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A spider is seen giving birth a time or two.

Players go through the womb of a giant spider.

Below is a spoiler for the ending.

There's a sex scene where a couple are in bed, but nothing explicit is shown

Kind of strong for a T game. Also, depending on how the game is played, players may not encounter these instances.

Thru/o the entire game, the portrait will show Luther bloody or with some cuts on him if his health is low.

In one possible scene a disfigured arm falls and then turns to bone (this area's hidden, and not necessary to complete the game).

The main character morphs into monsters and lizards.

Towards the end of the game there's pools of blood and green gunk.

One scene has these tiny like aliens fighting a big monster, the monster throws one of them through a large thorn. The alien like beings then encase the giant monster in a pink block.

A disfigured person is seen dead with an arrow through his neck, and blood everywhere.

One of the main creatures loses his arm (its not shown happening, he's seen with a missing arm later in the game and bleeding green blood).

RPG action violence (weapons, fire, ice, darkstorm, lightening, and etc) thru/o.

Very mild profanity like a "what the h---" or two.

There's a bit of name calling though and insults (like jerk).

There's a town drunk at one point in the game.

Some monsters are a bit scary looking.

There's a ruins level that's visited and re-visited at least once, where the place keeps shaking every now and then.


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