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The General's Daughter is for all those who enjoy mystery/thrillers that neither attempt to break new ground nor are afraid to employ familiar plot devices.
Chicago Sun-Times
A well-made thriller with a lot of good acting, but the death of Elisabeth Campbell is so unnecessarily graphic and gruesome that by the end I felt sort of unclean.
Watching John Travolta ease into a role is always a pleasure, but this film version of Nelson DeMille's 1992 best-selling mystery novel is a lurid mess.
The acting is fine. The ensemble is strong. The story moves along. Yet a coating of sleaze clings to the film, like bread dipped in batter.
Entertainment Weekly
The plot is a nonsensical mess -- which just caps off the ugliness.
An expensive-looking new detective thriller that should have been much better.
The whole lurid business is undeniably entertaining, but it leaves a bad taste.
Austin Chronicle
Highly recommended for graduate psychology students in aberrant sexuality, but others can probably skip sans regret.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
To divulge the plot would spoil the experience -- you'll be shocked to discover, and maybe even surprised to learn, just how lame the damn thing really is.
In order to spare you the trauma of this cinematrocity, I'll go ahead and tell you how the film turns out. Who killed the General's Daughter? The filmmakers did.
A slick, supercharged popcorn flick of the erstwhile Bruckheimer-Simpson brigade in which the only thing more shameful than the proceedings is a very well-paid male star assigned to make you less aware of that sucking sound.

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