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Better than expected

Author: saglaser
27 August 2000

I've long admired the work and professionalism of the U.S. Postal Inspectors Service and was happy to see them showcased in a film featuring such a top talent. I was also afraid that it would come out of Hollywood as your basic bit of brainless showbiz supercops nonsense. What an enjoyable relief to find my fears groundless. This film portrays solid, realistic, believable and honestly likeable characters doing their jobs in one of the worlds finest and least-known law enforcement services. The writing is solid, the direction crisp and the performances first-rate. Highly recommended.

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Suspenseful and very well-made

Author: anonymous from Spokane, WA
18 April 1999

This one is well above the usual standard for a TV-movie. The plot, involving the investigation by two postal inspectors (Gossett, Jr. and Silverman) following a mail-bombing. The performances are outstanding and very believable, and are able to create a great deal of genuine suspense in the otherwise formula plot. Louis Gossett, Jr. is great as always, and Jonathan Silverman not only supplies some enjoyable comic relief, but shows a surprisingly effective flair for drama. All in all, a very suspenseful and extremely well-made movie. I suggest you give it a look.

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The Inspectors- Murder On the Mail Express ***1/2

Author: edwagreen from United States
27 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well done film with great chemistry between Lou Gossett, a veteran postal inspector and a newcomer Jonathan Silver, who is taken under the wing by Gossett.

When a man is killed instantly after opening a package and his wife is critically injured in the blast, the blame shifts to their son. Irony ensues when it's discovered that not only is the son innocent, but he was the intended victim.

Gossett, an experienced investigator, uses every trick to unravel this excellent who-done-it mystery.

Of course, it's hard to believe that bomb preparation could be done by inmates in jail but the picture is quite good so ignore that problem.

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Murder by Special Delivery

Author: sol1218 from brooklyn NY
31 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Based on a true story the movie "the Inspectors" has to do with a gang of pot smoking and booze swigging wackos who have it in for anyone who would dare to drive through their turf the town of Bayfield in rural Virgina. We find out what the real reason for the mail bombing of the Carrigan home, outside Baltimore, that killed Jacob and badly injured his wife Jane was when the son Drew is apprehended by the Postal Inspectors. As they showed up at his home just to ask him some questions why anyone would want to kill his parents.

Under intense questioning Drew broke down and admitted that he was the real target of the mail bomb. In that he testified against his former friends Skell & Spider in a double murder that they participated in. What was so unusual about the mail bombing is that Drew's friends who are suspected in the bombing were serving a life sentence for murder in a maximum security prison at the time!

Documentary-like story of how the Postal Inspectors track down and get their man, or woman, and how the law enforcement agencies, state and local police as well as the FBI, work together with the inspectors in doing it. With ace Postal Inspector Frank Hughes, who was a former mailman and has a number of dog bites to prove it, put on the case he's teamed up with Harvard graduate and rookie Alex Ubina to find out how this crime was both planned and executed from inside the state prison. It turns out that Spider was in contact with his girlfriend Amy who together with Lester Glover the troubled son of Bayfields Sheriff Glover, who was covering up for him, were involved in concocting the explosive device and then sending it through the US Mail.

With nothing to lose the two convicted murderers who were so determined to kill the stoolie, Drew Carringan, killed his father and critically injuring his mother Jane by mistake. Now their just as determined to kill his young son Edison, with the outside help of Amy & Lester. That's if the Postal Inspectors, Hughs & Ubina, don't get to and disarm the mail bomb by them sent to young Edison as a birthday present first.

High wire tension as a sweating and nervous Inspector Ubina tries to get Edison not to open his birthday present knowing it would blow him, as well as anyone as close as thirty feet from him, to pieces as we all hold our breath for the movies final and very unexpected outcome. The film "The Inspectors" shows that Postal Inspector work is anything but easy like catching people using counterfeit bills to buy stamps, as we see early in the film. Seeing What both Inspector Hughs and Ubina go through in the movie, risking their lives and limbs over and over again, more then proves it.

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Shades of Seven

Author: ockabokka from United States
6 December 2010

As soon as I read the TV guide I thought this is just like Seven, 'two oddly matched postal inspectors'. Hollywood has a way of taking a hit movie, and then paying idiot writers to make it three or four different ways, and another thing. Why in the heck would they re-make a movie? Because the idiot writers are not unique, no originality, everyone wants to make a fast buck, and when they strike out they send it straight to DVD. i showed my movie script to five friends and all gave me an A+, but try and get someone in Hollywood to read it, and they say they have writers on the payroll. I say good for you, I think I'll go buy some stock in a company that make blank DVDs, I'll be rich.

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This is not a postal movie.

Author: Jakeroo
25 March 1999

Some of the ads for it led one to think it was. However, it was still an interesting movie of the whodunit genre (at least the first part). Not much of an ending tho. I gave it a 7.

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I wish it Was Cheesier

Author: eight08
26 May 2001

I rented this movie only because I wanted something I could watch and make fun of. For that it did not deliver. However, it had it's moments: hiding out in a stamp machine, the kid straight up kicking a mail bomb like a football. Ah those Inspectors. I loved how no one notified the police or the FBI, the only people involved were Postal Inspectors. I know if a mail bomb occurred in my house, I would call the Postal Inspectors before anyone else. Well maybe not since I likely would be blown to bits. It's also nice to know that these highly educated officers would use a word like "madder." As in, "I don't think he could get any madder." Isn't it "more mad" or "even more mad?" I just wish they used some sort of cheesy line like, "Return to Sender" or "Not enough postage on this one." I give it a 4

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Return to sender?

Author: David Heyo from Brussels, Belgium
16 October 2000

The two cops are working for the post office: so what ? This is not different from any low budget TV police serial. The acting is not bad, but the action is low and the story a whole lot of clichés. If I had paid to see it, I would return it to the producer.

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