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‘50 First Dates’ Director Peter Segal to Helm Romantic Comedy ‘Holidates’

Comedy specialist Peter Segal, the director of “50 First Dates,” has signed on to helm the independent romantic comedy “Holidates.”

The script is written by Laura Sandler and based on a real-life personal Craigslist ad in which two strangers link up via Craigslist and agree to be fake girlfriend and boyfriend for the duration of the holiday season. Neither the leads nor production date have been announced.

Mosaic and Lotus Entertainment are producing along with Segal’s Callahan Filmworks. President of Production Ara Keshishian and Sarah Gabriel are overseeing the project for Lotus Entertainment alongside Langley Perer and Matt Riley for Mosaic. Callahan’s Michael Ewing and Segal are executive producing.

Lotus will finance and handle worldwide sales.

Segal is also attached to directe science-fiction saga “Inversion,” which Samuel L. Jackson joined last week with Facing East on board to produce. Shooting is expected to begin Feb. 27 at Babelsberg Studios in Berlin.
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Win The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps on DVD

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To mark the release of Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps on 15th February, we’ve been given 3 copies to give away on DVD. The hilarity begins when professor Sherman Klump finds romance with fellow DNA specialist, Denise Gaines (Janet Jackson), and discovers a brilliant formula that reverses ageing. But Sherman’s thin and obnoxious alter ego,

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14 terrible films that made obscene amounts of money – and only two have Adam Sandler in

14 terrible films that made obscene amounts of money – and only two have Adam Sandler in
Bad films are part of the movie-making process. For every Citizen Kane, there are dozens of Law Abiding Citizens; for every The Exorcist, hundreds of Exorcist II: The Heretics.

They're all meant to do badly, because they are bad. But sometimes, there's an aberration. Sometimes... they're successful. Very successful. Very, very successful.

Here, then, are 14 of our favourite least favourite films to ever make studio heads' eyes turn into little dollar signs (in order of awfulness).

14. Anger Management (2003)

Rotten Tomatoes ranking: 43%

Production budget: $75 million

Worldwide box office: $195 million

Anger Management spluttered back into like in 2012 as a TV vehicle for snake blood-drinking "winner" Charlie Sheen. It lasted two seasons: the first had 10 episodes, the second 90, all so the show could go into syndication. As soon as it hit its 100th episode, it was immediately canned.

13. Meet The Fockers (2004)

Rotten Tomatoes ranking: 38%

Production budget: $80 million

Worldwide box office: $516 million

The third
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Lily Tomlin: Not Your Everyday ‘Grandma’

Paul Weitz can’t and won’t be pigeonholed, as writer or director. His credits range from American Pie and Nutty Professor II: The Klumps to About a Boy and In Good Company. His latest effort debuted to great response earlier this year at South by Southwest, an ideal showcase for this indie drama. Grandma offers Lily Tomlin a juicy leading role and audiences a satisfying experience on a modest scale. What really makes it work is Weitz’s attention to detail in delineating his characters and his keen eye for casting. Every part matters to him; even actors who have just a few lines manage to leave an impression, among them Laverne Cox and the late Elizabeth Peña. ...

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Gareth Edwards’ standalone Star Wars movie gets an Oscar nominated screenwriter

It looks like Disney and Lucasfilm have found a replacement screenwriter for Gary Whitta on Gareth Edwards’ upcoming standalone Star Wars movie, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that Chris Weitz has signed on to the mystery project.

Weitz’s credits include his Oscar-nominated script for About a Boy, in addition to the likes of Antz, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, The Golden Compass and the upcoming Cinderella. Rumours had suggested that Simon Kinberg would take over writing duties following Whitta’s decision to leave the project, although obviously there was no truth to those.

The plot for Edwards’ Star Wars movie is being kept tightly under wraps, although online chatter suggests it could centre on bounty hunters, Boba Fett, Han Solo, or a combination of the three. The film is set for release in 2016 and will be Disney’s second Star Wars movie after December’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
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Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter Chris Weitz Takes Over Star Wars Spin-Off Scripting Duties

One thing I know after seeing Godzilla is Gareth Edwards doesn’t need a good script to deliver a great blockbuster. I don’t think I could even tell you the plot from memory right now, and yet I stand by my opinion that the monster movie reboot was one of the most spectacular and thrilling pieces of cinema released last year. Before that, with Monsters, he wowed me with a tired story recycled from It Happened One Night by throwing in some giant aliens and crafty direction. He could go ahead and make his Star Wars spin-off with no screenplay at all, and I’m sure I’d be happy. But I can’t speak for the rest of the franchise’s fans out there — especially if any overlap with the large group of people who hate what he did with Godzilla – and I certainly can’t speak for Disney and LucasFilm. They
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'Star Wars' Spinoff Gets 'Cinderella' Writer Chris Weitz

'Star Wars' Spinoff Gets 'Cinderella' Writer Chris Weitz
Less than a month after the Untitled Gareth Edwards Directed Star Wars Spin-Off parted ways with screenwriter Gary Whitta, the project has found a new writer with Chris Weitz signing on to take over writing duties. Gary Whitta completed a first draft on the project, although no story details have been confirmed, and it isn't known if Chris Weitz will start over completely from scratch, or if he will use elements of Gary Whitta's first draft. We reported last week that the spinoff may feature both Boba Fett and Han Solo, which will be reportedly shot in Mexico.

While nothing official has been released about the plot, a rumor surfaced last month that claimed the story centers on space pirates trying to steal the plans to the original Death Star. Of course, even if those details were true, the script could change drastically with this new writer on board.
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Eddie Murphy Is Returning To Dramatic Acting, Get The Specifics

From Saturday Night Live to Beverly Hills Cop to Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Eddie Murphy is known for his rubber-faced brand of comedy. But for his next venture, the funnyman is doing drama. Deadline reports Eddie Murphy will headline Cook, a drama about the unexpected bond that forms between the titular cook and the mourning family he's hired to care for through the will of a dead man. Driving Miss Daisy director Bruce Beresford has been brought on board to helm what sounds like a touching film. Remarkably, Cook is based on a real story, the life of its screenwriter Susan McMartin, who has penned episodes of Two and a Half Men as well as Californication. Playlist shared the plot synopsis. Charlotte "Charlie" Brody is just a teen when her life undergoes some serious turbulence. Her mother's lover has died, and inexplicably has hired a cook named Henry Joseph
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Ranked: Every Summer Movie Season Since 1980 - Part 2

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We’ve reviewed every summer movie season since 1980 to find out which are the best, and which are the worst. Last week we posted our picks for the worst, and here we post our picks for the best.

2015 and 2016 may just be the most overthetop summer movie seasons yet. It seems like nearly every movie slated for a summer 2015 or 2016 release is heavily anticipated. Because of these impending summers of movie awesomeness, we’ve decided to take a look back at summer movie seasons of years past. The idea of the summer movie season is currently in full swing, but it didn’t catch on immediately. Hollywood had to do its fair share of experimenting to determine what types of films would be most successful. As a result, some summer movie seasons have been better than others. We’ve reviewed them all for you and ranked them from worst to best.
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Blu-ray Review: ‘August: Osage County’ is a Rusty Family Drama

Chicago – John Wells’ adaptation of Tracy Letts’ “August: Osage County” is a movie that fell off the radar in 2013 during the busiest time of the year. When we were all caught up in narratives of lone survival, or tales of how this country was morally eroded by financial excess, this loud ode to miserable family gatherings moved into theaters, scooped up a couple of Oscar nominations for its revered talent (Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts), and then vanished.

Rating: 2.5/5.0

For the sake of its integrity, perhaps it’s better that this movie had such a fate, as its material can be raised to “SNL”-levels without much tinkering. The dysfunction of this movie is so cacophonous, with heated characters so pointed, that it doesn’t challenge the idea of family drama, but almost unintentionally parody it. One can imagine the video edits that await of “August: Osage County,” in which its many hammy “goddammit!
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Grudge Match Trailer: Rocky vs. The Guy from Meet the Parents

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Grudge Match Trailer: Rocky vs. The Guy from Meet the Parents
If you've lived your whole life waiting to see a 70-year-old version of the man who played Jake Lamotta duke it out with a 67-year-old version of the dude who was Rocky, this is your moment. Director Peter Segal (Tommy Boy, Get Smart, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps) brought Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone together, added some wisecracking Kevin Hart, a little Kim Basinger and Shane from The Walking Dead, and Alan Arkin in a Mickey Goldmill capacity, and now it's a real live movie set for Dec. 25.
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Buzzmakers: Kellie Wins 'DWTS' & Janet Makes $1B

Buzzmakers: Kellie Wins 'DWTS' & Janet Makes $1B
What had Et readers buzzing this week?

1. 'Dancing with the Stars' Crowns a Season 16 Winner!

Singer Kellie Pickler, 26, and partner Derek Hough became the proud owners of the much-coveted mirror ball trophy on May 21, narrowly beating out Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman, 16, and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy. The two couples were neck-in-neck at the top of the leaderboard for much the competition.

At first unable to hear the winning announcement when it was delivered live, Pickler jumped for joy when Hough informed her of their big achievement.

"This is amazing," said the singer with delighted shock. "Oh my god!"

The victory marks DWTS pro Derek Hough's fourth win on the show.

Click through our gallery for a look back at all the previous mirror ball champs!

2. Janet Jackson Joins the Billionaire Club

Janet Jackson has joined the exclusive billionaires club thanks to her mega-successful albums, tours and acting roles, Variety reports
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Janet Jackson Joins the Billionaire Club

Janet Jackson Joins the Billionaire Club
Janet Jackson has joined the exclusive billionaires club thanks to her mega-successful albums, tours and acting roles, Variety reports.

According to the publication, Jackson has raked in a total of $260 million in album sales thanks to her hit albums Control (1986), Janet (1993) and Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989), and another $81 million off music and publishing fees. Her sold-out world tours have earned her another $458 million, with an additional $81.5 million coming from tour sponsorships and licensing fees.

Pics: Star Sightings

And let's not forget that Jackson is an actress too -- her roles in The Nutty Professor, The Klumps, Poetic Justice and For Colored Girls has banked her a whopping $304 million.

Though Jackson of course isn't the only billionaire in her marriage -- her husband, retail entrepreneur Wissam Al Mana (whom she married last year in a private ceremony), is a billionaire all on his own.

Related: Janet Jackson Confirms Marriage!

Jackson joins the exclusive list of celebrity billionaires which includes
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The 10 Greatest Songs from Terrible Movies


The Grammys are just a week away, and I feel that justifies an exploration of one of my favorite topics: wonderful music from god-awful movies. Here are my 10 favorite tunes specifically produced for the soundtracks of wretched movies.

10. Michelle Pfeiffer, "Cool Rider" from Grease 2

Grease 2 is a confounding mess from start to finish, but it's a complete blast if you're into campy singalong experiences. The movie's best tune is undoubtedly the brassy, kicky "Cool Rider" where The Greatest Catwoman croons like Benatar over a rip-roaring pop hook. It's damn replayable, which is something not often said about Grease 2.

9. Alanis Morissette, "Uninvited" from City of Angels

City of Angels is one of those infuriating movies that dares to take its ridiculous melodrama seriously. It's a feature-length Creed video. Thankfully its soundtrack was a rightful blockbuster featuring original tracks by U2 and -- perhaps most famously -- the Goo Goo Dolls,
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Affleck Finds Lehane's 'Night', Stallone and De Niro Step into the Ring and New Dates for Five 2013 Releases

Ben Affleck is in talks to write, direct and star in an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's Prohibition Era novel Live by Night. The story is set in Boston and centers on Joe Coughlin, who rebels against his cop father and becomes a career criminal, eventually joining a mobster. He rises up the ranks as the action moves to Tampa, Fla., then Cuba and features rumrunners, femme fatales, betrayals and good men committing plenty of sin. Affleck's Gone Baby Gone was also an adaptation of a Lehane novel. THR Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are returning to their Rocky and Raging Bull roots in Grudge Match. I can't quite tell by Deadline's article if this is meant to be a comedy or drama, but the story will find Stallone and De Niro playing two retired brawlers looking to get back in the ring for one more fight. Kevin Hart
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How The Nutty Professor Explains Eddie Murphy's Entire Film Career

Pretty much every time Eddie Murphy releases a film like A Thousand Words, Imagine That, Meet Dave or even Daddy Daycare, the critical world at large starts wondering out loud about whether we'll ever see the 'return of funny Eddie,' which is of course code for 'R-rated Eddie Murphy.'  The implication is, of course, that Murphy's more family-friendly work isn't funny, which is true (Meet Dave, The Haunted Mansion) about as often as it's false (Shrek, Dr. Doolittle).  But what these pundits fail to realize is two-fold.  First of all, we've been wondering when the Eddie Murphy of old will return longer than he was around in the first place.  Second of all, that persona is dead.  Dead and buried, and Mr. Murphy killed it himself right onscreen in front of us 16 years ago.  The very film that launched his most recent 'comeback' is the film that revolved
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Movement in Bleach Manga Movie

  • Boomtron
To date, Hollywood has had a pretty rough time with adaptation of manga and anime. With the boxoffice bombs of movies such as Speed Racer and Dragonball: Evolution, you’d think Hollywood executives would give up on bringing to life something that is so precious to fans that even a slight change to the story will incite rage. Even M. Night Shyamalan’s take on The Last Airbender was critically lambasted. But this doesn’t stop filmmakers from trying.

Now that the live-action rendition of Akira has been put on hold, producers have their eyes on another anime to mangle. This time they have their sights set on Bleach. That’s right folks, Warner Bros. has acquired live-action feature rights to Tite Kubo’s manga and anime property Bleach. Variety is telling us that Dan Mazeau (Wrath of the Titans) will be in charge of adapting the manga for the big screen.
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Did 50 Cent Really Have to Lose a Quarter?

Did 50 Cent Really Have to Lose a Quarter?
If you’re going to gain or lose a ridiculous amount of weight as an actor, make sure someone is gonna give you an Oscar, or a Golden Globe, or at the very least a People’s Choice Award for all your trouble. Remember when Jared Leto gained 5,000 pounds to play John Lennon murderer Mark David Chapman in “Chapter 27“? No? That’s because nobody saw the movie, and it’s just sad to pull a De Niro if you
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Thn Advent Calendar Day Six: Trading Places

Today’s guest writer, Tony Way, has worked in film and TV for over ten years, working such names as Ricky Gervais, Steve Coogan, Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Depp, and Daniel Craig . He will next appear in David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Follow Tony on Twitter @tonypaulway or visit his website here

So, here is an opinion for you – Trading Places is the best Christmas movie of all time. That opinion is my opinion. The reason I’m so sure of this opinion is because of another two opinions that I have. The first is that Trading Places is also the greatest comedy movie of all time. The second is that Trading Places is also the greatest movie of any genre, of all time. Here are a few reasons why.

It’s not really a Christmas film. Yes, I realise that this goes against my argument for
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Brian Grazer Replaces Brett Ratner As Oscar Producer

Brian Grazer Replaces Brett Ratner As Oscar Producer
Academy President Tom Sherak wasted no time in announcing the replacement for Brett Ratner at this year’s Oscars. It will be super-producer Brian Grazer. This is a very polite solution to the problem that is Ratner. Grazer has a similar taste for mainstream fare (producing “The Nutty Professor,” “Nutty Professor II: The Klumps,” that dreadful live-action 'Grinch' movie), but unlike Ratner, Grazer is actually of Oscar-caliber (at least some of the time), having won Best Picture in 2002 for “A Beautiful Mind.” This writer can say with certainly that Ratner never would have won an Oscar before his string of controversial statements last week (even with his dream “Wicked” project, he would have been Rob Marshall-status), but now that he is persona non grata with the Academy, he's got an even steeper hill to climb.
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