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Harron's adaptation of Ellis's novel is brilliant, probably better than the book itself.
Bateman could have been much more interesting if he'd been played by someone who wouldn't need to work quite so hard (Charlie Sheen or Rob Lowe might have been fascinating here).
Chicago Reader
The slick satire cleverly equates materialism, narcissism, misogyny, and classism with homicide, but you may laugh so loud at the protagonist that you won't be able to hear yourself laughing with him.
New York Daily News
The real highlight is when Bateman and his co-workers compare custom business cards in a grueling, ego-shattering game of one-upmanship that is so linked to their sense of self it might as well be Russian roulette.
Chicago Sun-Times
Christian Bale is heroic in the way he allows the character to leap joyfully into despicability.
Harron validates and largely clarifies the work.
Boston Globe
In both senses of the word, American Psycho wastes its women.
Christian Science Monitor
A standard-issue slasher movie, stylishly shot, but with little to distinguish it from a long line of "Psycho"-spawned gorefests.
(Harron) has made a passionless movie about a passionless man, and it's all supposed to add up to make us feel or even just think something, but what?
Charlotte Observer
Ambiguity can enrich a movie, but artists abdicate their responsibilities if they don't take a stance of any kind.

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