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I Loved This

Author: rosaliez
4 July 2001

I started watching this during junior high school. I was probably a little older than the "target" group, but the kids on the show were about my age. At first a few of my cool friends laughed at me, but pretty soon they were hooked and we all watched it together. It was like a secret society. But it still appealed to us, as the features and segments were interesting and well-done, educational but not boring and preachy. It worked because the creators did not treat kids as morons and had respect for their audience's intelligence.

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Why don't they release old zoom on DVD?

Author: kingsauce67 from United States
24 November 2006

I have been trying for years to locate the original series on DVD or tape (including Ebay). I was only able to come upon the tape "Zoom best of the 70's" which is not that great, but better than nothing. Does anybody know why they haven't released the old ones on DVD? By the way,they have released old "Electric company" and "Sesame Street" episodes. Are there some legal problem that have prohibited the release of Zoom? I'm sure there are enough adults born between 1965-1970 who would buy them up in a flash. Thats the problem-we are the post baby boomers/pre-genxer's so we always kind of get the boot cause we are small in numbers compared to the other groups.

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Would eat dinner in front of the TV and watch ZOOM !!

Author: freezerburn55 from United States
20 April 2006

Being an only child, I would beg my parents to let me eat dinner in front of the TV and watch ZOOM !! 30 years later, I still remember many of the games, stories, skits, and songs. The animated and clay-mation short films from the kids from Ohama, Nebraska were awesome. I remember learning how to make clay (but they told us not to eat it !). One of the kids had his tonsils out, and they filmed him in the hospital before and after, then he talked about it in a squeaky voice on ZOOMrap. I was always sad when they switched to new kids, because it meant that my favorites (and the cute girls !!) would leave the show, and it would take a few episodes to get used to the new cast. And Bernadette with her arm-twisting is still the coolest trick I've ever seen. The kids they used to do a short interview with were always my favorite (the kids who made their own skateboards, the kid that built a humongous treehouse, and the sugar-cane boys were classic - "it tastes like sugar.....well, what do you think it is, dummy ?). I will always remember this show. The New ZOOM was good for my kids, but nothing beats the original !!

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A Lost Treasure

Author: ksenn_14 from United States
16 May 2005

I loved this show, too. I'm glad that they brought it back for the next generation but I'm just not in to the new show. It seems more rehearsed than the old one did which was a lot more spontaneous. Kids were just kids on the old show, feeling free to do whatever they wanted, including doing the show in bare feet (which I thought was so cool, since I went barefoot all the time as a kid...still do). It's hard for me to believe that the new cast of kids honestly chooses to wear shoes and socks instead of going barefoot. Bare feet was the show's trademark, giving it a unique feel that I haven't seen any other shows have. It was a really cool thing to come home from school to.

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It was our favorite show...when we were six

Author: Martin Nohe ( from Woodbridge, VA
21 January 1999

"ZOOM" was a daily television program that came along in the nick of time. Just as the first generation on "Sesame Street" fans became too old for Big Bird, "ZOOM" hit the scene. Targeted at elementary school aged kids, "ZOOM" featured young boys and girls in orange and brown striped rugby shirts learning about art and science in a way that made them fun. Viewers were encouraged to write letters to the cast that might be read on the show, or could write in to request "ZOOM cards". These colorful cardboard pamphlets provided information about the topics discussed on the show and covered issues from baking cookies to protecting the environment. I still remember the address..."That's ZOOM! Z-"double O"-M, Box 3-5-0, BostonMass, Oh!-Two-One!-Three-Four!!"

PBS will be re-introducing "ZOOM" in 1999. I'm sure that twenty-something "ZOOM" fans everywhere are happy to know that their own kids will learn that great theme song..."Come on and Zoom, Zoom, Zooma-Zoom. Come on and Zooma-Zooma-Zooma-Zoom. Come on and give it a try...We're gonna show you to fly. HIGH! Come on and Zoo-oom. Come on and Zoom Zoom. Come on and Zoo-oom"

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30+ years later...

Author: Albert
14 May 2004

...I still remember this show.

It's ironic...I was watching the "Zoom - Best of the '70s" video the other day and I cannot believe STILL how much of a crush I had on Edith then...but above all, Maura ALWAYS put a flutter in my heart. The show had a very strong impact on my life, especially since it got the chance for kids our own age then to interact and express their feelings (i.e. ZoomRAP) with one another. Almost like a peer group. Plus showing other's creativity through skits and projects. It sounds silly, but Zoom actually helped me with many my own improvisionary skills. Not only did it teach me to overcome my fears, but also to be who I am now.

I would love to know what any of the early '70s kids (Edith, Maura, Joe, Jon, Jay, Nina, Tishy, etc.) are doing with themselves nowadays...30+ years later!!! To me, ZOOM ROCKED!!


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Slap - Clap - Snap - Snap, Slap - Clap - Snap - Snap

Author: tavives from United States
16 April 2012

Why don' sit....down and....write some....things on....





Oh, how I loved this show! I was 8 in 1972 and 14 when it went off the air in 1978 -- THE target audience. I don't think there has ever been a kids show that equaled ZOOM. The 1990's version wasn't bad, but it still didn't have the coolness of the 70's original.

I had 3 or 4 ZOOM Cards and submitted a play at one point. Our PBS affiliate would show the episodes in the afternoon during the week and then on Saturday afternoons would show the entire week over a 2.5 hr block. I never missed it.

If only I'd had a way to record those shows back then. Maybe someday PBS will release a box set instead of the 2-DVD set. Until then, I just have my great memories.

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Zoom 1972

Author: ajordan707 from United States
27 September 2007

I started watching Zoom in 1972, when I lived in Niagara Falls, New York. I had a crush on Nancy, and I sent her a love letter with baby powder inside of the envelope! I hope she didn't get messy if she opened the envelope. That was a dumb thing that I did, but you do foolish things when your a child in love. I discovered that they had a new version of Zoom a few years ago. I saw an episode on television, and It wasn't too interesting. I think the show suffered low ratings, and it was canceled in 2005. You can see the old clips from 1972 on you tube. Also, I will someday visit Niagara Falls. I lived there from 1970-73, when my father was in the Air Force. Take care, Anthony D. Jordan, Sacramento, California

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And don't forget the SASE!!!

Author: toddrandall68 from United States
30 August 2005

We're gonna zoom, zoom, zoom-ah-zoom, we're gonna zoomah zoomah zoomah--zoom. I think that was how it went. I loved that show, I would love to watch it with my little boy. I didn't remember it being on as long as it was. It seemed that I must have lost interest around 4th grade in 1977. I remember watching it in school though. It's amazing to me that some of the people who wrote comments remember particular characters. I don't remember them but I do remember them reminding viewers that they mustn't forget "the SASEY." I see some of the shows that my 4 year old daughter watched and I felt so sorry for her. Blues clues comes as close to being as "cool" as the shows that I watched when I was 4.

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