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New York Daily News
Graham is lots of fun to watch, but it's hard to reconcile the split halves of her character.
Boston Globe
Runs dry amid the cactus and sagebrush, but Graham's cartoony take on angelic unstoppableness makes us not mind so much.
Rolling Stone
It's a one-joke premise that ultimately wears thin, but Krueger works some playful variations on a theme.
But one can only imagine how different the film might have been with, say, Parker Posey or Catherine Keener -- truly funky actresses with some real edge -- in the lead.
Chicago Reader
This romantic comedy turns stereotypes inside out as the main character, whose sense of commitment is represented by a tattoo on her finger instead of a wedding ring.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The real problem here is that director Krueger has no flair as a writer or a director for inspired screwball comedy.
An inert screwball cartoon, a celebration of monogamy as fashion statement.
Graham maintains a casual charm throughout it all, but she lacks the kind of emotional depth that might have pulled this hodge-podge together.
Until it backs itself into a narrative corner, Lisa Krueger's Committed is a delightfully unpredictable experience.
Comedy, like marriage, takes more work than this.

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