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Mr. Foote is indeed an accomplished actor
deickemeyer10 September 2017
A very amusing comedy offering that is sure to please every one who sees it, every normal person. The story is full of freshness and full of humorous situations; but its chief mainstay is the part of Courtenay Foote as played by him. Mr. Foote is indeed an accomplished actor and in this picture he is truly laugh compelling. Florence Turner and Tom Powers play two lovers who are satisfied with each other. Mr. Foote plays the man whom Father (James Lackaye) wants Florence to marry. Paul Kelley plays her small blather. He has a good role too and is convincing and natural in it. He is retained by Tom to aid in his suit to Florence as against Courtenay, who now proves to have a very weak case. Frank Thomas, the author, can take credit with Larry Trimble, the director. The photography is good. A tip-top offering. - The Moving Picture World, June 7, 1913
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