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final film of veteran actor LLoyd Bridges

Author: Jay Harris ( from United States
28 April 2001

This is the final film that Lloyd Bridges starred in. He plays the ailing father whose grown children are concerned over. His daughter invites her fiance to be with them & then the fun begins. For the most part this is a pleasant lil romp, that does get quite farcial in the middle. I could of done with out so many visuals of bodily functions., Lloyd Bridges still has that sparkle on his eye that made him the big star he was. His son Beau appears as one of his sons in the film. Josh Charles is the slightly wooden fiance. Not really too much to recommend except to see Lloyd Bridges in his last role. rating is **1/2

as always Jay Harris

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Kookie, off kilter, fun little unabashed romp??

Author: George Parker from Orange County, CA USA
5 November 2001

"Meeting Daddy" tells of a young California couple who visit the female half's somewhat backward clan in Georgia where they encounter a menagerie of quirky off-beat characters including her daddy (L. Bridges). If you are into fun little romantic comedy romps and have a sense of appreciation for the irreverent and inane, you'll probably enjoy "Meeting Daddy". If not, you may be terminally bored if not somewhat repulsed. This genre defying little sleeper is a concatenation of old gags laced with a wisp of charm whipped up in a very peculiar sort of mix which will please some and displease others. Lloyd Bridges turns in a fine final performance as the laconic, manipulative, and eerily senile patriarch. A must see for wacky comedy lovers.

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A truly original comedy in the vein of "Spanking the Monkey"

Author: filmkid_2001 ( from Granville, Ohio
3 July 2000

One of the best little films I've seen in a long time. Don't let the box art on the video fool you, this is NO family film! It's a highly original combination of romantic comedy, gross-out humor with a little bit of heart. Josh Charles (from Sports Night) is an "angry young man" writer who goes to meet his girlfriend's family in Savannah, Ga. The girlfriend is played by Alexandra Wentworth who I've never seen before but she' s funny and sexy and believable, I'd sure go to Savannah for her! Lloyd Bridges is funny/threatening as Wentworth's father, apparently this was his last film (I thought he died after "Mafia" can someone clear this up).

His performance is truly outstanding in this movie. But, in addition to the performances, this director shows flashes of a really whacked-out imagination -- there's a scene with a talking severed toe, a vomiting scene that I can hardly describe and some dialogue that'll really take you by surprise.

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The nondescripts meet the caricatures

Author: Nozz from Israel
18 February 2000

The plot couldn't be simpler. "My girlfriend's family turns out to be weird." Nothing wrong with that, except that there's nothing lovable about the weirdness (the closest to lovable is irascible, that's Lloyd Bridges) and the boyfriend and girlfriend are just cardboard figures themselves. Alexandra Wentworth is still beautiful, chipmunk cheeks and all, but she looks too mature for a college kid. We're supposed to identify with the male lead, but to see the scene through his eyes is to see a world that is neither attractive nor believable and the movie just doesn't reward the effort.

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If you think vomit is funny, this movie is for you.

Author: davemed
27 December 2000

I checked this movie out based on a review on this site. Please, save yourself the time and trouble of hoping this turkey goes somewhere. A decent cast, ample budget and a very unfunny story. Just terrible!

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Solid if not memorable

Author: BloodTheTelepathicDog from north dakota
16 May 2005

Lloyd Bridges steals this film as an aging Southerner who tries to break up his only daughters relationship with a city boy.

Josh Charles and Alexandra Wentworth handle the young couple leads well, as Wentworth has to go home and help take care of her ailing father. Her eccentric brothers, Beau Bridges and Olkewicz, are driving her insane, so she persuades Josh Charles to come down south and save her from a breakdown.

Josh Charles is obviously a fish out of water down south, not blending well with the local character. He tries his hardest to impress his lovers family, but can't seem to meet their expectations. He is forced to compromise his principals by hanging a Confederate flag and accidentally calls God a twisted serial killer, which places him in the doghouse with Wentworth's obese brother.

There are plenty of laughs to be had here, thanks to Bridges and Charles' interaction. Plus the only Buffy in my book, Kristy Swanson, adds some flavor as a southern sexpot.

Pick this up, you won't be disappointed.

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a hidden gem

Author: lvsmvs from saavannah, georgia
28 March 2001

this popped up the other morning...5 am on showtime...and i read the blurb about GA...Savannah GA it turned area this native knows very i watched it...very funny...offbeat...sure they made the southerners look comical..but what about Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil...hey!! you gotta laugh at yourself...Kristy Swanson is a friend's cousin...and you gotta love Lloyd and Beau together...i kept saying that looks familiar does that....and what do you know? credits list it as filmed another lost gem....Camilla with Jessica Tandy and Bridget Fonda.....i have no memory of either of these films being shot here...not as touted as the highly publicized ones i suppose....

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Funny at times

Author: vchimpanzee
22 September 2005

Peter is an aspiring writer from New York who has moved to Los Angeles and works in a bookstore. His girlfriend Melanie is in law school. Melanie asks Peter to come with her to Georgia to help take care of her elderly diabetic father, who really needs to be in a home or at least have a full-time caretaker.

Larry and Dink are Melanie's brothers. Dink is a fat jerk who doesn't seem too intelligent. Larry seems to work in real estate and has filed for bankruptcy in the past. The responsibility of taking care of The Colonel seems to fall to Melanie, however. And The Colonel doesn't like being taken care of or told what to do, even though his mind isn't quite right and he wants to eat what isn't good for him. The family starts looking at options, and Peter ends up having to take care of Daddy while they are gone, with humorous results.

The Colonel is a Hard-Shell Baptist and conservative, which is frustrating for Peter and Melanie, who want to sleep together. Dink tells Peter, who is Jewish, that Jesus is the only way to salvation.

I liked this movie when it was funny. Sometimes the arguing between family members got to be a little much. And the real-estate gags got old fast.

Lloyd Bridges was quite convincing as a feeble but stubborn old man. Alexandra Wentworth effectively showed the take-charge personality of Melanie, but even she had her vulnerable moments, such as when she was deprived of sex. Edie McClurg was adorable and perky but not too confident as the woman hired to take care of Daddy. And Kristy Swanson was a delight as Melanie's best friend from high school, who came up with values for items in the house so they could be divided among the children. But mostly she wore too-short skirts and seemed to want Peter.

This was worth seeing, even if it seems kind of familiar.

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Save your time and money

Author: Jenn S
23 February 2002

Found this sleeper of a movie in the $1.99 bargain bin at Blockbuster and it was still not worth it. This poor attempt to mimic the gross-out humor of the Farrelly brothers falls beyond short. The plot is slow-moving, the characters are flat, and the comedy predictable. Alexandra Wentworth is way too old to play the girlfriend and her acting is just as amateur as when she was on In Living Color. Josh Charles does his best playing the more believable conservative boyfriend, but again the age difference is so obvious. Josh looks more like her son than her boyfriend. Lloyd Bridges performance is top notch and it's a shame that this was his final film, not just because he was an excellent actor but because this movie sucks big time!

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A surprisingly funny sleeper!

Author: themarkster from New York City
1 July 2000

I rented this movie at Blockbuster on an impulse -- and I'm really glad I did. Josh Charles and Lloyd Bridges are laugh-out-loud funny -- and kristy swanson is, quite frankly, hot hot hot. She has one scene that surprised me so much I spit lemonade all over the coffee table. There were a few slow spots but I spent most of the movie laughing. This is absolutely worth watching.

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