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This movie is better than a clean dump

Author: mdonahoe from memphis
15 July 2004

I loved this movie from the plot, to the cast, to the finale. James LeGross has the role of his life. He is hired to kill (cowardly) William Forsythe and would succeed if it wasn't for the pesky cops and Forsythe's elusive demeanor. The best part of the movie is when LeGross goes for his signature move the "jump punch" but it wasn't a direct hit so it didn't kill Forsythe, only injured him. I don't want to give anything away, so I will let you formulate your own opinion. But I don't think that you will be disappointed with the acting or the plot in this movie, it all seems to come together perfectly throughout the entire film without any dull moments. Just give it a chance and I guarantee you won't be let down, holla.

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not that bad for lower budget movie

Author: Joshua Bozeman from Evansville, Indiana
22 November 2002

this movie is not that bad in the end. the dvd sound quality is terrible. i got the disc in a 2 disc set with 2 movies on each disc...i wanted the movie kolobos which i liked on showtime beyond, so i bought it. i watched this one first because it looked like the most watchable of the 3 i had never seen before. the acting is decent, tho some parts are a bit silly, but only due to a somewhat weak script. some of the plot is just illogical, like the 911 operator who just laughs off the murder call, the fact that the hitcher so easily tracks this guy down, etc...but overall it doesnt hurt the movie in overall entertainment value. it is what it is...its a cheaply made movie that is somewhat ominous and enjoyable. its not oscar-worthy, but not too many movies are anymore. i liked the setting a lot (the desert), you usually cant wrong with this setting in the horror genre...some nice direction as well. 7/10

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this movie is way underrated

Author: LeftistConservativeBlogspot from Houston
6 May 2006

What is it that this movie is rated? A 4.2 or something like that? No way! It should be rated about a 6.5 or so. I gave it a 7.0 This movie is well done with professional actors and good production values.

It is not clichéd and has several surprises.

Good music, good suspenseful atmosphere. How could it be rated a 4.2? That tells me it is not worth watching. But this movie is definitely worth watching.

I ain't it saying it is the second coming of the Godfather or anything like that.

But a solid movie worth watching.

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enough hitchhikerflicks

Author: mkoskela from Finland
8 June 2000

I've seen recently many hitchhiker films, and this one is not a good one. Stupid Plot, lousy script, but good actors. The Question is: What is actor like Forsythe doing in a film like this? or James LeGros? This Film is total waste of time, If you watch it be sure you are drunk. I would give it 2/5, just because of acting.

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Gets worse as it goes along

Author: Wizard-8 from Victoria, BC
14 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoy watching made-for-DVD movies, so I am often in a forgiving mood when they have various shortcomings. However, "The Pass" (a.k.a. "Highway Hitcher") has moments that are so silly or so dumb that even I can't generate much enthusiasm. The movie is poorly paced - it takes more than half of the movie before the protagonist finds himself in serious danger. And the second half of the movie contains some of the most ludicrous plot developments I have seen in a long time. Among other things, the evil scheme of the antagonists depends on the protagonist doing exactly the right things that well couldn't be anticipated with confidence. Then there are things like someone changing into a cop's uniform in a few seconds, a corpse's eyes moving, and someone dropping a gun yet is shown still holding the gun in the very next shot! The talented cast tries, but can do nothing with the dumb script and direction.

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the above poster was right

Author: silent j from london, england
29 December 1999

This movie is terrible, it was just really dull and i don't blame the actors for being so bad in it 'cause the script was awful, so much talent wasted - james le gros,william forsyth, jamie kennedy - the film was gut wrenchingly rubbish. I'm glad jamie kennedy was hardly in it because it enraged me to see such a talented young actor in this dross.

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This wasn't very good, but the cast was great

Author: FrankBooth_DeLarge from someplace
15 May 2005

I just watched this today on TV. It was on ABC's Sunday Afternoon Movie.

This wasn't a very good movie, but for a low budget independent film like this, it was okay. There is some suspense in it, but there are so many bad qualities that really bring the movie down. The script is pretty lame, and the plot elements aren't very realistic, such as the way a 911 operator would laugh and hang up when someone is reporting a murder. I don't know what the writer was thinking when they came up with that idea, but it isn't very realistic.

I thought this movie was going to be a good suspense thriller, because there were a few scenes that seemed like they would lead to something good, but unfortunately, they never did. There were a few plot elements that have been used in other movies similar to this, and in the end, didn't prove to be very creative.

If there is something good about this movie, it is the cast. Every actor in this movie did good with what they had to work with. The terribly underrated actress Elizabeth Pena was great in this movie. She is very sexy, and has an incredibly sexy voice. However, if you want to see a movie of hers that is really good, watch the excellent animated movie The Incredibles. In that movie, she put her sexy voice to good use.

What can I say, this movie isn't really worth your time, but the actors were good. Unfortunately, they were all wasted on this movie, which is a real shame. This movie tried to be a good suspense thriller, but in the end, it fell flat. If you want to see a good movie that is similar to this, but much better, see The Hitcher. If you want to see something with the cast members of this movie, watch any of their other movies. You can real easily pass on this movie if you ever get the chance to see it.

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First Half Lame, Then Gets Better

Author: HeadBangerBLR from Denver, Co
24 August 2001

Well This Movie Starts Off Horrible, Through The First Half Of The Movie I Was Board To Tears. Then All The Second Half Really Grabbed My Attention and Got A Little Better. If I Rated The First Half I Would Give It A 1, The Second Half I Would Give About a 5. All I Can Say Is If You Watch This Movie, Just Get Through The First 45 Min and Then Its Decent. Over All This Movie Was Not Good, But It Is Worth Watching Once. All In All I Gave It A 5 (Only Because The Second Half)

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Pass this one up and rewatch THE HITCHER

Author: Eegah Guy ( from Minneapolis, MN
7 August 2001

The first half of this film held some promise as it seemed like the film was going to be a low-key character psychodrama like THE MINUS MAN but then the whole thing collapses into cliche and the viewer slowly loses all interest. There's a decent cast here but the film is lifeless and the talent completely wasted.

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Author: João Mariani Flaksman (BLDJ) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
18 September 1999

I can't see this movie's point. I mean... the story is terrible, the acting ridiculous and the direction very, very lame. So I can't see how did the writer and director wanted to convince us that this movie was good. If they tried to make something scary they failed

My Rating: As I can't give it a 0 I give it a 1.

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