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Entertainment Weekly
Funny, pungent, and weirdly gripping.
Rolling Stone
An uneven movie that nonetheless bristles with stinging wit and exerts a perverse fascination.
Chicago Sun-Times
Christian Bale is heroic in the way he allows the character to leap joyfully into despicability.
USA Today
Exceedingly well cast and assembled with flashy visuals and pacing by Harron, this period piece is diminished by its relative pointlessness.
New York Daily News
The real highlight is when Bateman and his co-workers compare custom business cards in a grueling, ego-shattering game of one-upmanship that is so linked to their sense of self it might as well be Russian roulette.
Miami Herald
Has the feverish intensity of a bad dream, leavened with a subversive sense of humor that is both sophisticated and cracked.
Baltimore Sun
A withering condemnation of a culture where greed is a virtue, a culture that you don't have to feel guilty for laughing at.
Mr. Showbiz
The film's details are spot-on, its tone ludicrously ironic, and its casting deft.
San Francisco Chronicle
Harron validates and largely clarifies the work.
Chicago Tribune
A second-rate nightmare: the Reagan generation meets Leatherhead with flickers of brilliance drowned in blood and snobbery, a corpse dressed by Bloomingdale's.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A high-end version of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" set in the rarefied bistros, boites and brokerages of Yuppie Manhattan in the 1980s.

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