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Season 2

7 Aug. 1998
The Judgment of Joe Dean Bonner
Riding into a town with no name, Joe Dean Bonner plans to get his pistol fixed. He gets a temporary loan of the Dead Man's Gun - the store owner's favorite and then heads on over to the hotel that does have a name - Final Hour.
14 Aug. 1998
Ties That Bind
Flat broke farmer, Bill Curtis, travels to the next town to get supplies. He finds some money on the road and feels his luck may have changed.
23 Aug. 1998
Sheep's Clothing
A milquetoast teacher, recently diagnosed with Kidney failure and told he hasn't long to live, gets a new demeanor and lease on life when he comes across a dead outlaw wearing the Dead Man's Gun.
4 Sep. 1998
Winner Take All
A young pugilist and his manager plan on making a killing in new and unfamiliar territory. West of where they were, they do find a match that has a prize of cash as well as the Dead Man's Gun.
11 Sep. 1998
Sisters of Mercy
Two women posing as nuns are afoot in the countryside and given a ride in a wagon driven by a man who seems to have plenty of bounty. With their eye on it all they also see something that is calling to its new owner - the Dead Man's Gun.
18 Sep. 1998
Phineas Newman is a professional hangman who takes his job very serious. Using precise measurements, weight and mathematical equations, he insures the condemned's neck is snapped immediately, resulting in instant death. Depressed and lonely, he is considered a pariah by all he comes into contact with, until the Dead Man's Gun falls into his possession. He comes to believe he has the power to decide when to take life, and when not to. Deciding to spare a Reverend he thinks is actually innocent lands him on the gallows himself, but does that mean he will hang?
25 Sep. 1998
The Collector
Herr Von Huber considers himself a collector of all things from the American old West. When he visits a professor with a similar passion, he discovers he is close to unearthing an old Indian treasure, which he also desires.
2 Oct. 1998
The Trapper
Charlie Three Claws doesn't care for his new neighbor. He skins animals with no regard to their soul and even kills a poacher. When Charlie's granddaughter is raped, a scheme is hatched where he uses the spirit of a grizzly and the curse of the Deadman's gun to even the score.
9 Oct. 1998
The Mimsers
The Mimsers seek employment wherever they can lift the most in the shortest period. Fleeing London to the American West, they hope their luck and fortunes will change. Posing as the hired help for an older confederate colonel, they hadn't figured on someone else having a plan in mind too.
30 Oct. 1998
The Pinkerton
The owner of a silver mine calls in the best Pinkerton man when his wife is kidnapped for ransom. His investigation goes round and round until he figures out the roles everyone has really been playing all along.
6 Nov. 1998
Seven Deadly Sins
Joe Morgan returns to bury his father who ran the town bank. When he figures to share in the bank's ownership his brother objects. After a time he becomes ensnared in what his father reminded him were the seven deadly sins.
27 Nov. 1998
The Ripper
When Jack the Ripper may have traveled to a town in the West, an Inspector shows up, saying he is hot on his trail. It takes the town sheriff and a madam to bring him to justice along with the Dead Man's Gun.
22 Jan. 1999
The Regulator
With 30 kills to his name, John Slattery adds 3 more stage robbers to the score. When a widow writer from back East wants to be his biographer he considers it. But his plans for being in town are sidetracked by her devil in the details queries and the Dead Man's Gun.
19 Jan. 1999
The Womanizer
Lyman Gage has always had his way swindling women. Breaking the heart of a married or single woman didn't much matter to him. When he is finally arrested for a promise he didn't keep, he has to deal with a woman who has ideas of her own.
5 Feb. 1999
Johnny Coburn, the town cobbler, has a condition called sleepwalking, where he has no control. When his lovely wife takes the Deadman's Gun in payment, his nightly wanderings take a new direction as folks in town are being mysteriously shot and he wakes up in the morning covered in blood.
12 Feb. 1999
Four of a Kind
Henry Jarrett likes to win at everything. When he kills Yvonne Ballinger's husband over a card game, she finds a way to get her revenge in a unique way using the Deadman's Gun.
19 Feb. 1999
The Oath
A replacement doctor comes to town and already has two strikes: an epidemic is at hand and is a female. She uses the Dead Man's gun to save lives so they decide to give her time to figure out what is killing them.
26 Feb. 1999
The Good Chef
Emil considers himself an artist entitled to certain privileges. When he discovers he is just a cook, he owes his enlightenment to a loving mother and the likes of the Dead Man's Gun.
5 Mar. 1999
The Vine
An Italian immigrant on his way to California comes upon a nanny who lost her family to bandits. He takes her along but when the bandits return and he has never done so, he finds out what it means to fire the Dead Man's gun.
12 Mar. 1999
Bad Boys
When three boys see an outlaw hide a gun in a barn, they become emboldened to rid their lives of what has been troubling them. When the owner returns to reclaim his property, they find out the price of ownership of the Deadman's Gun.
19 Mar. 1999
The Phrenologist
A chance encounter with a man immersed in quicksand gives a young boy possession of a horse, some stolen money and the Deadman's Gun.
26 Mar. 1999
A Just Reward
A man is hired to steal the Deadman's Gun. When he winds up killing the owner and his wife, he's given a fatal history lesson from the only one who was there from the beginning.

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