015

The 'DIE HARD in the White House' sub-genre of films has recently seen a resurgence in popularity with the double whammy of OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and WHITE HOUSE DOWN, but LOYAL OPPOSITION: TERROR IN THE WHITE HOUSE got there first some 17 years ago. Unfortunately it's a particularly poor, family-friendly production that plays out just like a television movie, even though it isn't.

The story involves the usual clichéd terrorist attack, with the twist that said attack forces the hand of an elite general to take the president hostage in order to further his own ends and prevent what he sees as global annihilation. Only one person can end the siege, and that's the vice president Joan Van Ark.

Much of this film is ridiculous thanks to the poor choice of protagonist. Van Ark couldn't get much more fake-looking if she tried, and watching her tottering around the corridors of the White House in her high heels and wielding a sub-machine gun is, well, silly. Sadly, for fans of the DIE HARD sub-genre of films, there's little in the way of actual action here, and what action there is is tame indeed.

LOYAL OPPOSITION: TERROR IN THE WHITE HOUSE rounds out its cast with plenty of familiar faces from TV, including Corbin Bernsen (THE DENTIST), Lloyd Bochner, and the ever-typecast Nick Mancuso (UNDER SIEGE 2), the latter chewing the scenery with relish as the villain of the piece. But the film is overlong and underwhelming, and the low budget means it often fails to feel believable. It's not one to waste your time on.

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I thought it would get better

Author: lloyd150 from Banff, Scotland
20 October 2014

I started to watch this when getting in late from work. I thought the story had merit and hoped it would develop better, however the alarm bells started ringing immediately. The Vice President who talked to herself whilst writing an important speech for the president. The rogue solders who could not shoot the unarmed Vice President at near point blank range. The lead lady showed no emotion even though her son's, who is bonding on a plane with her estranged husband, life is in danger. Then everything she picked up was analysed for some sort of use against the enemy soldiers, she stopped for a few seconds so you, the viewer, could see her thought process as though we were watching Playschool. How could she climb down an elevator shaft with her dress shoes, but wait these shoes are actually very sensible brogues. Also she stormed the most secure bunker in the White House with only a smoke grenade. Really?

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Not a very good movie!

Author: Knotslanding1993 from United States
18 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the worst movies Joan van Ark has ever starred in! That being said, I'm a big fan of Joan, Rick Springfield and Nick Mancuso, but this plot just wasn't good at all! The Vice President somehow gets trapped in the White House and is running from bad guys, very silly. The cast is all good, so that even makes it a greater disappointment! The first part of the movie where Joan van Ark is working out in a sexy sports bra and then tells her son to put a bunch of bunnies away is the best part of the movie, which says how the movie isn't very good. It is fun to watch the beautifully skinny and petite van ark run around the White House and see her hot skinny butt! She was especially skinny at this time and even she is 5 foot 6 or 7, she appeared very short and petite because she was so skinny, which was a highlight. Joan and Corbin Bernson go running around the White House and crawling through air vents to escape the bad guys, quite silly really. I guess these talented actors were desperate for a role. You can't really make to much out of this poor plot and script no matter what a talented actor you are. Joan van Ark's body was just amazing in this movie though, but her face looked like a monkey actually. If you're a fan of any of these actors, you may enjoy the movie, otherwise I wouldn't really recommend it.

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Not Good, Not Bad

Author: imdb-6472 from United Kingdom
28 August 2005

This is not a good film. If I'd paid money to see it I would feel cheated. However as a made-for-TV "action" thriller it's a fairly enjoyable romp if you don't take it too seriously. It tries hard to be Air Force One with a bit of Die Hard 2 and Under Siege thrown in, but it fails miserably on it's meagre budget. The film saves on cash by using newsreel footage whenever a touch of realism is called for.

There's the usual group of insane high ranking patriots trying to destroy the world and even an innocent little boy (where would these films be without him?). The main character, a female vice-president, is astonishingly unbelievable in what would normally be a male role. The idea of an attractive female politician single-handedly overcoming a small army of crack troops and CIA-types just doesn't work, I'm sorry.

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Rabbits in the White House

Author: vitachiel
24 November 2008

US Vice-President finds herself trapped in the White House, while her husband has to locate a bomb on a plane that has been planted by the US Chief General, who is taken hostage the president in the crisis control room below the White House. This all as a consequence of the danger posed by an aggressive Arab terrorist enemy. Mrs. Vice-President saves the day by fighting her way out of the White House and into the control room and stopping the fighter jets from nuking the Arab enemy just seconds before the supposed hit. At the same time, her son and husband manage to throw the bomb from the plane, again seconds from disaster.

This all sounds as if this were some kind of satire movie, but in fact it is meant to be a serious story. OK, big mistake, but maybe the way they present it is something worth watching. Eh… no. How in God's name were the makers of this movie able to hire such an extensive cast and fancy locations, while not even being able to afford a steady camera or a professional director? Everything in this movie looks fake, with at its pinnacle the heroin Mrs. Vice-President with her plastic face.

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