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Alternate Versions

The original theatrical cut has been issued on DVD in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany. It is also included as a bonus DVD on the Dutch DVD release incorrectly labeled as "Earlier full-length cut 100 min."
The producers of the film disagreed with Dimension Films on the running length and story structure of the film. They were unsatisfied with the theatrical cut and for the DVD release, they re-edited portions of the film, and added twelve minutes of new footage. These changes include:
There is an addition to the opening scene. We see Connor and Duncan roaming the streets of New York, and Duncan buying a hotdog. Connor tells Duncan he has an errand to run, and he leaves a concerned Duncan behind. Then we go to Rachel walking up the the store.
The shots of the photographs with Rachel and Connor in them are not in the DVD cut. Instead, we see Rachel enter the store, go to the loft, and find a television playing videos of herself and Connor at various points of her life. One part of the video shows Connor giving a young Rachel a music box, which we then see in the loft. The phone rings, and when Rachel answers, the store explodes, just as Connor has walked up to it.
The shots of Connor walking up to the store and Rachel entering are different from the theatrical cut.
The DVD cut has Duncan walking past a payphone on his way to Methos. He answers the phone, and a woman (later revealed as Faith) tells him, "Whatever you fear about Connor MacLeod, fear the worst." She identifies herself as "a friend" and hangs up. As Duncan walks away, we see the Watcher named Matthew sitting at a cafe spying on Duncan and saying into a cellphone, "He's on the move."
Methos's line about the Sanctuary being only holy ground has been removed, and the part of the shot in which he states this has been taken out.
The posse enters, and Winston says, "It's time to show our immortal brother a thing or two."
Cracker Bob has more of an entrance. We see him crash into the loft on his motorcycle, swing his bat, and say, "Did anyone order a club sandwich?" Duncan mocks Bob's outfit, and Bob complains to Faith.
After Methos and Joe have rescued Duncan and are driving away, Methos hands Duncan his katana, which was last seen in the loft where Duncan left it. Methos says, "I managed to retrive that from their lost and found." Duncan, examining the sword, says, "There's blood on it." "I didn't say it was easy," Methos snaps.
The flashback to Kate and Duncan's wedding has been re-edited. We see Duncan sitting at a table with Kate, and one of their friends gets drunk and collapses, while urging them to kiss. They do so, and then we see Duncan, Kate, and their guests dancing. From there, we cut to Connor walking through the door and Duncan embracing him.
The sound of the MacLeod claymore hitting the ground and marking Heather's grave is louder in the DVD cut than in the theatrical cut.
After Duncan and Faith separate at the studio, we see them roaming the streets. Faith goes to Kell's temple, and her apartment inside, where Kell is waiting. The dialogue makes it clear that they have a sexual relationship, and Kell suspects that she may turn over to Duncan's side. We go from this scene to Faith walking about the streets of New York and then entering Duncan's hotel room.
The JVC sign in the rooftop battle has been digitally blurred. It's not the best job, and on the audio commentary, the flaws are pointed out. "One more night," Bill Panzer says sadly.
The fight scene between Kell and Duncan is extended. After Duncan jumps over the railing and retrieves his sword, he lands on the ground underneath the scaffold. Kell jumps down to meet him, lets Duncan get to his feet, and they fight until they cut into a gas main, starting a fire that Duncan runs away to escape. Kell moves to a room full of chains hanging from the ceiling, and Duncan runs in, attacking Kell. Kell knocks Duncan's sword away, and it gets caught in a chain. A control key is accidentally hit, and some of the chains including the one holding the katana move up. Duncan grabs onto another ascending chain to retrieve his sword, and he escapes Kell.
We go to Duncan bandaging a leg wound and taking off his coat. As he walks back towards the complex to find Kell, we pull back to find Matthew looking through a riflescope and aiming at Duncan. "Just watch it!" someone says. Matthew turns to see Joe Dawson. Matthew raises his rifle to aim at Joe, but Joe fires several shots at Matthew with a revolver concealed in his jacket. Matthew dies and Joe walks away. We then go to Duncan standing before Kell on a platform for their final battle. There is swordfight footage not in the theatrical cut before we get to, "A valiant effort, Duncan. Too bad."
In the theatrical cut, Duncan's face morphed into Connor's and back a few times as Duncan stood up and raised his sword. These have been reduced in their visibility and intensity. In the theatrical cut, there were face morphs during the Quickening, and these have been removed completely. After the Quickening, the shots of Duncan falling to the ground have been trimmed so that we see little of the sky, because the special effects for the background had some problems.
The dissolve to Duncan standing at Connor and Heather's graves is faster.
Connor cuts Kell in half down the middle, but the two halves simply transform into two full, separate bodies.
A sword comes flying blade-first towards Kell, and he telekinetically freezes it in mid-air.
Kell holds up a small floating crystal ball with Connor's face in it. The face screams and the crystal ball shatters.
The DVD release features a 100 minute "earlier cut", featuring many different scenes and/or variations.
The theatrical version ends with Duncan on the hilltops of Scotland standing over Connor and Heather's graves. In the DVD there's additional footage.

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