The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999) Poster

Plot Keywords

prom high school
suicide party
lifting weights weightlifting
shower room boys' shower room
boys' locker room bare chested male
undressing undershirt
boxer shorts male underwear
male in towel man wearing towel
male in shower group shower
men's locker room locker room
blond man friendship between men
muscular jock strap
man forced to strip forced to strip
male rear nudity male nudity
abuse of power suspense
digit in title title directed by female
femme fatale second part
woman with glasses sex
bra woman taking off dress
woman on top white panties
white bra tank top
strapless bra sex video
sex in car red dress
public humiliation post coital scene
panties makeover
lipstick homoerotic
hidden camera head shaving
girl in bra and panties cowboy sex position
blue dress abandoned school
face slap video camera
wrong side of the tracks teen angst
teacher student relationship small town
lone wolf innocence lost
guidance counselor anger
teenage girl female rear nudity
female nudity person on fire
vomit underwater
shoplifting school bus
rain paint
locker haircut
hair clippers foster parent
falling from height drowning
dream asylum
ambulance makeup
dark heroine american football
house football player
nudity swimming pool
blood sequel
splatter returning character killed off
revenge loss of virginity
spear gun teen suicide
decapitation tattooing
telekinesis mass murder
laughing mirror
fragments of glass murder
dog mother
police investigation impalement
telephone body landing on a car
ruins fire
teacher notebook
number in title character name in title
surprise ending

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