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Captain Sticky is surrounded by bikini-clad women at a beach. He is also surrounded by some women in somewhat superhero-like outfits.

Several nude women are seen washing cars. One of them is briefly seen attempted touched by a man.

A dog is seen thrusting on an another dog.

At least two women gets topless during a disco sequence.

We get a look inside Erotic Baker. Dozen of cakes are formed as genitails and breasts.

A bunch of people are seen completely nude, after a couple have gotten married during parachute jumping.

A woman teaches a group of women about how to satisfy their husbands' sexual fantasies.

Several men are doing striptease in front of many women. If a penis is seen, it's briefly visible from a long distance.

While the first two women are clothed during boxing, the rest are topless. Breasts are visible.

Some clothes are made for different kind of perversity. Also, sexual (bondage) devices are being demonstrated.

We get a look inside a disco where a bunch of people are either partially naked or being topless. Some people are seen bathing, kissing and thrusting.

We get a look inside a room where a bunch of nude people have sex with each other.

A few women are seen topless during the "psycho drama" sequence.

Captain Sticky throws a pie on a man's face.

Rats in Manhattan's train tunnel are mentioned to be violent and carnivorous. Also, several men are seen barbequing some rats and eating them.

In a "Western scenario", a man is hanged.

A man forces himself through a door, beats up a man and violently pushes him around.

The narrator mentions about how dangerous piranhas are, and we see a group of piranhas eating a huge animal until this animal become skeleton.

Nuns are mentioned to have tragic pasts, like rape and being vandalized. Also, some nuns train to fight.

Several women wrestle. Also, several men get to experience some humiliation by a few of the women.

A large amount of chickens are in multiple cages. The narrator tells about how these chickens are prepared for the sake of fast food. One chicken is seen dead, bloody.

Several people eat worms.

Several women have boxing.

There is a segment about cremation, where a body has been reduced to ash.

A car is smashed.

There are some references about how dangerous a biker gang called Hell's Angels are. A man is beating up an another man who's get a little bit bloodied on his face.

Violence and weapons are being talked about. Accompanied by quick shots of various film clips.

Some people shoot on some objects. Also, a man makes a young boy to shoot a watermelon.

A surgery is performed on a man's head.

A black-and-white-film shows man being sentenced to death by a electric chair.

While the police and Hell's Angels are seen in one sequence, a female can be heard very briefly saying the F-word.

In the black-and-white film about death penalty, a man in the jail is showing a middle finger and yells "F*** you".

The word "drugs" is mentioned at least once during a sequence with chubby people.

A priest mentions some kind of drugs like cocaine, hasj and marihuana. The same man lets the guests to sniff a drug.

Some drugs like Thorazine are seen.

Drug-therapy is mentioned.

This film is more bizarre than it's predecessor "This is America" (1976). The film overall is not for children.

We get to see a sad community where old people without any relatives are left to enjoy their last sunlights. Could be somewhat upsetting to some viewer.


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