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Good movie

Author: Maarten Amkreutz from Holland
11 November 2003

DBZ Movie 10: Dangerous Partners! Super Warriors never rest

The movie is set at the time when Goku is still dead and Gohan has fallen in love with Videl. Goten and Trunks go looking for the Dragonballs together with Videl. However, during their search they bump into one of Goku's most feared and powerful enemies: Brolly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. It was believed he died at the end of Movie 8, but somehow he survived and now he's come to earth for revenge. Goten and Trunks, with the help of Gohan, must take on the monstrously powerful Brolly. But can they win without Goku's help?

Overall, the movie is pretty good. Lots of action combined with a some good humor. Brolly is one of the greatest DBZ villains of all time, with his brute strength and quest for vengeance which has led him to insanity. The way Brolly is ultimately defeated is one of the coolest ever seen... The movie has it's downs, but is one of the better nonetheless.

(Oh, and don't worry about Brolly being gone for good. He returns for the last time in movie 11.....)

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Not much to improve upon

Author: kakarott55 from Baton Rouge, LA
16 October 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** I've been a fan of DBZ for some time and I've developed my likes and dislikes like everyone else. I enjoy the fighting scenes and humor but sometimes the plot leaves something to be desired. One thing I can't stand sometimes is that the characters always use the dragonballs in the aftermath of a battle but never to help with the battle, but if they did then the fighting wouldn't be as good(oh well). This movie features my favorite villain, Brolly, and he is seriously tough as usual. I enjoy the humor that Trunks and Goten bring and seeing Gohan grown up is cool. If you are any kind of DBZ fan then check this out now. If you like any anime then I also recommend this movie. NOW FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE. SERIOUS PLOT SPOILER: It was kind of old stuff with Brolly, I admit, but damn he's cool. For some strange reason he couldn't think or say anything not about kakarot. If Brolly had to meet his end I'm glad the writers decided to use the dragonballs to beat him and not any specific character. It was a cool ending with the family all firing at the same time and throwing Brolly in to the sun. Whether or not Goku was really there, or he was an image to inspire Gohan and Goten is up to us to decide. I think Goku was and image that Shenron made and Shenron also weakened Brolly and that's why his blasts had no effect after Goku showed up. I think I might be dissecting it too much but that's what's fun about these types of endings in movies.

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