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Oh the joy!
Superunknovvn3 March 2006
Like its predecessor, "This Is America Part 2" is a "documentary" on the absurd lifestyle of American people. In 1977 the internet hadn't been invented, yet and cable T.V. wasn't as common as it is today, so a lot of Europeans (and probably even some Americans) weren't too familiar with that strange new world, America. And maybe in those times it was possible to accept all of "This Is America" as given, shocking facts. Watching the movie today, however, it is nothing short of hilarious. In fact, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

It all starts out relatively tamely with a report on Jello Biafra running for mayor and his punk band Dead Kennedys singing "California Uber Alles". So far, so good, but soon it all gets over the top as we get to know Captain Sticky, a self-proclaimed super-hero, who's out to fight all unjustness. The voice-over comments Sticky's ridiculous evil-seeking devices so dryly and without any sense of irony that the whole thing becomes even more laughable. The movie continues with reports on homeless people living in the sewers, satanic rituals, swinger discos and - the comedic highlight - a day in the life of a New York bounty hunter. There's violence, there's sex and some more violence. What more could you ask for?

I can only recommend "This Is America Part 2" to anyone with a good sense of humor. Personally, I can't wait to see part 3. If it's only remotely as good as the first two entries in the series, then this franchise rivals "The Godfather" for best trilogy ever.
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Come on over!!!
Troi Poison7 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
**** Potentially spoilers though there's no way to unspoiler a documentary and make it sound appealing in my books. **** Yes come on over to America home of the 'Super Rat', the GX-24 (Genetically altered Red Rooster), and Captain Sticky.

This was an emotional roller-coaster for me. Sick with disgust at the *transients living under the city in train tunnels with roaches, fleas, and the aforementioned rats; to laughing hysterically at idiot topless car-washes and contemporary men beckoned on stage at low-brow women's wrestling.

Every culture is displayed from manufactured chickens that are fed their own droppings in a 4-to-a-cage warehouse right up to over-pampered pets taken to fancy 'pet hotels' and 'pet bordellos'.

Cultures of felines being treated as rats and even consumed may seem abhorrent in North America, but a culture that eats worms and hides behind constitutional religious protection to 'legally' partake of cocaine and hash may seem a little ephed up to others.

Sex, violence, and violent sex are all portrayed with the stores that cater to each as living proof. AND IT'S ONLY 1977!!!! Not for the faint of heart with it's graphic conclusion.

*These homeless living in train tunnels is also documented in the film Dark Days (2000) tt0235327 interviewing and examining these afflicted souls.
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