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How much Eddie Murphy can you take?
FlickJunkie-27 January 2001
How much one likes `The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps' depends on how much Eddie Murphy you can stand. After grossing more than $125 million at the box office, I would have to conclude that moviegoers couldn't get enough. This sequel is a one-man show built around a character skit from the first movie. Murphy plays eight different roles and gives a tour de force performance without the benefit of any story whatever. I got the impression that the writers were superfluous anyway, since Murphy was obviously ad libbing about 90% of the time.

The humor is lowbrow and delivers a good deal of physical comedy laced with sexual innuendo. Though Murphy's caricatures are consistently droll, they rely too much on unflattering stereotypes of blacks. The first dinner scene is a rehash of the dinner scene from the first film. After that scene, most of the film is a repetition of the same tired sight gags. Though Murphy's amusing electricity runs through every character, once the novelty wears off the film's appeal wears thin.

Kudos to the makeup department for an outstanding job on Murphy's various alter egos. Otherwise, the production of this film was nothing out of the ordinary. Larry Miller also gets a very honorable mention as the obnoxious Dean Richmond, getting his just deserts at the hands of a giant hamster.

This film has some laughs but not enough substance for a feature length movie. I rated it a 6/10. Add two or three points if you are an Eddie Murphy fan.
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Basically I thought this film had some funny moments, Eddie Murphy is amazing, Janet looked great, but the story was weak, and overall it wasn't nearly as funny as the first.
chrisbrown645320 June 2002
Eddie Murphy once again slaps on the fat suit to play Sherman Klump. And Mama Klump, and Big Daddy Klump, and Grandma Klump, and Brother Klump, and Buddy Love (although without the fat suit on that one). Since the Klump dinner scene was easily the best scene in the original film, they decided to focus on the entire family in the sequel. And somehow got Janet Jackson to fall in love with Sherman. I wish I knew how that happened. Anyway, while the movie still focuses on Sherman and his quest for love and scientific goals (this time making people younger), the rest of the family gets involved in the story lines. And I thought that took away from the heart of the film. While it was fun to see all the Murphy characters, there needed to be a better story line for them, rather than a bad marriage. Although I will admit the horny Grandmother Klump story line was very funny. They should make a movie just about her next time. But I regress. The story line with Sherman and Buddy, about how Buddy was still inside Sherman, and Sherman managed to get him out, only to have Buddy come to life, and then Sherman is becoming more stupid by the minute and will go into a vegetable state unless he eats Buddy. It's all very cheesy. I mean come on, one tear from Janet near the end manages to bring Sherman back to life? It was all very corny.

This is not to say that there aren't funny scenes in the movie. Again, I thought the best scene was the entire Klump family going out to dinner and all the hi-jinks that ensue. And there were other funny moments scattered throughout the film, but not enough for me to really get into the movie and enjoy it. Basically it was a moment to moment film, not an overall enjoyment film. Eddie Murphy is amazing, and Martin Lawrence has got nothing on dressing up as a fat woman, but it's just not enough. The Klumps is something you can rent for a quiet evening at home.
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You have to be hating the world so much to love this movie !
ahmed elshikh16 August 2011
This is hard to watch, hard to finish, and hard to remember.

Too far is a word this movie capably embodies. Review the number of characters Eddie Murphy plays : Sherman Klump, Buddy Love, Granny Klump, Mama Klump, Papa Klump, Young Papa Klump, Ernie Klump, and Lance Perkinscan. WAW, yet needless to worn you that too far can be too wrong sometimes. In this manner, they went so far with the filthy material to an extent turns the movie into a docudrama about the human body's middle, and its various secretions, or simply one of the most emetic movies ever made !

Mainly the idea is good "The Fountain of Youth", however the script just wanted to play dirty, with nothing but nauseating sex and endless farts in its mind.

Movies such as (John Waters)'s, since the start of the 1970s, used to be described as transgressing with historically awful scenes, frankly nasty elements, done in mostly independent production. Mainstream Hollywood comedies, since the end of the 1990s, seem to be feeding on none other than (Waters)'s inspirations. For instance the sexual humor, that this movie savors excessively, is beyond horrible. Just remember an anal sex between a man and a huge hamster, and an oral sex between 80 year old granny and her grandson's alter ego. So the historically awful scenes, the frankly nasty elements,.. are now being done with big budgets, famous stars, and sold as lovable time. See how we live an age where the major studios transgress us !

This movie is actually a milestone in the fart comedy (the Hollywood comedy once !). Among the many similar comedies nowadays this one is a godfather and a record. Makes you think deeply; had decency become so old-fashioned? Or had Hollywood become really bankrupt and incredibly dirty in the same time?

Look how many family movies Murphy had to make right after it : Shrek (2001), Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001), Daddy Day Care (2003), The Haunted Mansion (2003), Shrek 2 (2004), and Imagine That (2009). I can't precisely decide; was that a purgation? Or was it a way to woo his raising kids, trying to persuade them that he's a good movie star or nice person? The thing that I know for sure is that – unfortunately – old habits die hard, because in no time he went, or went back, to make Norbit (2007) !!

Still there is a rare angle in it. Remember the scene in which the hamster excretes, rather explodes with excrements, in the face of many dressy people at the press conference? While being one of the top nightmarish moments I have experienced with movies, not believing till now that it had been verily made, I see that it seduces brilliantly a dark place in every one of us, and even satisfies it. Sometimes we hate our world so much; hypocrisy, stupidity, corruption.. whatever the reason why, at that point we want to do what the hamster did, everyone with their hated persons who deserve such a fate best (a machine gun full of… you know what !). Ahhh, how fair am I to admit that this movie had something that could sound like "good" after all !

At any rate I detest (Nutty Professor II: The Klumps). It's poor, unfunny, and too smelly to stand. It has a talent only in bringing up a shockingly ugly thing every minute, to top it by yet another one in the next minute; which is not my thing at all ! My theory is that you have to be hating the world so much to love this movie altogether. Otherwise, you might hate its makers, wishing them the fate of the dressy people in the press conference moment !

P.S : I loved Hollywood's sneering at this piece of work in Tropic Thunder (2008). Parodying it as "The Fatties: Fart Two" made me feel that lastly I'm not alone in this universe, and that Hollywood does have a conscience, well.. some sort of it anyway !
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Not very funny, and even less plot
Denver531 August 2000
I expected to see lots of variations of the humor that The Nutty Professor (the Murphy version) used in the classic scene of the Klumps at the dinner table. Instead, what little humor this sequel had split time with disgust as the movie went mostly for sexy granny jokes.

The sad thing is, more fart humor would have been an *improvement.* This movie was boring. It was uninteresting. It missed numerous opportunities to have some fun. And it spent too much time showing off make-up and not enough time being entertaining.

Perhaps most painful to watch was Eddie Murphy just being Eddie Murphy (as Buddy Love). I never understand why some actors/directors think that if a character screams real loud and makes a face, it's funny. It is especially not funny when it happens 2-3 times. In the first movie, Buddy Love was funny (if cruel), and his observations were right on target. In The Klumps, Love is like a grown version of that Home Alone kid, when he grabs his face and just yells at the camera. Uh, if you are done shouting now, can we move on?

Janet Jackson was fluff. And I don't know what she has done with her chest, but it seems unusually huge here.

I suppose it would be appropriate to say how well done the make up is as Murphy plays his half-dozen or so characters. Yes, he makes them seem like different people, at least superficially. But none of the characters are really there, you know? They each have little tag lines, and maybe a quirk, and those lines and that quirk are used to death. Take the granny. Yep, she likes sex. She is a sex machine. She wants every man. OK, uh, so? We've seen that 20 times. Can we get to something new?

Overall, I feel sad to see the level Murphy's wit has been reduced to. He used to be more biting, more insightful and more, well, funny. Now he is a human cartoon. I gave this movie a 4.
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Unfunny, vulgar excuse for comedy
Flyer-66 March 2001
If you think a fart is the appropriate punchline for most jokes, this movie might be for you. It makes Animal House look like upscale, sophisticated comedy. But the worst thing about this movie is not its non-stop, juvenile, toilet-oriented attempts at humor, but that fact that it is NOT FUNNY. It is just long and dumb. I finally got so bored that 3/4 of the way through it I rewound it and took it back to Blockbuster. This movie is not fit for adults or kids.
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Doesn't Measure Up
ccthemovieman-17 November 2006
This cannot measure up to the first film - the first with Eddie Murphy, that is, not the Jerry Lewis film from 1963. (Actually, this doesn't measure up to the Lewis film, either.)

For me, the biggest disappointment was the "family" scenes in which Murphy plays almost all the roles including old ladies. In the first film, some of that was absolutely hilarious, the highlight of the movie. Here, that isn't the case. Also, some of the dialog is almost impossible to decipher. It's also too raunchy and this film should have been rated "R." A PG-13 rating is ridiculous with all the emphasis on sex. I hate to see kids watch movies like this.

Still, this had a decent share of funny moments. Also, to its credit, it is not as mean-spirited as the first film turned out to be. Still, the bad outweighs the good. It needed to be funnier, and less raunchy.
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Oh - go on. Let's all throw some custard pies...
Edu-1631 October 2001
Plot - dreadful Script - dire The film in general is of course terrible.

But.... Im sorry, I laughed, and laughed alot. I probably need councilling or something, maybe ECT ? Possibly, but Klumps is funny. Eddie Murphy is an exceptionally talented man - no doubts. If for no other reason, see this one just to watch him go to work.

Maybe one day he'll land a role like Alec Guiness in 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' (Barry Norman's favourite film btw)....which I probably need to go out and rent asap - by way of an antedote....
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Joe Blow1 August 2000
This film has to be the worst, if not one of, films ever made! Not once did I laugh at this attempt to be trash. Sure, critics say that "Eddie Murphy gives a rousing performance", but what about the film as a whole? Do they ever actually get into its core and speak on it? Peter Segal hasn't yet grasped the gist of comedic timing. After 'Tommy Boy', which I laughed my butt off on, this is a dissapointment to say the least. Quoting from the intelligent character that Bruce Willis played in 'The Kid', Russ Duritz, if you like this movie, you're STOOOPID.
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could be much better
Special-K8825 April 2002
Frustrated by erratic and uncontrollable behavior at the hands of his troublesome alter ego, Professor Sherman Klump undergoes an experiment that separates his personality and allows the suave Buddy Love to become his own person. This time around they're battling each other for possession of invaluable scientific research which only further complicates matters in Sherman's personal life with colleague Jackson. Murphy, who's clearly having fun in his pull-out-all-the-stops portrayal of a horny grandmother, is as likable and energetic as he's ever been, but the script is awfully slim and throws out only a few genuinely funny ideas. A disappointment considering the impact of its predecessor. **
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Murphy has come further than he ever has before, but...
eve6kicksass13 August 2000
Title: Nutty Professor II, The: The Klumps

Rating: **1/2 (out of 4)

Review: I've never been a die-hard Eddie Murphy fan, but that's of course not to say that he isn't funny or endearing, either. TRADING PLACES has always been my favorite Murphy movie, with the original BEVERLY HILLS COP a close second. He's a funny guy, and he has come further than he ever has had before with NUTTY II. The original 1996 film was both funny and enjoyable, if having the distinction of having occasional unnecessary bathroom humor. NUTTY II, however, is taken to extremes with the bathroom humor, everywhere from Grandma Klump giving Buddy Love oral sex in a hot tub to a hamster growing to epic proportions giving anal sex to Klump's boss, this film revels in bad taste way too much. Is the film funny? Sure it is, and it would have been a lot funnier if not for all the sickenening humor that we've seen dozens of times before (I don't blame Murphy particularly for this, considering the script was co-written by the guys who wrote AMERICAN PIE, and directed by Peter Segal, who has had his fair share of films with the same type of humor). They don't make the sick humor at least clever, which is the problem. THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and BASEKETBALL made their bathroom humor clever, but NUTTY II doesn't.

Murphy fans are sure to love this, though, because I was telling the truth before about him coming further than he ever has before. Playing no less than 8 roles (this might be some kind of record), his main character is Sherman Klump, a charmingly overweight professor who, in the original wanted to get rid of all the weight and became a stud in Buddy Love to make a beautiful co-ed (Jada Pinkett, whose missing prescence in the sequel is annoyingly unexplained) and eventually learns in the end that you should be yourself and that personality is way more important about looks. In the sequel, he can't shake off the DNA that Buddy has left inside of him, so he decides to attempt to get rid of it, but Buddy eventually (and predictably) regenerates himself with a new thing on his mind. Sherman, apparantly, has discovered the fountain of youth, and now Buddy is going to stop him and take the invention to his own credit. This film, apart from the original, focuses more on Sherman's family, right down to their gluttonous eating habits to their sexual fantasies. That's basically the whole plot in a nutshell. As I've said before, Murphy is terrific, and he's well worth watching in his eight roles, but this film will turn off a lot of viewers because all the sick humor, which I must say is more silly than funny, yet you find yourself for some reason still laughing to it (or rather, at it). Janet Jackson, as Eddie's love interest here, is OK, but she seems to be more important to the audience (any audience, not just the African-American audience) as a male fantasy figure than an actress. Overall, I'm looking at this film as another one to add to Murphy's list of commercial successes that is funny enough to make him a respectable comedian, but for once I want him to go more towards not grossing us out and finding a concept to appeal to anyone and everyone.
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daveisit23 December 2000
This was not a funny movie. Eddie Murphy who has starred in movies such as "Coming To America" and "Beverly Hills Cop" which were both hilarious, has struck out here in the poorest fashion possible.

"The Nutty Professor" (1996) was okay because of the use of the Klump family who appeared throughout the movie every so often breaking it up with some humorous scenes. In "The Klumps", the family were over used and relied on for all the laughs, but instead just became sickening and in turn extremely boring. I understand using the Klump family was the idea for the sequel, it's just that it doesn't come close to working.
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Completely laughable...
jennifer-9911 December 2000
...but not in the way that the writers and directors had intended. The largest, and funniest joke of all is that this movie ever got made in the first place, not to mention the fact that it grossed over 124 million at the box office without a single laugh-worthy scene.

From the first 10 minutes of the movie I could tell that this was going to be the type of movie that left me scratching my head saying "I wasted $5 to rent this???"

I never even made it past the first hour of the film so it is possible that the movie got better, but I highly doubt it.

There is always something good to say about every movie, and here, it had to be the make up crew which transformed Eddie Murphy into 7 or 8 different characters. This did nothing to redeem the fact that each of his characters was completely annoying and totally "un-funny" - I found myself straining to understand the unintelligible dialogue.

The plot line(and I use that term loosely) was so thin it was virtually invisible, the acting was embarrassing and the jokes were completely absent from the poorly written script.

All in your money. I'm not sure what has happened to the movie industry's idea of "funny", but if this is the kind of comedy that can achieve box office success, us comedy lovers will spend less money at the box office and more time renting the old favourites from a video store near you.
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absolutely putrid, worst of the year
mcfly-3116 January 2001
I'm usually not hard on bad movies. I either leave the theater or turn the channel, but here, I cannot just dismiss this. 4(!) screenwriters, 9(!!!) producers, and all they could turn out is this junk. OBVIOUSLY taking advantage of part 1's success, they churned out something I could see them saying "Ah, it'll be good enough to make an easy 100 mil before bad word of mouth kills it" about. A blatant rehashing of the first film, with endless farts, stupid sex talk, and a plot that actually takes itself seriously. It seems at times that they are really concerned with the story, as there are no jokes, just drama dealing with Murphy's (the Sherman version) discovery. It also bogs down the film with needless special effects, which really show where the money was spent, on f/x and not screenwriters. And it doesn't end there, they actually try to drum up sympathy for one of his characters that has erectile-dysfunction! The old man and his wife argue seriously about it! What is this? Trying to give a smarmy, raunch film an emotional dynamic? Comes off TERRIBLE here. And the Eddie that is identifiable, sans make-up, sadly reverts to his "Beverly Hills Cop II" act of SCREAMING his dialogue and laughing at the top of his lungs. That is what sunk "Cop II", him thinking that blasting his voice would get a laugh, it didn't there, and brought back annoying memories here. Maybe the worst element are the long, utterly humorless stretches where the family banter with each other. Nothing remotely funny to say, and others have wisely pointed out how inaudible the dialogue is sometimes. Murphy either slurs the words or adds some voice affectation this is totally indecipherable. Gets irritating real quick, as does seeing the same actor clutter the screen, scene after scene. Yeah, the make-up is great, but it's the same stuff we saw in part 1, and all the praise for a swiveling camera capturing one actor playing multiple characters was acheived 11 years ago in "Back to the Future Part II" (yes, I am partial to that series). As far as the other content, it SO points out how very, very much this is strictly aimed at kids, as they should enjoy countless farts, the word "titties" mentioned a bunch of times, and moronic moments such as a giant hamster shooting its fesces across a room. I didn't really enjoy the first film that much, but I'd take it any day over this. I haven't added to my worst of all time list in a while, but now, behind "Three Ninjas", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2", and "Fierce Creatures", comes the new number four: da, da, da, daaaa, "Nutty Professor II"! Ick, get it away from me.
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Nutty Professor II: The Awfuls
babydarkblue9 September 2001
I enjoyed the first Nutty Professor as it was something different and new. However, "The Klumps" is absolutely awful with wooden performances, especially from Jackson, which really doesn't reflect the hard work from Murphy and the rest of the team. Fair enough the special effects are brilliant but that's the only good thing you can say. I went to see this at the cinema with my friend and we both walked out which I have always said I would never do. Very, very bad film which you don't care what the outcome is. YAAAWWNNN!!!!
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No mere stunt-- Murphy really delivers on 6 great roles. Great Flick!!!
bopdog28 July 2000
Eddie Murphy is truly a genius. In his earlier movies he played, mostly, his smart-aleck, wiseguy playboy character, and that was often entertaining, and sometimes funny. In "Coming to America" back in the 80s, he played several roles, as did co-star Arsenio Hall. While that was funny, it came off more as a stunt. However, in the first "Nutty Professor" movie Murphy did, he demonstrated distinct, actual, likeable characters. I was truthfully surprised to find at the end of the movie during the credits that Murphy played all those women, and the effeminate white exercise guy. I really thought that most of those characters were separate, and very talented, actors!

During this wonderful new "Nutty Professor" movie, Murphy propels the multi character thing a bit further. His portrayals are warm, real, appropriate, and moving.

The humor is grand-- raunchy and slapstick. The plot is inconsequential. Oh, and Michael Jackson has never looked better. His skin has returned to a nice healthy beautiful brown, and he has discarded that hideous wig. In this movie he also appears a bit more masculine that usual, for him, but I liked the change!

Anyway-- go see the movie, is great, and you'll like it. Oh-- do NOT take your young children to see it, much of the humor, while stupid and harmless (I loved it!) is nonetheless too sexual for kids.
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No redeeming feature
val.m21 November 2000
What a waste of time, talent and money! There is no redeeming feature to this film which wastes the once funny talent of Eddie Murphy by spreading it thin over a plethora of characters, the Klumpp family, some of whom are almost unintelligible. The plot line, what there is, is stretched so thin it almost vanishes in favour of the special effects. Basically, Professor Klumpp makes a special potion which has unforeseen side effects, allowing Eddie Murphy to do a Jekyll & Hyde as the Professor and his alter ego. Janet Jackson sleepwalks her way through the resulting mess.
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rob_ ultra14 August 2000
Eddie Murphy was excellent portraying the different characters; that's actually what made me pay the $8.50 to see this movie in the first place. But after this movie, hardly ever again will i go to the movie theater to watch a comedy again. The story in this movie is simply horrible. Eddie Murphy's talent holds this movie together with his acting of the Klumps; but the story suffers miserably. Overall, it's a disappointing sequel.
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Oh my God, this was awful.
likaman7 August 2000
I don't usually walk out of movies, especially when I buy the ticket for only $5.25, but this was really bad. I could stand Down to You and Mystery Men, but this was really bad. Unless you like repetitive humour, humour that's not even that humourous nor clever, I wouldn't recommend this flick.
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Don't let the ads klump your mind
RaphaelAbbate4 August 2000
Hollywood is making us believe that this is the best comedy around ever. I think they are trying to klump our brains with vulgar jokes which are pretty stupid to say the least.

I can't believe this movie is number one.

I did not laugh once and preferred The Nutty Professor 1 over this movie. Again, this is an affirmation of the rule: THE SEQUEL IS NEVER AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL.

Save your money, go watch the movie "The Kid" instead with Bruce Willis. Raphael Abbate
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Disgusting and unfunny
Predator-119 August 2000
There is only one word that can be used to describe Nutty Professor 2, disgusting. This movie was filthy, every joke in it was about fat, flatulence or sex. And on top of that the jokes were not funny, they were just gross. Do I really want to hear about how long it takes for a 90 year old man to get an erection? NO!

I like Eddie Murphy, and this movie shows off that he definatly has talent. The scenes where he plays just about everyone are very believable, you'll even forget that he's playing them all at times (except for the similar voices). Unfortunatly the jokes weren't any good so his talent in playing multiple charactors didn't really matter.

Despite Eddie Murphy's fine acting skills, I really disliked this movie. I thought the humor was crude, rude and even insulting at times. The whole thing was just one sickining toilet joke after another. A word of warning to parents who want to control what their children watch, this movie should be rated R. There is no doubt in my mind that the only reason it wasn't rated R was because of Eddie Murphy's name on it. There isn't much swearing or anything like that but the humor is very inappropriate for younger children. It got so racy at times that even I was embarresed.

So unless you're extremely immature and feel like spending an hour and a half hearing about the details of extremely old people having sex, than avoid this movie at all costs. I give Nutty Professor 2, 3 stars out of 10 because I thought it was better than What Lies Beneath which I gave 2 stars.
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"Viagra don't work on me no more. Been taking them like M&M's!"
Predrag5 August 2016
"The Klumps" is just as funny as the first Nutty Professor. One aspect of the movie I enjoyed was that Eddie Murphy broadened his portrayal of the Klump family (Which, if you're not aware, every family member except the boy are Murphy. His talent is unbelievable.) and gave them larger roles in the sequel. It's a lot dirtier than the first film. We learn a heck of a lot more about Granny. The nudity scene was hilarious. The plot is about the professor, who is about to get married but his bad self, Buddy Love, is acting up. When Buddy escapes, there are two professors running lose and the professor's got himself a problem. It has many hilarious moments, but is different than the original as it's unrated and has some naughty but absolutely hilarious moments.

However, the movie isn't 100% perfect. Where it faulters is in terms of a decent story-line. It felt like a bit of a re-trip to the first movie with a similar plot. The film, though, is hilarious and will have you repeating lines for days after it, but my only recommendation is that you see it twice. The first time round, you are getting to grips with the story-line, and I have to admit, because I didn't catch all the jokes, I didn't find it that funny. But when you go back a second time, as you know the basic story-line (which is there - despite what I said earlier), you can listen in for the jokes, as they are quite hard to catch sometimes. Altogether, "Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps" is very good - in fact it is one of the best sequels that I have seen.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.
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Hilarious once again
Wyldesteele13 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sorry to see many IMDb-users have not thought much of this excellent movie but then again, it's quite useless to argue what is funny and what is not. I just watched NP2 a second time and laughed my skinny ass off. Eddie's performance is CLASSIC and you totally forget that he's actually playing all of the family members. They're not Eddie anymore, they're the Klumps. I usually do not watch the "How this movie was made"-kind of extras, but this time I found myself making and exception and watching it made me appreciate Eddie's work even more. I knew it must've been difficultíssimo setting up those dinner scenes, but sheeeesh! Great work! There are too many classic moments in this film to mention....OK, I'll mention one: When the serum has reduced Buddy to a blob but still keeps on giving the passers-by hell. "What the HELL are you looking at!?!?" I hope they make a third one though I doubt it. Here's to yo fat ass, Sherman!
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Really Bad
Skinsman4214 April 2002
This is the worst movie ever made. Throughout the movie I found myself trying to leave, even though it was my own house. The jokes were not funny in the least, and all the punchlines could be seen from a mile away or were overly built up. I love Eddie Murphy, but I don't know what he was thinking during the making of this pile of worthless film.
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