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13 Apr. 1998
Smooth Sailing
The crew of a huge cruise ship awaits its new captain, Captain Jim Kennedy III, who left his US Navy career early for personal reasons. As if this transit weren't hard enough, his ex immediately forces upon him the care for their 15 year-old son Danny, a problem kid with a juvenile record; the captain orders Chief Purser Will Sanders to watch the boy permanently. The new Ship's Doctor John Morgan is seasick even before they sail. Josh Walters was stood up by his fiancée, so he takes their honeymoon with his mate Luke Staley, which makes girls believe they are gay, and...
20 Apr. 1998
The new, ex-Navy captain is still unable to relax and fit in. He wrongfully worries that's even harder for Danny, and welcomes overbooking means his son will have to bunk with him, but the kid has no trouble amusing himself, even steals a key from the new also ex-Navy assistant purser to spend time with a passengers daughter- as it turns out, the captains former love's. Bar Manager Paolo Kaire gets on great with congressman Warren McMahon, his disarmed bodyguard with Security Chief Camille Hunter.
27 Apr. 1998
I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Eager to keep his mischievous son Danny occupied, the captain assigns him the assistantship to the ship's photographer, which is right up his alley if only it can be made interesting. Tristan Reedy and Juliette Titlebaum, a young couple about to marry, booked the cruise to establish a sexual reference base by studying the mating of humans just as anthropologists would do with any other species, namely doing it with attractive crew members, as if they had no emotional baggage, but of course nature has its jealous way. Chief Purser Will Sanders is elated to spend some ...
4 May 1998
How Long Has This Been Going On?
The Sun Princess has its most international passenger list ever. Tom hopes to save his sinking marriage by returning to the cruise ship where he and his wife Janet met, but she doesn't cooperate. Student nurse Mary Dutton is about to graduate and leave for Jamaica, but meets ship mechanic Pete Dougherty, who loves her enough at first sight to quit after eight years just to follow her; Chief Purser Will Sanders helps him, but then she tells she's a nun in training. Contest cruise prize winners Larry Cranston and his wife, granny and sister-in-law are a grumpy bunch and...
11 May 1998
True Course
Jim refuses to admit that he can't dance, then secretly takes lessons from Camille. Paolo considers giving up his career to marry the older woman he has been dating. Danny is assigned to kitchen duty and plays a practical joke on the bad tempered chef. John tries to improve his bedside manner around young patients. Two friends decide to have each other after failing to set each other up with someone else.
18 May 1998
Getting to Know You
Danny is happy his dad finally invited his ma Pat Kennedy on board to celebrate the kids birthday together, less about the endless naval lessons. The captain approves chief purser Will Sanders' application to be transferred to the cruiser line's flagship, so junior purser Donald Griswald, like the captain ex-U.S. Navy, is assigned to observe Sanders before succeeding to the post. Camille also gets a transfer to the Grand Princess, later even ship's doctor John Morgan, which rains on Danny's party parade. Donald's dry pragmatism is inappropriate on a fun cruise. Mother...
9 Oct. 1998
All Aboard
After thinking she's the new cruise director, Camille is disappointed to learn that she must share the job with Nicole Jordan. She doesn't like the new girl but John is infatuated. Jim, thinking that an annoying female passenger is the cruise line inspector, waits on her trying to impress her. A guy uses his wife's baby to meet woman on board;
16 Oct. 1998
It Takes Two to Tango
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23 Oct. 1998
Captains Courageous
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30 Oct. 1998
Kennedy informs the crew that exec from the Cruise Line is joining them to inspect them. The man is Merrill Stubing, a former Captain and is accompanied by some former crew members, Dr. Adam Bricker, Cruise Director Julie McCoy and bartender Isaac Washington. They interact with their counterparts. And Stubing's daughter Vicki also joins the cruise and she brought her boyfriend with her. But she tells Julie she's having doubts about him because he's not as perfect as Julie's guy.
6 Nov. 1998
All That Glitters
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13 Nov. 1998
Bermuda Triangle Episode
When the ship veers into the Bermuda Triangle some strange things happen. Like Danny can read minds. Will turns into three persons. Paolo finds himself doing amazing tricks. Nicole finds the Doc irresistible. A Navy pilot who served in World War II with the Captain's father is pulled out of the water and connects with Camille. And the Captain speaks to his deceased father.
20 Nov. 1998
Affairs to Remember
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18 Dec. 1998
Dust, Lust, Destiny
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