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Season 1

Switching Channels
Marshall and Simon, the protagonists of the original show, contact Mitchell and Stanley, the protagonists of this show, to warn them that a satellite dish salesman wants to bring chaos from their Eerie to this alternate universe Eerie.
The Goody Two-Shoes People
Mitchell and Stanley are sent to Eerie's Junior Executive's Club to learn about economy and corporate business etiquette. Mitchell's worried when both Stanley and class' slacker Rodney turn into robotic top junior executives over night.
Standard Deviation
Obsessive Bureau of Statistics official Miss Median concludes that Mitchell's family is statistically the most average in the US, and arrives to study and adjust them to fit this description. Mitchell looks for her long lost alien lover.
Time Flies
Chronos company sells a high tech coffee maker to the town's bar. When someone uses it, their life gets sped up and once they use up all the time they have, they crumble into dust. Mitchell must outsmart the time thieves behind Chronos.
The Phantom
Mitchell investigates a poltergeist in his school only to discover it's just a kid no one notices to the point of him actually becoming invisible. Mitchell must help him find a way to finally get noticed.
Young and the Twitchy
The star of the most popular soap opera in Eerie visits the town and infects everyone with soap antics turning the whole town into one big soap. He also tries to seduce Mitchell's entranced mom. Can Mitchell's oblivious dad stop him?
Last Laugh
Stanley becomes the latest sidekick of Eerie's legendary insult comedian Howie Lipman. Stanley does well but soon becomes mean even towards Mitchell. Mitchell learns that Howie's sidekicks eventually always go insane.
11 Apr. 1998
The Newsroom
Mitchell discovers that the town's paper The Eerie Enquirer makes up their front page stories which then somehow come true. The editor wants their next story to be about a meltdown at the nuclear power plant where Mitchell's mom works.
Little Buddy Beep-Beep
Every kid in town becomes hooked to a new handheld game similar to Tamagotchi but with an FMV human as "pet". Mitchell realizes that whoever wins top score in the game disappears. He locates the game's weird developer.
Dolly Smith, the vain head of a beauty company, chooses Mitchell's almost equally vain sister to be her next top model. However, Dolly turns her into a living doll to ensure her perfection and Mitchell must save her.
25 Apr. 1998
Nightmare on Eerie Street
Sandman gives Mitchell and everyone in town nightmares and plans to keep them trapped in them forever. To stop him, Mitchell must fight him on his own turf.
Mr. Lucky
Mitchell becomes "cursed" with luck. The trouble is that although this makes him always lucky, everyone else are slowly becoming unlucky, so they turn on Mitchell.
Send in the Clones
Mitchell creates a 13-year-old clone of his dad by accident. The kid turns out to have the same radical hippie beliefs as Mitchell's dad did in the 1960s, when he tried to plant a giant potato bomb in his school. Mitchell must stop him.
I'm Okay, You're Really Weird
Eccentric man claims that the solution to everyone's problems is to get in touch with the inner child and live optimistically, adventurously and without responsibilities once again. The town does just that. Mitchell is suspicious.
The Jackalope
It's Eerie's annual Jackalope festival. Psychotic professional hunter Buck Corona III, who caught every mythical animal out there, believes that jackalopes are real and plans to catch one. Mitchell and Stanley try to stop him.

 Season 1 

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