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Season 1

1 Sep. 1993
A Bellwether in One's Cap
Young Max receives a very special cap in the mail, and learns that he is the foretold "Mighty One" whom it is said is destined to defeat the ultimate evil of the Skullmaster.
8 Sep. 1993
The Brain Suckers Cometh!
Max, Virgil and Norman must prevent the earth from being invaded by brain devouring aliens.
15 Sep. 1993
Snakes and Laddies
When Max brings an ancient necklace back from Egypt and gives it to a girl named Jiffy, an evil mummy sorcerer named Venom has her kidnapped to sacrifice to his snake god.
22 Sep. 1993
Day of the Cyclops
While vacationing with his mom in Turkey, Max is accused of stealing and is imprisoned. However, the jail is no ordinary one, and is built upon the ancient lair of the cyclops and its savage guardian.
6 Oct. 1993
Let Sleeping Dragons Lie
Skullmaster tricks a druid sorcerer into awakening the Doom Dragon, an ancient beast that will ravage the earth and free him from the underworld.
13 Oct. 1993
Rumble in the Jungle
While on a Congo expedition, Max's mom uncovers and is captured by a lost civilization of talking gorillas who use humans as slaves.
20 Oct. 1993
The Mother of All Adventures
Max's mom brings a statue back from Haiti that turns out to harbor zombifying parasites.
27 Oct. 1993
Norman's Conquest
When Spike, an ancient savage warrior who murdered Norman's father is revived, Norman struggles with his fear and doubt as he tries to find a way to defeat his old enemy and finally lay his father's spirit to rest.
3 Nov. 1993
Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under the Sea
Max, Virgil, Norman and a rich Texan go under the sea in a submarine to battle a giant squid that is destroying ships and threatening the existence of an undiscovered race of squid people.
10 Nov. 1993
Bring Me the Head of Mighty Max
Skullmaster sends an unrelenting army of unkillable ghouls to retrieve the Cosmic Cap by any means necessary.
17 Nov. 1993
Werewolves of Dunneglen
Max and co head over to Scotland to try to solve the mystery of a series of vicious animal attacks.
1 Dec. 1993
Out in the Cold
Evil aliens who can only survive in freezing temperatures take over an Arctic research facility and assume the identity of the researchers in order to carry out devious plans to create a new ice age.
8 Dec. 1993
The Maxnificent Seven
Max and co travel throughout the world, recruiting various heroes to join them in their crusade to destroy Skullmaster and the Crystal of Souls. Max also battles his own terror at the prospect of facing the deadly Skullmaster once more.

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