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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

The game Julian is playing is Twisted Metal III. However, the sounds we hear while he's playing are generic "boop-boop-beep" arcade noises, and not actual sounds from Twisted Metal III.
During the Kangaroo Song, the lyrics on the TV show "hop hop hop all DAY", but the singer actually says "hop hop hop all Night".

Character error 

At the end of the movie when Sonny says "Vanessa?" while holding Julian (at around 1 hour 30 mins), Julian simultaneously mouths the line.


When Julian won't stop talking to the homeless man before going into McDonalds, the homeless man asks Sonny to get him a Sausage McMuffin. When Sonny and Julian come out from McDonalds the homeless man asks Sonny where his Egg McMuffin is.
When "Frankenstein" vomits on the floor, it is partially on the floor and partially on the carpet. Later, it is totally on the floor with none on the carpet
At the super market, Julian has an itch and Corinne lays a package of frozen vegetables on his arm. In the first shot, the package is right side up. But in the very next shot the package is upside down.
The skater that trips on the stick is shown skating past the kid before he throws down the stick.
When Sonny is walking back to couch after tuning the television and says, "Let's do it, Rangers," he places his Pepsi behind the Chunk Chip bag. In the next shot when he says, "How you doing?" to Julian, the Pepsi is to the right behind the Cheetos Bag.
When Sonny is pouring milk into the lotion bottle for Julian to put it on his cereal, the bowl is heaping with cereal but in the next shot, it is level.
When Sonny and Julian are shopping at the store, Sonny starts denting Spaghetti Os cans to save money. The second can dropped moves from the left of sonny to the right. At both times before the shot the can was stationary.
In the scene where Sonny and Julian are warning roller-bladers to "slow-down", they are standing about a few feet away from each other. When the homeless man comes by in a shopping cart, they appear to be standing further apart. When it cuts to them again (after the homeless man has passed them), they are standing close to each other again.
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When Sonny does the wrestling move on Nazo, and he passes out, Nazo's head is first turned to the left. In the next shot, it is turned to the right. Then turned to the left again.

Revealing mistakes 

When the skater coming down the path in the park hits Sonny's stick, he careens down the hill into the pond between two large rocks. The smaller rock on the right lifts and floats a little to the right.
When Julian spills the milk on the floor the milk is spreading towards the back of the room. Then when the camera switches back to Sonny the milk is a circular pool before Sunny put the newspaper on it. The newspaper never gets wet.
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The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Revealing mistakes 

At the end of the movie when they gather at Hooter's, Sonny kisses Layla and his baby. While in that shot, it is obviously a live infant, a few moments later, Layla is seen leaning over the table of food with a doll instead.

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