The Boondock Saints (1999) Poster

Plot Keywords

fbi agent irish
fbi mafia
friend police station
russian death
police twin
fraternal twins irish american
justice peep show
reference to superman reference to batman
n word f word
gun battle gun
gun duel gore
blood splatter brutality
bullet time bullet ballet
revenge slow motion scene
gay slur gun fu
gunfight over the top
bad taste humour cage
friendship penny
coffee newscaster
cross dressing bellboy
air vent crawl space
gay sex ethnic joke
recording mexican american
black american african american
eating food
hearing voices water leak in ceiling
rain lightning
jail alley
opera music listening to music
earphones st. patrick's day
sermon cross
meatpacker butcher
numbers runner homosexual subtext
cauterizing a wound ammonia
forensics blind man
tv reporter tv interview
interview execution
courtroom court
trial pager
ballistics elevator
police inspector nun
hospital crossing one's self
tape recorder newspaper
money gay kiss
male male kiss confession
computer watching tv
shootout ambush
sitting on a toilet playing pool
pool table home invasion
stun gun garage
fire parole board
parole prison
dancing dancer
insanity bar owner
drug use restaurant
cafe reporter
tv crew photographer
camera bathrobe
breaking a bottle over someone's head broken glass
russian crime syndicate crime syndicate
drunkenness drink
drinking bartender
bar priest
suffering crime boss
phone booth telephone call
reference to coca cola reference to rambo
organized crime policeman
investigation gay
jumping from a rooftop rooftop
falling through the ceiling flashlight
dead body mass murder
face mask underwear
italian mafia irish mafia
voice over narration prologue
catholic church catholic
rifle reference to james bond
reference to charles bronson russian american
italian american italian
husband wife relationship kiss
bare butt male nudity
fight nudity
subtitled scene flashback
robbery theft
thief murder
blood actor shares last name with character
pistol whip actor plays character with same name
dream cigar smoking
throat slitting telling a joke
stutter street interview
ski mask shackles
rosary beads rope
reference to riverdance punched in the face
prudential product placement
press conference reference to pepsi cola
pay phone pants on fire
pack of money nose ring
nonlinear timeline mixed metaphor
meat processing factory lost lease
lord's prayer latex gloves
killed with a toilet bowl kicked in the crotch
hunting knife hanging upside down
gun held to head golf ball
flash forward fistfight
fire fight fingerprint
doughnut death by a falling object
crucifix confessional
coins on eyes clothes iron
cityscape cauterization
bridge billiards
bar fight arsenal
aerial shot box office flop
female nudity reference to the lone ranger
masturbation cigarette smoking
brothers living together brother brother relationship
tourette's syndrome investigator
killing a cat respect for enemy
stripper shot to death
shot through a door shot in the leg
shot in the head shot in the chest
shot in the back shot in the arm
shooting set on fire
scene during end credits person on fire
panic held at gunpoint
groping fingers shot off
falling through the floor falling from height
corpse chained to a toilet
bilingual betrayal
beaten to death bandage
air duct dead cat
irish catholic tattoo
celtic toilet bowl
silencer pizza
knife handcuffs
sniper rifle cat
killing an animal massachusetts
irish gangster man dressed as a woman
homosexual cop freeze frame
killed with a cue ball russian mafia
racial slur bilingualism
accidental shooting homosexual
tv news strip club
christian suburb
catholicism black comedy
prayer handgun
beeper hitman
professional assassin bar brawl
mafia boss severed finger
fbi investigation vigilante
criminal investigation violence
homophobia hotel
church killing spree
cult film independent film
surprise ending

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