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De Sade Hardcore Style
Michael_Elliott2 May 2016
Cocktail Special (1978)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Jess Franco's third attempt at de Sade's Philosophie dans le Boudoir has a couple (and their servant) seducing a young woman with plans of killing her.

There's really not too much plot for COCKTAIL SPECIAL, which is the third time the director attempted to tell this story. The first, EUGENIE...THE STORY OF HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION is a minor classic and the second film, HOW TO SEDUCE A VIRGIN, is also among the director's best films. The director would go on to film this story several more times but I think most people would agree that this version really isn't all that special on any level.

I think the best thing going for the film is its rather catchy and upbeat musical score, which was created to Franco and Daniel White. The score always seem to play at the right time and perfectly captures the sleaze that is on the screen. As far as the performances go, faking an orgasm is pretty much all they're asked to do as the film is pretty much all sex with the exception being a couple dialogue scenes.

So, will porn fans enjoy this film? "Enjoying" isn't really a good word to use when it comes to Franco's porn titles. A lot of them are downright ugly and rather disgusting, which is what this one here falls into. None of the sex is what you'd consider erotic and most of it is poorly filmed at that. There are more perverted scenes including a woman urinating into a cup and don't even get me started on where the title comes from.
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Great Adult Entertainment
pierrelegere27 September 2005
The Film was also released in Germany with the title "Feuchte Lippen" and has a very good synchronization. This film is a great 70's porn flick, entertaining and tasteless, including incest and pissing- scenes. It's the story of a virgin who gets private sex-party circles of a pervert woman, who also has a relationship with the virgins father. At a bizarre sex-party, she tries to arrange the defloration of the virgin by her own father...thats a story!! The original name ("Cocktail speciale") comes from a scene where some party guests mix a cocktail just with their own comment!

It was distributed in the theaters by Beate Uhse Filmverleih and also released on German Video by BuV / Videorama. There is also a good soundtrack, at least on the German version. If you are into cheesy erotic films, this might be your next Saturday night fun! Seems to be uncut in Germany, but contains nearly no violence anyway... and they didn't cut too much pubic-hair this days!
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