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Makes you want to BBQ your VCR

Author: formicidae from canada
13 July 2001

This movie is absolutely terrible, which means if you watch it with some friends some night when you have NOTHING else to do, you might actually have a good time (which is why I gave it a 2 instead of a 1).

The inane "plot" follows some kind of freedom fighter (I think) who purposely has himself sent to the prison planet (hence the name), so he can find the spiritual leader of the resistance (I think). Along the way, he is sidetracked with stolen slave girls, a convict (go figure) warlord/slave trader, and some guy in a suit whose very presence is perpetually nonsensical.

One of my friends summed up the quality of this movie when he said "it's like a porno without the sex". Brutal. Look for the scene in the tent where the lighting actually changes from angle to angle. Or any of the dialogue. Or the hovering spaceship shots (Plan 9 From Outer Space, is that you?). Or the spaceship door that flaps in the wind. This must be the only movie where a hunted man can be found anywhere on a planet with only four bad guys and two cars to do the job (note: if you're on a planet and four guys are looking for you, don't run along the planet's only road).

If you want to save yourself the cost of a rental, show your ten year old nephew your copy of Mad Max and ask him to videotape something like it with his friends. It would probably be better. (Though not as funny.)

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Who's idea was this? You should be ashamed.

Author: AndyStew802 from United States
12 December 2009

I have the tendency to lean in the direction of artistic license, but honestly this was the worst film I think I have ever seen. There was nothing redeeming about it, NOTHING! Except, there is the most amazing mullet/wig ever put on film. Even the names... the planet Anakin? Really?

Absolutely positively the most hilarious overacting ever, just atrocious on all levels. I remember making movies when I was 12 that were technically superior to this film. So enjoy it and be warned. I saw it under the name Badlanders. Thanks for making this movie, idiots.

Sidebar-there are two more of these? holy god. They must have made them to launder drug money or something

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Only for z-grade / b-movie enthousiasts

Author: KGB-Greece-Patras
30 September 2003

Having absolutely nothing worthy, this film definately has to be the WORST 'bad' film I have ever seen. That doesn't mean I didn't have a good time, which proves exactly what an abnormal person I am!

I have read comments on bad acting or overacting many times in IMDB for other films. Guys, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT OVERACTING IS, unless you see THIS film. Definately one of the most hillarious characters ever filmed.

So NOBODY should see this film! This is film for the sake of it. Of course the B-movie enthousiasts around the globe might wanna check it out, but be warned: this is BADlanders!

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What was the point of it all?

Author: Oslo Jargo (Bartok Kinski) ( from FINLAND
9 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Prison Planet (1992).

Extremely low budget, but it has its moments. Of course it has some of the worse acting around and lousy effects, but it grinds on you and you begin to laugh. For what it is, it's watchable.

A man breaks into a governmental building to get sent to a prison planet where some nut-ball old king is living. He meets desert nomads and runs into "Broxton", a muscle-bound moron with the brains of a rock. It's a mix of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) plus the standard prison escape drama.

The man wears a black leather suit that is like the "Stillsuits" of Dune (1984).

Broxton (Michael M. Foley) reminds me of the white guys from Hercules Against the Mongols (1963), as he has a fake Mongolian mustache and black hair and he wears the armor from the film.

Everything resembles the "Earth", but still, it's a bit fun, yet the ending will leave you asking, "What was the point of it all?"

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What the Heck is This?

Author: gavin6942 from United States
15 August 2013

In the year 2200 Earth is under the dictatorship of an evil king, with only a band of intrepid rebels to oppose him. Blaine, one of the rebels, gets himself arrested and sent to prison in search of the true ruler, the kings brother. But the prison is protected by a brutal warlord and his equally sadistic warriors, whom Blaine must battle if he ever hopes to find truth and justice.

All I have to say is: what the heck? Some parts have the worst acting, the costumes are decent at times and terrible at others... it seems like someone had a good idea here but was just not able to bring it to fruition (with this finished product not being quite ripe yet).

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this...

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I Never Laughed So Hard At A Movie Ever!

Author: Paul Hooson from Portland, Oregon
5 February 2016

I always thought that Mel Brooks was the greatest master of intentional and calculated comedy, but boy was I wrong. I happened to catch this simply awful film on Comet, and I started laughing almost right away. From the silly elongated disco wig on the main villain to absurd sliding sheet metal doors on the "airlock", this film is one of the most unintentionally silly and funny films ever. Maybe this film once aspired to be a MAD MAX ripoff, but instead achieved a level of hilarity not seen since the days of Ed Wood and PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE...

If you're looking for a good SciFi film this is certainly not it....But, if you want laughter, this film is one of the most funny films ever produced!

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How could such a bad movie have got financed?

Author: jonathancsuch from Bahrain
15 December 2008

Prison Planet made in 1992....I watched it tonight (using a fair amount of fast forward). It was called Badlanders here in Bahrain. I thought at first it was made in the 50's about the same time as Quatermass etc.

I went on line to check its date. I was surprised to see 1992. What a load of rubbish. The technology displayed was ancient, the hovering vehicles stupid and the car a mince meat version of something out of Mad Max.

How could such a bad movie have got financed? Surely someone was checking their investment during production. This was definitely the worst film I have ever seen and that is saying something as I have been watching movies for nearly sixty years!

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pure crap

Author: mario Julio from Chile !
20 May 2004

i just saw this piece of nonsense garbage on TV a while ago.... I mean i did not watch it really, the TV was on, while i was doing something else.

It sucks, i think i have seen at most one or two other movies worse than this.

and this one was not even funny, which tends to be the case with these type of futuristic-incredibly low budget movies.

Don't even think of wasting your money or time renting this, it stinks. each one of the characters are so forgettable, and the acting is like taken out of some school play.

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