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The BEST movie I have ever seen
Ganapathy Subramanian A23 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is the first movie (and only movie so far) that I was impressed very much. Tears came out of my eyes twice while watching this movie, such a movie is this with a natural story. Every actor in this movie performed their best to make the movie an outstanding.

Ilayaraja - the King of music, performed an excellent work in this movie, may it be songs or background music, he is the only competitor for him in this planet.

To say about Kamalhaasan's acting you might watch this scene from the movie. "His daughter and son with his mother-in-law will come to jail and talk with him, he will notice (unexpectedly) his daughter as a matured girl. His mother-in-law asks her to get blessings from him". At this moment his face will be changed and he will be in tears. He tries to control it and simply listen to his mother-in-law and he wont be able to speak at that time. NONE OF THE ACTORS IN THIS WORLD CAN DO IT.

Rest of the things is left to you to watch the movie. Director Sandhana Barathi has done a good job. A MUST SEE MOVIE.
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Under-rated classic
aparna14 September 2001
Kamal Hassan has delivered a knockout performance in this under-rated classic. Its the story of the father of two, played by Kamal Hassan who falls for deceit and ends up in Jail. Kamal Hassan is a wealthy villager who makes acquaintance with a crooked guy from the city. Kamal Hassan trusts this man implicitly and invests all his money. By the time, he realises his folly, its too late and he ends up in a jail. In the meanwhile, his daughter is forced into prostitution and his son lands up in a touring circus troupe. On returning from jail, he goes searching for his daughter who is found in a brothel in Calcutta. This scene will make anyone cry. Kamal Hassan also finds his son and he is so mad that his whole life was shattered by the guy whom he trusted. This movie has Kamal Hassan at its best with excellent music from Ilayaraja and is exceedingly well directed. This movie shows that, no khan from bollywood can match the talent of kamal hassan, the greatest actor, india has ever produced.
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prashanth25 August 2004
One of the best movies to have come out of India in the last ten years. Traces the story of a well-respected man in a small village who is conned into coming to the city and starting a business.

He goes to jail for false charges of swindling money. He struggles to come to terms with life in jail. On the outside terrible things happen to his young son and daughter. The people who cheat him screw around with his kids further.

To find out what happens next watch the movie. Watch out for Kamal Hasan's acting. He is a legend in his own right in India. Can't believe this movie bombed in the box office.
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A Tamizh movie classic (10/10)
darbar23 August 2002
This movie is a typical Kamal, Santhana Barathi, Ilayaraaja classic and one of the movies Kamal has done his best without overdoing (which IMO he frequently does).

It's the story of an innocent village widower businessman who leads a simple life along with his children and Mother-in-law. He yields to temptation of moving to the city to make big money. Then starts all the trouble and pain that he has to face. The movie is really intense,dark and tragic.I will say no more for it will spoil the suspense.

Illayaraja has done his part by providing the movie with a great musical score.

Mahanadi is probably one of the few thamizh movie worth the time. 10/10 for the acting, direction and the music.
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well enacted movie by Kamalahassan
life2dlees18 January 2006
this is one of the Tamil movies which will appeal to international audience! Krishna(Kamalahassan) a widower,living happily with his two kids and his mother in a village near Srirangam! in a thrush of greed,brainwashed by an urban con man (v.M.C.Haneefa)he starts a financial company with his partnership, in the city Chennai. then the story shockingly reveals,how the city and its materialism ruins him and his family before his innocence comprehend its deceptive ways! Kamalahassan could challenge any actor in the world on any role! the scene when he finds his long lost daughter in a brothel in Calcutta, his emotional outburst, and the subsequent scene he trying to runaway carrying her in his arms through the mob of pimps,would substantiate that the statement made by me above is not an exaggeration! it may be a bit cinematic when he sets out for a revenge... and Yamuna(Suganya) may irritate you with a faulty Brahmin's dialect... apart from that its an excellent film utilizing fully the acting potentials of one of the world's best actor KAMALAHASSAN!
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Not all movies can be this one
seenpriyan1 June 2005
As the summary suggests, not all movies can be like Mahandi. This is a movie of different caliber. I personally never had a chance to watch this movie to appreciate its content until the movie was played on TV. This movie is worth watching for its songs, Kamal Hassan's acting, entire crew who made a very serious movie happen. The movie begins with a respected small town man Krishna played by Kamal Hassan with his perfect family minus his wife. His two kids Cauvery(played by Mahanadi Shobana), Bharani(Notice all the character names are rivers in India). Having met his Childhood friend , he is allured into living in a bigger city. Decides to start a business in big city with wrong people. The wrong people really screw his life, he ends up in prison for the false charges of fraud. He has hard time in Prison with his honesty, having completed his term he if out of the prison to find out his kids are missing, act of Wrong people. Watch this movie to find out what really happens next , does he find his kids ? Music is worth listening, has got a touch of folk and classic. Worth watching. Alls well ends well... is it? Alls not well doesn't end well? Find out more than debating the correctness of previous statement.
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Best Ever in Tamil
Mahesh R13 October 2010
MAHANADHI..., its one of the best movie ever came in Tamil and also in future no movie can defeat this.. the role Krishna, could never played by any other actor. None can control their tears, when they watch this movie at any number of times. Movie clearly shown how a normal man get attracted by money and how he lose his happiness. also how some rich people were greedy about money, gals,etc. the scenes took place inside prison were awesome. no other movie shown the actual scenes like that.

A great try by Kamalhasan (god of Tamil cinema). actually Oscar missed this movie... not this movie missed Oscar.

the villain role played by Hanifa is fantastic. whenever i used to see him in any other movies, i felt angry with him. we cannot see any blunder in this whole movie. Music by Maestro, is a strong backbone for this movie. we can feel the romance and sadness of krishna from the background score. feel proud to write review for mahanadhi..
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Kamal:Born With Acting Skills
kavi_like3316 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Mahanadhi is one of the movies that got many actors noticed, exp: Mahanadhi Shobana is an expert in devotional singing just because of that song she sang in Mahanadhi (Sri Rangaranganasvery) , Mahanadhi Shankar got noticed because he got tons of roles in tons of movies and so does Mahanadhi Dhanush. The story is how a man tries to reach the top (Kamal) but finds it is very, but only because of the indecent citizens of India, he also finds there are rare citizens that want to make India grow. In jail he has to suffer a whole lot (he only goes to jail because 2 people) BUT MEANWHILE Kamal's 2 children (who don't have a mother, mother died) need money because their grandma who has been beaten by one of the con men and who has been admitted to the hospital to have the operation needs money. The children go to the 2 con men (they do not know they are cons) and ask for and they get jobs but dirty ones. Kamal kill the 2 con men after his release from jail.

Message: If India will have to grow they do not grow of bad things especially of evil citizen becoming minsters.

Message 2: Money is not the important thing.

In all Must watch movie!
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Must watch
naveenvlfk10 October 2017
A must watch by every Indian citizen to know the consequences of Money.The saddest Indian movie but with a moderate happy ending. One cannot imagine such a dreadful life but if we look at the reality lot of people have gone-going through several pathetic journey. Every Father should cry on that scene where Kamal rescues his daughter from that Redlight area of Calcutta. The movie also showcases the worst part of the Jail and how prisoners are affected. Kamalhasan's performance would be at Top notch and the portrayal of a caring Father would be astounding. Maestro Illayaraja would have given a haunting BGM. There are few stunt scenes and the one between Kamal and the Jailer before Interval is a Mass scene of Hero's career. This should be the first movie where the audience really starts hating the villains. Of course it ran over 200 Days and remember 150 days in several theaters.
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