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Alternate Versions

The so-called North American wide screen DVD release is cropped from a full-frame version that has aired on Canadian cable television.
In May 2006 a special one time showing of the uncut unrated version was show in US theaters and later released in a 2 disc special edition box set.
The Version at the German Fantasy Film Fest (1999) and the canadian DVD-Release differ in 3 cuts. The DVD cuts are:
  • the Hotel Shootout: This scene has a cut about 7 seconds, showing bloody bullet hits, when the two brothers are hanging on the rope.

  • Rocco shoots the Mafia-Guys in the bar: The headshot and the shot in the chest are cut away on the DVD. You only see the blood coming out of the back of the bench.

  • Shoot out in the pool-room: one scene is cut which shows several bullet hits in the body of the guy who opens the door.

  • Poolroom shootout: The guy that's holding the phone, standing in the back left corner gets shot twice. The second bullet hit is cut out from the US DVD.

German Rental-Video is uncut
The Malaysian version of the film (and possibly the Hongkong/China print) is uncut and english. That print has all the cut violence scenes missing from the Canada and US release. On the downside it's full screen and not letterbox
Region 2 Japanese dvd is fully uncut, widescreen and english. It also features commentary and behind the scenes footage, plus a few other extras.
The Region 2 DVD from Spain is uncut, widescreen (non anamorphic) and english Dolby Digital 2.0
Television version shown on the USA network removes the scene where the brothers have their vision from God.
The Scandinavian DVD version is uncut as well.
The current special edition DVD in the US is STILL CUT (it is the R-rated print); however it does have a lengthy deleted scenes section that is not on the region 2 Japanese DVD and a different audio commentary.
Region 2 , Turkish version of the movie DVD is missing the prison scene where Don Yakavetta speaks taking Il Duce out from prison.
The 1 hour 44 minute version circulating on the Web has many shots restored, most notably the shootout while hanging form the rope. The whole shootout is in super slow motion including the man in the red shirt and grey suit running up and behind the couch. The R-rated American version shows a different angle and take of most of the bullet hits and the man in the grey suit runs by the camera at normal speed.

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