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It is a pity that the picture cannot run longer
deickemeyer19 September 2014
In reproducing this reputed act of Solomon the Vitagraph Company undertook a very difficult task which was executed satisfactorily. It is the old familiar story of the judgment between the two claimants of the live child. The entire story is tense with dramatic interest, and, in the main, the actors have maintained this interest throughout the piece. The principal character, the real mother of the live child, is acted with fidelity and a comprehension of what a mother would do under such circumstances. Every motion, every facial expression is in accord with the character and deserves the highest praise. The other characters are good, but inasmuch as they are accessories, even Solomon himself being included in this description, they do not require separate criticism. To say that they perform their parts with sufficient fidelity to the story to make it clear expresses their part in the drama. The staging, which includes the costuming and the arrangement of palaces and accessories, is apparently in accord with the accepted understanding of what was used at that time. The entire picture is toned brown, which, in places, degenerates into plain gloom. This does not, however, mar the picture. On the contrary it supplies an element of mystery which adds to its attractiveness and increases the artistic effect. Brown lends itself admirably to this picture, but it would scarcely be advisable in others where a stronger light is required. The lighting is reasonably soft and even and shows evidence of careful study to secure the most artistic and pleasing effects. It is a pity that the picture cannot run longer. One day is inadequate for such an excellent piece of work. - The Moving Picture World, May 29, 1909
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very nice
filmhassane19 April 2002
very nice film i have seen it in 9.5mm film its great to see i want to send you all a pic from it
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