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Action-packed, often hilarious fun!

Author: AnthonyRS1983 from New York
2 July 2002

This was the second Dragon Ball movie released during the series' Japanese TV run. This, like the previous DB movie, is a re-telling of pivotal moments in the Dragon Ball TV series. This time, the story re-tells how Goku met Krillin and how the two boys began their training under the wise "Turtle Hermit", Master Roshi. In the movie, Master Roshi sends Goku and Krillin out to a spooky castle at the Devil's Hand to retrieve a "Sleeping Princess" in return for martial arts training. As they arrive, Goku's friends are captured by the castle's residents, Lucifer, and Igor and both he and Krillin must save Bulma from being used as an involuntary blood donor and prevent Lucifer from blowing up the sun and overrunning the Earth with monsters. This second movie is a bit more serious in tone, but has its share of hilarious moments recreated from the TV series.

GRADE: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Dragon Ball Slepping Princes anime review !

Author: ThePhoenix 23 from United States
5 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dragon Ball:Sleeping Princes is the second dragon ball movie written by Akira Toriyama who made the failure that was Dragon Ball:Curse Of The Blood Rubies released July 18, 1987


Movie:45 minutes long

Story:It continues after the first movie.It's a retelling of the second arc the master Roshie arc were Goku meets Krilin and to get training from Roshie they need to bring him the most beautiful women on earth the sleeping princes that was asleep for 5000 years in the Devil's castle and is being guarded by demons.Goku and Krilin set off by competing each other who will rescue her first.Yamcha,Bulma and the others try to help then but get kidnapped.Overall the story is much better in this Movie then in the first one there are some Deja vu moments like when Poar turn into scissors.It's a decent retelling, bad villain,Goku is not weak in fact he is as strong as in the anime and a good ending that is similar to the anime 5.5/10

Characters:They are way better than in the first movie.Goku is still are lovable strong air head hero Krilin is the same bald headed jerk.Roshie is the same pervert we know and love.The villains were okay the main villains goal was suicide he wanted to blow up the sun.What he is a dumb ass.Overall characters are like in the anime.

Animation:It has the same animation from the first movie but it's more cleaner,smother and it has decent enemy designs.And the animation looked great 6.5/10

Sub or Dub ?

Dub:It's terrible the reason why because it's not the Funamation dub that i loved so i had to watch the movie in sub 3/10

Sub:It's the same from the show but i like the dub from the show more 8.5/10

Music:Same music from dragon ball.Except there is one new song that is average

Humor:It was well done.The moments when Roshie acts pervertedly is the highlight of the movie.Some good jokes from episodes and all were pretty funny 6/10

Negatives:It retells the arc which a hate retelling,villain was an idiot,dub is terrible,Roshie is barley in this movie.

Verdict:Overall this movie is way better than the first one.It has a good retelling the characters are the same ones we love and overall if you are a fan of dragon ball you might like this movie ?

Final score:5/10

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Another retelling of Dragonball.

Author: emasterslake from United States
20 November 2007

In order for Goku to become an apprentice of Master Roshi/Kame Sennin, he and a bald boy named Kuririn must fulfill an assignment. Master Roshi wants a woman around his home for cooking and cleaning. The assignment is to retrieve the slumbering princess from the lair of Lucifer. Once Goku and Kuririn bring back that princess, then they will become the students of Master Roshi himself.

But both Goku and Kuririn will learn that Lucifer's Lair is a ghoulish and hellish place to visit. As it's fully populated with goblins and night dwelling beasts. With the help of old friends and personal strength, Goku will have a winning chance in retrieving this princess.

Like the previous movie, this is an alternate retelling of how Goku first met Kuririn, how he became Roshi's student, as well as how they first met Lunch(the split personality woman).

The story to this one is enjoyable with all the recognizable and made for the movie characters. Only down side is it's less than an hour. But if you are a fan of the Dragonball series, then you wouldn't mind that at all.

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