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13 Sep. 1997
Home Is Where the Bark Is
Roger and Anita announce that they are moving to a house in the country. Meanwhile, Cruella has plans to bulldoze the farm and send the animals to a glue factory.
4 Oct. 1997
Howl Noon/Easy on the Lies
Lt Pug gets a visit from his childhood nemesis, Persian Pete. Rolly lies to Colonel to go swimming and Lucky advocates for the group to sneak past the Colonel's train car.
25 Oct. 1997
Swine Song/Watch for Falling Idols
Rolly thinks he is in love with Dumpling and tries everything to win her affection. Lucky's favorite TV show films at the farm where he discovers the truth about his idol.
20 Dec. 1997
A Christmas Cruella
A Christmas Carol with Cruella in the role of Scrooge, Jasper and Horace as Marley, Cadpig as the ghost of Christmas Past, Rolly as the ghost of Christmas Present, and Spot as the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.
12 Sep. 1997
It's a Swamp Thing/Roll Out the Pork Barrel
When Lucky loses Colonel's prized scarf, he and his friends must rescue it from inhabitants of the swamp. Rolly befriends Ed Pig and later exposes him as a fraud.
16 Sep. 1997
You Say It's Your Birthday
Anita is planning a birthday surprise for the pups - designer doggy sweaters. Thinking Anita is moonlighting for another fashion house, Cruella crashes the party in disguise.
22 Sep. 1997
Frisky Business/Cadet of the Month
Lucky convinces Cadpig, Rolly and Spot to steal Cruella's car which they end up driving into the swamp. Lucky puts Lt. Pug in a dangerous situation to become Cadet of the Month.
23 Sep. 1997
Valentine Daze
Roger hides a valentine for Anita in the barn. When Dumpling finds it and gives it to Lucky it causes a chain of misunderstandings, ultimately ending up in Cruella's clutches.
26 Sep. 1997
Smoke Detectors/Lobster Tale
As a result of smoking, Cruella burns down part of her house and stays with the Dearlys until her house is fixed. Cadpig saves a lobster from being cooked at a Seafood restaurant.
29 Sep. 1997
Double Dog Dare/Mooove It on Over
Leonard joins a game of truth or dare and rather than say who his crush is, he accepts a risky dare. Cadpig intervenes in an argument between two cows and makes it much worse.
1 Oct. 1997
The Dearlys and their dogs are unexpectedly accompanied by Cruella and Scorch on a cruise. Lucky and Spot are swept overboard and must work together to save themselves.
3 Oct. 1997
Mall Pups
When the president's dog is signing "autographs" at the mall, the pups cut Bark Brigade but are unable to read the maps at the mall and get lost.
13 Oct. 1997
Spots and Shots/On the Lamb
When the vet comes to give the pups their shots, Lucky runs away and hides out at Cruella's mansion. Lucky and Pug try to subdue a bad boy lamb that is loose in town.
20 Oct. 1997
Treasure of Swamp Island/Lord of the Termites
The pups search for treasure on Swamp Island. When the pups have the house to themselves, Horace and Jasper break in searching for an incriminating photo of Cruella.
25 Nov. 1997
Artist Formerly Known as Spot/Nose Knows
Splashed with paint, Spot rolls in a cloth impressing an art collector and Cruella profits. Scott declares the cafeteria is serving dog food for lunch and must prove his source.

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