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Funny, funny people.
leo123 May 2001
Unfortunately I cant get this back in Ireland and I so wish I could because it is consistently hilarious. A panel of comedians, and the Cream of Australian talent Rob Sitch, Tom Gleisner and Santo Cilauro, sit around and discuss the weekly news and media. These guys are responsible for the aussie movies The Castle, a masterpiece in human observation and honest humour, and the Dish a bigger budget heartwarming comedy about a rural community in Australia during the Apollo 11 moon landings in 1969.

These are talented, talented people.
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Mindless Drivel
Muldwych1 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Back in the 90's, Rob Sitch, Tom Gleisner, and Santo Cilauro were my heroes. I LOVED (and still love) The Late Show, a program that showcased the talent of these men. They were quick-witted, hilarious, versatile, and they put together a show that you wanted to talk about and quote endlessly, the trademark of many a good piece of visual entertainment. They followed it up with the superb Frontline, and several great movies including The Castle. Somehow they decided it would then be time to spend the better part of a decade sitting at a desk, interviewing vacuous celebrities, spouting the government's 'safe' and convervative viewpoints, and passing off infotainment-style humour so bad they make Bert Newton look like Bill Hicks. What the hell happened? Is this supposed to be the crowning glory that sits on top of all their earlier brilliance? It's so desperately lame that it doesn't surprise me it's lasted this long. Any show that's so bland and inoffensive that a gay-hating bishop would give it the thumbs up is always guaranteed prime-time immortality.

I moved overseas a few years ago, but managed to catch the 2005 Christmas Special, out of curiosity. Good lord, can this show sink any lower? They were actually hawking products and advertising sales under the guise of comedy 'ads'. For charity. What charity is this? A charity for all the mentally-slow viewers who can't see the shows they watch have actually become advertisements themselves? Folks, if you want charity, tell them to donate half their weekly earnings to any cause you care to name. Then we'll see how serious they are about promoting their favourite corporations. Either that or donate said money to get Australian comedians on TV who haven't completely sold out to the point of blinding embarrassment.

Maybe the title of this show should be called "We Need New Yachts", because I cannot possibly think of another reason why these former talents make this crap. Either that or call it "We're Rich, Who Cares?"
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Must-See TV
JJFabbsy13 June 1999
This is a show I make sure I never miss.

You could call it Australia's own "water-cooler" show. The discussions are (most of the time) lively, depending on who's on The Panel and the one-liners steal the show.

Simple concept, great viewing.
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the panel is what TV needs
singlewhitematt31 October 2006
I lived in Australia for 3 years, and the Panel was mandatory weekly viewing. I think it is just what TV needs, some spontaneity, humour, live music, and they put everyone that comes on the show at ease. Big TV and movie personalities come on the show and are totally relaxed, so you can see what they are like. I remember many cool moments from the Panel - Harry Shearer doing all of his Simpsons voices, Chris Isaak live, too many to recount. Any big American star that was in Australia would stop by and the hosts of the show would test them (like any good Australian would) to see if they have a sense of humour! Lots of levity, good guests, live music, and Quarters with the weekly sports - what more could a TV show deliver - The Panel rules!
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Not bad a show.
archie_boy29 September 2004
I like The Panel, its an entertaining way to catch up on whats happening around and about, its one of my fave Australian TV shows along with roy and hg. Also I read they don't just accept any guests on the show, they want guests that are interesting to them so they can keep the ball rolling with the talking so it doesn't feel like just another boring TV interview. And that theory seems to work because the interviews with the guests/celebrities come across as casual as if they're just chatting around a coffee table. My only negative view on the show is the musical acts how they get shoved away back behind the desk, you can hardly see them! But all in all its a cool show.
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kern86r2 August 2002
This show has to be one of the most simple shows on television yet it is also one of the best chat shows (along with the abc's glass house)on Aussie TV that i have seen. The whole show is fantastic in my opinion except for when Steven Quartermain talks about sports, don't get me wrong, I like to hear about sports, I just don't like this guy's opinions on sports, he seems like he doesn't know all that much about them, I rather see someone like the guy who presents sports tonight or Tony Squires(from the Fat). Away from that though, the people on the panel are very wity, they will say there own points of view things and they will talk with people like scientists or politions ect. They've talked about(and to)the refugees when most other shows will runaway from topics like this. I would also like to add that this show, although on a commercial station, is more like something you'll see on the ABC(it's very laid back,etc)

*this is what one of the guys on the panel said in hope to make it the next catch phase however it didn't really catch on, although it did get on a McDonalds's ad.
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One of the funniest, most clever "Talk" shows in history
Ablaze-225 September 1998
On Wednesday night, a lot of people tune in for this little beauty of a show. A bunch of people sitting around a desk talking about the weeks news around them - No big deal, but the people on this show make it worth it. Witty comments fly, jokes get thrown from end of the desk to another... so on. Probably the most intellectually interesting shows on Australian TV.
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Not that smart
dlewis-1031 October 2000
The Panel shows the limitations of its very talented crew. Uninformed, unrehearsed, unprofessional, its speakers go from the merely thick to the completely annoying. Indeed, watching the promos generally save you more than an hour, as the promos show the funny bits, which are few and far between. I loved these guys in D-Gen, Frontline and the Castle, but I just cannot stomach the Panel.
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Claustrophobic, but makes a good TV screensaver.
movieLoader19 July 2003
The Panel is getting tired. These guys should move on to something else. Mixing up humorous and serious reflection on news & current affairs is their game, and they've played fairly I suppose. But they confined themselves to a format that can't evolve, which leaves them jogging on the spot. This has resulted in a little "cabin fever" setting in.

And their recent TV ad campaign are a sign they are experiencing a touch of deluded status. You know the ads I mean, with the alternative art effect ramped up beyond any representation of the actual show. Their words sometimes echo with a disturbing "this is how it is" tone as well, even on subjects clearly out of their depth.

Interesting guests are sometimes squeezed in at the table and blasted with lights, camera, questions. Claustrophobic.

Overall there has been a few good times, some funny times, and a crap load of ... well, screensaver times.

6 / 10
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Pretentious and generally sickening
coye5 July 2004
Gone are the days of the 'D-Gen', 'Mud', 'Bargearse'. This is the gang, mature and discussing politics, art, film and other current events… and they've turned into a bunch of snobs.

I used to be a huge fan of these guys (what Working Dog became, a very unsuitable title now), particularly of 'The Late Show' where they would make fun of a show like 'The Panel'. I guess after all their success they have become the people they used to make fun of.

Rob is the worst offender, rolling his eyes, at anything out of his comfort zone and flirting obscenely with any attractive female. Kate seems to be there only to be the token female, and to give Rob someone to make fun of. Tom's just a time keeper. I'm glad Glen and Santo are there still, even if Glen seems to be a rare show, and Santo is soccer obsessive.

It's a shame that a show like this can run so long, further evidence of how little Australian TV has changed in the last 20 years, and worse, how little the audience has changed.
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