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Broly is back!!!
jake-law1235 August 2010
The second installment to the Broly series reprises the second coming of the Legendary Super Saiyan. Its time to continue the fight for the start of the legendary super saiyan rebirth. This one includes a lot more humor, less intensity, but still keeps the DBZ feeling, and name.

Its been seven years since the fight with Broly, with Goku in the Otherworld, and Trunks, Goten, Gohan, and Videl on a search for the Dragon Balls. They encounter a village under attack by a monster, and soon learn who the monster is. Broly becomes resurrected, and takes on all four on his own.

Although short, this film is quite epic, as well as funny. It is rather ridiculous at times though, like when Trunks pees on Broly's face. Its mostly just child play humor with Goten and Trunks, but when Gohan enters the battle, it gets really intense. Has awesome music, just like the first one, and gives us exactly what we expected. The Legendary super saiyan fighting against Gohan, for the fate of the universe. The way he's defeated is pretty decent, and the fighting scenes make the movie seem longer.

In conclusion, its well made and continues the Broly series on a high note!
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Poor humor, a shallow story and a boring fight.
Fake Name14 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING! THIS COMMENT CONTAINS MANY SPOILERS. In my opinion the movie is simply awful compared to the last movie where Broly appeared in. I am a hardcore Dragonball Z fan, but this movie was boring to me. The storyline was(to me at least)in no way interesting and Broly seemed to be a horrible amount weaker and not very ferocious compared to the 8th movie so the fights were not very exciting. When a Dragonball Z fan knows that The Legendary Super Saiya-jin (who Broly just happens to be)is appearing in a movie he/she will probably be expecting to see a good fight. Not Broly chasing after a couple of kids for half the movie, only to be defeated (while he was in his FULLY powered up form) by only 3 FIRST level super saiya-jins combined powers. What happened to the Broly that could effortlessly destroy a planet? I find it hard to believe that this is the same guy who was pulverizing the south galaxy. But a bad comment or two won't stop a real fan from watching this movie. I truly hope that you like it more than I did.
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Broly's Back...
gigan-9219 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Oh Jesus, the Legendary Super Saiyan is back, and stronger than ever. Apparently at the end of the first film Broly's body wasn't completely destroyed; although that appears to be what we clearly saw. Whatever...

Any who, Broly has returned and has now arrived on Earth. Once he is freed (due to Goten's crying), he displays an even higher power than last time. This probably due to the fact that when a saiyan recovers from a near death injury they gain a tremendous power-up. Goku's fist tearing through his stomach likely fitted into that category. Amazingly enough, he appears to have power that is now beyond a super saiyan two's, seeing as Gohan could barely stand against him during their fight. To some disappointment, Broly has gone insane to some extent, his only dialogue other than "Kakarot" being "I will not stop until you lie dead at my feet." Other than that Broly is just as menacing as he was in the first film. But this film is far shorter and neither Piccolo nor Vegeta get a second chance at the Legendary Super Saiyan, what?!! Instead the story relies on Trunks, Videl and Goten to fuel the action. A more or less bad decision.

Less actual rock but an excellent ending leaves with me the decision to give this one an overall good review for the most part.
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Broly stares menacingly while everyone does whatever they want, unlike how in the previous movie he was a brutal killing machine of unbridled insanity.
Adamakw1 .26 August 2015
Felt like it was phoned in. The worst of all the DBZ movies I've seen. Broly wasn't even anything like the Broly from the first movie, he was basically neutered. He was brutal in the first movie, death incarnate. But in this one he just kind of floated around waiting for everyone to do whatever they wanted. They could have thrown a party in the middle of the fight and he just would have floated in the background staring menacingly until they decided it was time to fight him again. Gohan and Trunks didn't even seem to recognize him; no look of fear or even mentioning that they believed he died. It seemed like they made this just because they could, not because they had a good or thought out idea for a movie. Terrible and disappointing.
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Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!
smetin17 June 2017
I loved the first Broly film. It had everything I love from Dragon Ball - a funny premise, ki-blasts aplenty and a great villain. I love the way the creators of this show have so much fun. I mean, the idea that a Super Saiyan of astronomic proportions is so angry is because Goku kept crying as a baby? Proper tongue in cheek there!

The second movie picks up 7 years where the first left off. Despite his apparent destruction, Broly is indeed alive although he is 'inactive'. It is only when Goten's loud cry (bearing resemblance to Goku's crying as a baby) rings through the ice do we see Broly wake up. Boy oh boy was he angry! Without the controlling headband, Broly is unleashed from the start and unlike many Dragon Ball movies, the action starts very early on into the movie. I felt this was somewhat rushed. Perhaps we could have had a bigger build-up. A further glimpse into the back story of Broly would have been great too. I just felt something was missing here that the creators failed to capitalise on.

The action sequences that ensued Broly's reactivation were very different from the first movie. Unlike the serious nature of battle captured in the first movie, the involvement of Goten and kid Trunks adds an element of humour here that I felt was great fun. Others may feel that Broly is one the villains in the Dragon Ball series who had so much potential, but was given a storyline that failed to meet it. To me, I loved the fact that the creators matched one of the strongest fighters in the universe with such a comedic storyline. It was a tale of polar opposites! The only thing I wanted to see was more of a fight from the younglings before teen Gohan came into the picture.

When the story came to an end it felt a bit anticlimactic. The story was just so basic that I thought there would have been more to come after the battle scenes. Perhaps the creators could have involved a further sub-plot of Saiyans who tracked Broly's reactivation and they could have also come to fight. Anything would have been welcomed here, but I suppose when you only have 50 minutes to play with there is only so much you can do.

If you liked the first Broly movie, you will enjoy this. It is very different from the first, but it is still enjoyable. However, don't expect a deep story because this is as basic as fisticuffs in Fight Club.
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Great Comedy... kinda lacking everything else.
lucas-4210 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
It's a funny movie with Trunks and Goten running around looking for the Dragon Balls just because Videl wants to see it. The movie seems kinda dull though. Not much of a storyline. Brolli is back, and unfortunately he doesn't really belong here. The storyline makes sense, but it's not really a great reason to bring Brolli back. He has no place here now. He is just a villian they needed to help get some jokes across. The fighting doesn't REALLY begin until Gohan shows up to save those two kids butts from big bad brolli. However, Brolli is still very very powerful. It takes a combined effort of THREE Kame Hame Ha's to defeat him. That's the best part of the movie. ..... there is a funny surprise in there too. Look for it. You'll know it when you see it. Can anyone say, Mr. Piccolo!
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A bit of a disappointment
Eric Stevenson9 May 2017
It was interesting to see Videl and actually play a fairly big role in one of these movies. Unfortunately, this movie made the mistake of being too short, which is what made the original so good. I also missed Piccolo, Future Trunks, and Vegeta. The end credits actually show stock footage from the first movie. Couldn't they even show stock footage from their own movie? Of course, this was by no means terrible. It helps that we have all the great action that the series is known for. It's just great to see Broly back.

There were so many Dragonball Z movies, I'm glad they had a recurring character as part of it. We really do get some nice bits with Goten and Trunks here too. Congratulations on them for their first movie appearances. Maybe that's why they were featured so much. Goku does in fact appear, but only for a few minutes at the end! I missed him for a lot of the movie, but it was pretty interesting to see some other characters take the spotlight for once and to see Goku and his two sons fight together. **1/2
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Broly is back!
John Doe3 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is the 10th Dragon Ball Z movie, being released in Japan as 'Doragon Bōru Z Kiken na Futari! Sūpā Senshi wa Nemurenai' which means 'Dragon Ball Z: The Dangerous Duo! Super Warriors Never Rest', The FUNimation title is 'Broly: Second Coming' this is a very good movie where it is the second appearance of Broly in the film series. His body is in solid ice and Trunks and Goten awaken him. There are a lot of action sequences and Videl is in this film too.

FUNimation chose to yet again use hard rock music for the film, choosing the band I.O.N (instead of several music bands) but its still a good choice. The English script is well fitted to the original Japanese version. This film has comedy and action.

I give 'Dragon Ball Z: Broly: Second Coming' a 6/10.
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Broly returns, just do not expect the super fight he had in his previous movie.
Aaron137525 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This Dragonball Z movie was a bit weak. They return one of the best movie villains up to that point in Broly and proceed to waste him. He would sort of reappear later in another movie, but it was not the real Broly there only a clone so I am willing to forgive his weakness a bit in that one. This one features the young Trunks and Goten as they along with Videl are searching for the Dragonballs. So right away you are stuck with basically all newer characters instead of the ones we really enjoy (no Vegeta sorry to say). Well Broly appears and proceeds to track down Goten and Trunks as Goten's crying reminds him of Kakorot's which really ticks Broly off. Well Gohan soon appears and though at this point he has the power to go Super Saiyan 2 he instead stays level one. Why you ask? Perhaps because they make Broly so weak in this one that he does not need to ramp up his power for the fight in this one. This raging mass of hatred for Goku, reduced to an easily dispatched foe really kind of sucks. Another thing that is bad here is that the first movie featuring Broly could actually be referred to as a movie as it had a decent run time and so could develop a rather good plot. No such luck here as there almost is no plot, way to much comedy and a weak fight. Its like the makers are saying "Remember that great fight in the first film? Well here we are not going to make it quite as intense". It is not all bad as I enjoyed the appearance of the one Z fighter, but overall this one was just weak.
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Not much to improve upon
kakarott5516 October 2001
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** I've been a fan of DBZ for some time and I've developed my likes and dislikes like everyone else. I enjoy the fighting scenes and humor but sometimes the plot leaves something to be desired. One thing I can't stand sometimes is that the characters always use the dragonballs in the aftermath of a battle but never to help with the battle, but if they did then the fighting wouldn't be as good(oh well). This movie features my favorite villain, Brolly, and he is seriously tough as usual. I enjoy the humor that Trunks and Goten bring and seeing Gohan grown up is cool. If you are any kind of DBZ fan then check this out now. If you like any anime then I also recommend this movie. NOW FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE. SERIOUS PLOT SPOILER: It was kind of old stuff with Brolly, I admit, but damn he's cool. For some strange reason he couldn't think or say anything not about kakarot. If Brolly had to meet his end I'm glad the writers decided to use the dragonballs to beat him and not any specific character. It was a cool ending with the family all firing at the same time and throwing Brolly in to the sun. Whether or not Goku was really there, or he was an image to inspire Gohan and Goten is up to us to decide. I think Goku was and image that Shenron made and Shenron also weakened Brolly and that's why his blasts had no effect after Goku showed up. I think I might be dissecting it too much but that's what's fun about these types of endings in movies.
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