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A thought provoking film
eroticeve10 June 2006
Just as some people said that agent orange was not real, some so say that gulf syndrome is not real. But this movie, although it does take some dramatic license, starts with the real stories of real veterans who have illnesses which they relate to their service in the gulf war, be it a "syndrom" or not. Regardless of what you believe, this movie is very thought provoking and motivates the audience to investigate on their own the truth behind the stories of the many veterans whose stories are told in this movie. I recommend that you see it. It is beautifully acted and filmed and Ted Dansen and Marg Helenberger are particularly impressive.
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We should have more movies like this one
dvnitycker26 November 2006
"One of the most controversial international stories of last decade of XX century was made alive in this provocative movie that while searching for hidden truth about mysterious syndrome of Gulf War on fascinating way shows what did more than 100.000 brave U.S soldiers get for their loyalty to their country.

Chris Small (Matt Keeslar) is a model soldier who went through finest training, but nothing could prepare him for the horrors of "Desert Storm" action. Fiery clouds on the horizon, deterrent alarms, decomposing body of dead fellow soldiers are some of the memories he brought home to Memphis, where he was gratefully welcomed by his friends and family. Despite his return, he is not happy because he came back sick and changed. Movie is about struggle of his family and some other people to find out and show the truth to the nation.

This excellent movie reveals hidden facts of that big military operation, concentrating on important and cover-up story about real causes of health issues of large number of U.S. Gulf War veterans. Producer Rod Holcomb took this itchy and hard subject and transfered it to the screen, giving amazingly detailed answers to questions many wouldn't dare to ask. Excellent rolls of Ted Danson, Jeniffer Jason Leigh and Matt Keeslar, who did a great job featuring proud u.s. soldier. " *movie description by Croatian RTL, translated by me
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One of the Best Made for Cable Movies Ever
Pumpkin-2212 November 1999
This important movie about Gulf War Syndrome and the various bureaucrats' efforts to deny its existence originally aired on the Showtime network and is now (Nov 9) available to rent on video. Unfortunately, it's a "Blockbuster Exclusive" but just this once you should go there and rent this outstanding motion picture, the most moving and troubling search for truth since Oliver Stone's JFK. Ted Danson and Jennifer Jason Leigh give the expected solid performances, but the revelation here is Steven Weber; his character moved me to tears. Try to sit through this film and not get angry about that "good government bullshit" that Gulf War vets had to (and many of them still have to) endure. Do not miss this one.
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Poor acting, cheap sets, and unproven charges.
cannae17 December 1999
Another vast conspiracy movie that tries to blame the US government and the Armed Forces (especially the Army) for every disaster since the Great Flood. Anyone who has ever served time in the US military can see how bogus this film is. Uniforms, equipment, sets, and mannerisms are all wrong. (And of course, all Senior Officers are either corrupt criminals or total idiots.) Blatant propaganda with no attempt at objectivity. Most of the theories presented have been disproven over the past few years. Uses every cliche', rumor, and Urban Legend from the Gulf-all are presented as gospel. (The truth is, no one knows for sure why some GW vets are sick and others are healthy as horses.) PS This is not new. War is NOT fun and I know WWII, Korean, and Viet Nam vets with some pretty serious ailments, too. (And the government has the responsibility to take care of all of them.) Sensationalistic movies like this will not solve the problem!
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Propaganda at its finest
moni1 September 2007
What this movie fails from answering is how wrong this war is (and most US wars recently made only to get some oil).

How many innocent civilian casualties there has been, how many lives perished and how blatantly stupid the perpetrators are.

So, let me ask you - if American soldier kills women and children apart from enemy, its OK, but if government accidentally kills their own forces by deadly chemicals while killing many civilians as well, it is not? Your logic fails, gentleman.

I'll give it 5 for the solid performance and 1 to everything else, 3 in total.
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A commercial, soapy, protracted muddling of fact and fiction.
George Parker12 June 2001
"Thanks of a Grateful Nation" is a docudrama which attempts to tell the tale of Gulf War Syndrome. A Showtime commercial journeyman drama which muddles fact with fiction in the interest of entertainment, "Thanks..." runs too long at three hours, slogs around in woebegone soapy sentimentality with fictional subplots, is fraught with overtones of paranoia, and doesn't do justice to the interests and people it pretends to support. Those interested in GWS can find the real deal easily on the Inet. Pass on this one.
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